Blah week, eye exam

Well, I have been feeling oh so very blah this week. I've been tired a LOT, have been having headaches (have one right now), and just haven't felt like doing anything whatsoever. I did get a bit done for Mark on a new look we're working on for his website, and I've got one scrap layout mostly done, but that's been about it.

I had an eye exam today. The last time I went was in spring of 2001, before I got laid off. Surprisingly, my vision has not changed at all since then, which rules out what I was wondering as far as one possible cause for my headaches. Our eye doctor is really great; he takes his time to thoroughly go over everything and really listens. I got the Lutein lecture with a full explanation of why I should be taking it, but other than that (and being as incredibly nearsighted as ever), my eyes are fine. I did ask about the possibility of surgery. He said that my vision problems are exactly what Lasik was designed for. He spent a lot of time going over what was involved in the procedure and recovery, gave me more info to read, and did not try to "sell" the procedure at all. In fact, he said he thinks it's done too much. I loved his whole approach; it gave me a lot to think about. It's definitely not something we can afford right now, but maybe something to look at for next year. Hard to justify that much money on something that's really not necessary for me and would be mostly a matter of vanity though. :-p