Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Layouts: Toy Lockers

PixelWorks is all settled into her new home at The Lilypad!! She’ll be bringing back some favorite kits along with loads of fun new designs! I had so much fun playing with her pieces of the September BYOC!

First up is Matthew mastering his new locker. :)

Journaling: Matthew got his locker number and combination at his middle school schedule pick-up. Sixth grade is the first time the kids get lockers that actually lock, so learning how to use them is a big deal. He practiced a bunch of times until he got the hang of it, and then he practiced again the night of orientation. By the time school actually started, he was an old pro. August 2010

- September BYOC by PixelWorks at The Lilypad –
The Teen Scene –
Boy Papers, Papers & Frames, Doodles n’ Things. Varsity Chip Alpha.
- other –
font: Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

And then we have a little trip down memory lane with me and “my” first car. :)

Photo: July 1985, journaled Aug. 2010
The Toy Story: That’s me at 17, leaning proudly against the car I drove in high school – a 1977 Toyota Corolla. It wasn’t fancy, but I was very lucky in that my folks bought it and paid all the gas and insurance. The black vinyl interior wasn’t ideal in the summer, but it did have air conditioning, and orange and black were my school colors, so that was fun. I called it “The Toy” because of its size, and because it had sort of an un-sturdy toy-like feel to it... and, of course, because it was short for “Toyota”. :)
For the most part, it was a good little car. It got me back and forth to school and work. There was the one time a piece of plastic somehow wound up in the fuel line, and the car suddenly decided at random intervals to not go more than about 2 mph. And I just happened to be on a country road in the middle of nowhere at the time, but that can hardly be blamed on the car. I drove it for two years, until I went off to college, and then later my brother drove it when he got his license. The Toy served us well.

- September BYOC by PixelWorks at The Lilypad –
The Teen Scene –
Boy Papers, Girl Papers, Papers & Frames, Doodles n’ Things. .
- other –
fonts: Pea Cari, Pea Swimmy Script (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

That’s it for now! I’m just sitting here on a dreary rainy day, trying to stay awake and take advantage of my kid-free time before the after school homework chaos sets in! :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

SALE! And 2 New Old Products!

ScrapDish is having a storewide Back To School Sale!!
I’ve put everything over a $1 at 50% off!!

Included in that sale are 2 NEW OLD PRODUCTS! :) I’ve re-released my portions of the gigantic 8-designer Girlfriends Collaboration. If you missed out on that mega-kit, now is your chance to grab my little parts of it!  The Alpha and Micro-Mini are now available in my store at rock bottom prices!! :)

Hurry over now and save!! Sale ends Sept. 15!

Layouts: Protracted Roses Piggy School Siblings

Back again with more layouts to share! :)

Pamela Donnis is back from her summer off and is getting all settled in over at her new home at Little Dreamer. I’ve got two very different layouts using some of her latest additions! First up is one with a few shots of Matthew hard at play earlier this last month. (How did it get to be September already?)

Journaling: Matthew asked for a refresher on how to use a protractor, so that he could measure out angles to divide up an area of a game field he was drawing. He took his time figuring everything out and was very meticulous. I love watching him work on something like this… the shoulders and brow go up… or the bottom lip disappears. It’s Serious Business. He spent hours working on the drawing, perfecting every detail. Yep, the kid definitely has “engineer” in his blood. August 8, 2010.

- by Pamela Donnis at Little Dreamer Designs –
School Stuff alpha: Fridge Fun
- other –
stitching: Learning to Sew by Pamela Donnis
fonts: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), Misproject (Misprinted Type), Blackout Sans Px (Pixilate)

Then we have a much softer antique-y vibe one. I had fun playing with some of my shots of the neighbor’s roses from this spring. :)

- By Pamela Donnis at Little Dreamer Designs –
Rosebuds and Lace Element Pack (frame, mat, embroidery, stamp, lace, flowers, torn paper)
Rosebuds and Lace Add-On (paint, leaves, white paper)
Out Came the Sun (kraft paper)
Learning to Sew (stitching)
- other –
font: CK Ali’s Hand Official

Next is one using Michelle Coleman’s latest kit, “Wonderful”. This is such a versatile kit. You could easily do Independence Day layouts with it, but there are also some terrific greens in it that can take it in a totally different direction. I used it with this fun shot of the kids. :)

Journaling: Matthew and Kaylee definitely have their moments of not getting along. At all. But in between those times, they are wonderful friends. I love the way they play together and support each other. This shot of Matthew giving Kaylee a random drive-by hug for the camera cracks me up. You can see from her face that she’s pretending to hate it, but she really does adore her big brother. 8/5/10

Kit: Wonderful by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

Now we’re on to some Misty Mareda goodies!  I used this cute doodled frame to showcase a pic of Kaylee’s adorable little toes. I had fun playing with the title work on this one, and the layout was spotlighted on the Gallery Standouts blog!

Journaling: Kaylee came down with a bit of a flu bug and spent the day camped out on the couch, missing school. She consented only to a picture of her toes. 5/24/10

- by Misty Mareda at MScraps –
Photo Wraps
pink paper:
Cool It Now
Brighter Days
- other –
fonts: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), Hotel Coral Essex (Pennyzine)

And, finally, one with Misty’s latest kit, “First Day”, a fun twist on the traditional back to school kits… and it just happened to perfectly match the kids’ choice of outfits for their first day! One of the comments I got most on this layout around in the galleries was how much they look like me. Must have something to do with the way I’m always walking around with my thumbs up. ;)

Journaling: The kids pose for our traditional first day of school shot by the front door.
Kaylee - 3rd grade. Matthew - 6th grade. Aug. 23, 2010.

- By Misty Mareda at MScraps –
First Day
Alpha (back):
Clipped Alpha
Summer Flies
- other –
Fonts: LD Letterpress (Lettering Delights), Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

So that’s the layout round up for now! With the closing of ScrapArtist, PixelWorks is in the process of relocating to a new shop. I’ll be back with layouts with some fab new goodies from her soon though!!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that the “Model Camper” layout I posted last time also got chosen for the GSO blog! Woo hoo!! :) So bummed that Jess’ little foray back into designing is over for now. :(  Getting to work with her designs again reminded me just how much I miss them!!

Have a great day everyone! :)