Sunday, February 26, 2006

The weekend that got away.

Friday evening. Cannot remember for the life of me what I did. Probably worked on my RAKScraps March Mega Kit contribution

Saturday. It was rainy and miserable here. Finished my Mega Kit contribution. So fun. One of my favorites that I have done. And, unless you’re on the RAKScraps CT/admin, you have to wait ‘til mid-March to see it. :-b Spent most of the rest of the day organizing little details for the Elements Team. Mark had people over for Dungeons & Dragons (yes, he’s one of those people LOL). The kids played together, chased each other around, and generally just made their normal ruckus. The day went woooooosh! I stayed up much too late (2:30-ish) trying to catch up on my soap. Had three episodes left.

Sunday. Mark stayed up about 2 hours later than I did playing D&D, so he slept in. After lunch, I went and crawled into bed to watch more soaps. I made it through one episode before I zonked out until Mark woke me up for supper. I have no idea what the weather was like today.

Where the heck did my weekend go?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bus better, Matthew's poor choice

The regular bus driver was back yesterday!  :-)   Then there was a different driver again today, who they had the afternoon of the morning fiasco, but he was on time, so that’s cool.  I just wish I knew what to expect from day to day.  Hopefully, whatever’s going on with the regular driver will be over soon.

I spent last night working on a mock-up of a magazine ad for the magic convention Mark’s working on. Pretty basic stuff, since they already had an idea what they wanted and just needed it put together. I just have a few changes left to do to it.  

I spent much of today sorting out some details for the RAKScraps elements team.  The dust is still settling on our new organization, so we’re getting that ironed out.  I feel good about what I got done on that though, and should have it finished tomorrow.

Matthew got in trouble at school today for hitting another kid on the head with a box lid.  Apparently, they were playing a game and there was some sort of disagreement about who got some cards or something like that.  Matthew says the other kid was cheating, but still, bopping him on the head obviously not the way to go.  Sigh. He apparently gets his diplomacy skills from Mark. :-b  Anyway, he had to write an apology note at school (which the teacher sent home with him), and we had a long talk about it, and then he lost x-box privileges for two days.  I originally said one day and Matthew bumped it up to two, so it seems he actually gets that he shouldn’t have done that.  He was climbing the walls this evening wanting to play, and was trying to get Mark to play and just let him watch.  He didn’t quite understand that that would be against the spirit of the penalty. LOL

I just got hit by a major wave of sleepies, so I think I’ll call it a night.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So the day started out like this…

… get the kids all ready for school and go out to wait for Matthew’s bus… and wait… and wait... in the cold.  I can see the kids also waiting on the corner a couple of blocks up, so I know we haven’t missed the bus. I try to call the school, but no answer.  I don’t have the number for the bus dispatch in my cell phone.  I call Mark.  He’s still en route to work, so he can’t get the number for me.  I wait a few minutes and try to call the school again.  My phone, which I forgot to recharge, dies.  We wait a few minutes more.  Finally we head back home.  I have Matthew stand on the porch with the door open and watch for the bus while I go look for the number on the website.  My computer is being uncooperative and doesn’t want to launch the browser.  After a minute or two, Matthew spots the bus rounding the corner, so we run outside and flag him down.  It’s a new/substitute driver.  Apparently, he got lost.  He was supposed to have gotten to our stop at 7:05.  It was around 7:30 by the time Matthew finally got on the bus.

Normally, after Matthew gets on the bus, I go home and have breakfast and then head out to take Kaylee to school around 7:20.  So, postponing breakfast (thankfully, Kaylee had already eaten), I load Kaylee up and head out for school, resigned to the fact that she will be late.  By some traffic miracle, we actually make it there on time, with a few minutes to spare even.

I sure hope Matthew’s regular bus driver is just sick or on vacation or something.  He wasn’t there yesterday either.  I can’t remember if he was at the end of last week.  We went through the whole gazillion-different-drivers, bus-always-late thing the first half of last year.  It wasn’t such a big deal then, because Kaylee wasn’t in school, but I don’t want to have to deal with this on a regular basis now.  I do have the bus dispatch numbers in my phone now, and will definitely try to keep a closer eye on the battery!

After that, the majority of the remainder of my day was spent in the great time-sucking vortex of font organizing.  It started out innocently enough.  A RAKScraps member posted about a problem they were having with fonts loading in Photoshop.  I went to Adobe’s site to try to find an answer for her, but found I didn’t have enough information to go on.  I did however stumble across a fix for a font sequence problem I’ve had in Photoshop.  So I took care of that.  And then I thought “you know, I’ve got way too many fonts installed, maybe I should uninstall a bunch of these”.  So I opened up The Font Thing, and started uninstalling, and I noticed some duplicate files.  So I opened up DupeLocater to help me sort those out.  I ended up going through and deleting about 600 duplicate font files.  And then, well, my organization of my font files has been a little sloppy lately.  I had a bunch that I’d copied onto my drive but hadn’t sorted into their proper categories, so I’d never see them to use them.  And then, well, my organizational system needed a little tweaking, since I don’t use it quite the way I’d originally set up.  And then I had a bunch more fonts that I’d downloaded but never unzipped...  Let’s just say I didn’t get everything finished.  

Oh, changing the subject, I got my blood test results in the mail on Saturday.  I was really surprised at how fast they came in.  Everything came back normal.  So I guess that’s good news.  I am feeling much better, so I think I’m finally over the crud I had.  Hopefully, I can make it through at least the rest of the season healthy.  I think it’s just been one thing after another with allergies or illness for me.

Matthew’s medicine seems to be working pretty well again now.  He had one episode of disorientation today that could have been a seizure, and another possible one last week, but that’s all I’ve seen since we upped his dosage this last time.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we go a good looooong while before we have to adjust it again.  

And Kaylee seems to be doing mostly better as well, although I have to take her back in a few weeks so the doc can make sure her ears are better.  I should schedule that appointment before I forget.  I need to schedule her dental checkup too.  Why is it that I always think of these things at night or very early in the morning when the offices are closed?

Alrighty.  I think before Mark gets home from his magic club meeting, I’m going to sneak in and take over the TiVo to watch an episode of my soap.  I’m a week behind again. :-b

G’night! :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lazy weekend

The weekend again.  Hooray.  Matthew came in at 6:30 this morning to give me a hug.  Uhm, thanks buddy, but couldn’t that have waited an hour or two? One of these days maybe the kids will actually get that I would like to sleep in on the weekends. LOL  

I went and got my blood work done on Thursday morning.  The nurse at my doctor’s office had said to allow up to two weeks for them to get the results and get back to me, so it may be a while before I hear anything.  I’m still improving as far as my throat and such, and am hopefully close to being completely over that part.  I’m still fairly tired, but that could have something to do with the paragraph above. :-b

I went out with a few women from my moms’ group last night – dinner, followed by a few hours of talk.  (Ok, I mostly just listened – those who only know me online would be very surprised at how quiet I am.)  It was a really nice evening, although the conversation made me really grateful for how lucky I have been, and seriously concerned for Kaylee’s future, as the topic turned to just awful stories of past abusive relationships.  I realized how fortunate I was to never have even come close to being in a situation like that.  I briefly dated a couple of guys who turned out to be ordinary everyday jerks, but nothing even in the same ballpark as these stories.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty relaxed.  Mark has a TAOM meeting tomorrow, but other than that, we have nothing planned.  Considering it was 82°F here on Thursday, it’s hard to believe it’s only 28°F right now.  It’s not supposed to get much warmer the rest of the weekend, and there’s a chance of freezing rain/ice. Sounds likes a good time to just cozy up at home, play games, and catch up on some stuff around the house.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Medical update...

… on me and Kaylee. Yep, Kaylee’s sick too. She’s had the sniffles pretty bad on and off for the last few weeks. I had the doc check her when I had Matthew in for his last visit, and she had a bit of fluid in one ear, but nothing to worry about. I took her in yesterday morning and she has infections in both ears and conjunctivitis. Overall, she seems to be in pretty good spirits though. She’s on antibiotics and is home from school today. She gets to go back tomorrow.

I did end up going in to see the doctor myself yesterday as well. I was actually beginning to feel a bit silly about finally going, because I wasn’t feeling nearly as bad as before. Anyway, he said my throat didn’t look too bad, but that he said he normally starts antibiotics on day 6, and I was on day 10, so he gave me a prescription. I was feeling really run down again last night, so I’m glad I ended up going. Hopefully, the antibiotics will help. Mark had the same symptoms I did in the beginning, but he got over it much more quickly.

The doctor also noted that I had complained about fatigue last time I was in, and after we talked a bit, he decided to send me in for some basic blood work to check for anemia, thyroid problems, etc. It will be interesting to see if anything turns up from it. I was looking back at my blog and was pretty shocked to see how often I’ve complained about being tired over the past few months. I didn’t have time to go over to the lab for the blood draw yesterday, since I had to get back home before Matthew got home from school, so I’m planning to go tomorrow morning while Kaylee’s in school.

Oh, and Kaylee completely zonked out on the way to my doctor’s office yesterday. So I had my exam while sitting in a chair with Kaylee asleep in my lap. She finally woke up as we were leaving.

On a completely unrelated note, Verizon apparently has more money than they know what to do with. The doorbell rang earlier, and it was a UPS Express Envelope containing a one-page letter urging me to sign up for Verizon’s FIOS TV. Yes, it got my attention more than a regular mailing, but I can’t imagine they get enough new customers from this type of tactic to make it pay off, unless they got a really great deal from UPS. And I bet the UPS guy is thrilled. LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!

Matthew and Kaylee loved their Valentine package from Grandma Karyl and Grandpa Jim. Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma!!

(Of course, the chocolate in there was a big hit too!)

RAKScraps Blogging Challenge

RAKScraps is having a series of blogging challenges this week, hosted by AmyK, so I’m answering some questions for challenge #2.

1. What colors do you use the most when you scrap?
I had to look at my gallery, and I still don’t know. I normally try to let the photos determine the colors, and since I’ve got a boy and a girl, the colors pretty much run the spectrum. When I’m browsing kits, I tend to like spring/summer colors – primaries and pastels that are light and fun without being obnoxiously bright.

2. What is your favorite kit theme? (like boys, girls, heritage, special event, etc)
I don’t normally like kits with very specific themes. I am usually more drawn to girly kits.

3. What are your favorite elements to use when you scrap?
Metal fasteners and ribbons.

4. Describe your style (even if you don't think you have one!)
Colorful, slightly shabby, moderately embellished, paper-scrapped style?

5. If you could have one kit made especially for you, what would it be for?
One to go with Kaylee’s room. I’ve started one half a dozen times myself and never like what I come up with. :-b

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well, I'm still alive.

Ugh. What a week. I’ve been completely miserable the entire week from this stupid cold or whatever it is. I had all kinds of symptoms, but the worst was the fatigue – body and mind. I just wanted to sleep, and I felt like my brain had melted inside my head. Unfortunately, since I don’t get sick days with my “job” as Mom, I couldn’t just stay in bed. Even my attempts at napping were unsuccessful, since Kaylee would need something every ten minutes.

I tried to get a doctor’s appointment on Friday, but the only opening they had was at the same time I had to be picking Kaylee up from school. I’m starting to feel somewhat better, I think. At least my brain feels pretty normal again, and I haven’t been as tired since about yesterday afternoon/evening, although that could just be a temporary reprieve. I do still have a bit of a sore/gunky/itchy throat and allergy-like burning eyes and nose. I’m going to be carless tomorrow (the kids are off school and our SUV is way overdue for its 60,000-mile check up), but if I’m not feeling better then, I’ll probably make an appointment for Tuesday to make sure I don’t have some sinus infection or anything like that going on.

Somehow, even with as bad as I’ve been feeling, I still managed to work through and get my required creative team layouts done and reviews written. I have a couple more layouts I’d like to do with other sponsor kits, but I’m having a hard time focusing. I may have used up all my layout mojo for the moment. :-b This week is RAK Week at RAKScraps – our biggest event of the year. Maybe I’ll try to do some of the challenges and see if that can get me going again. :-)

We have another magician staying with us this weekend – a younger guy by the name of Josh Jay. He got in last night just before dinner. The kids immediately swarmed all over him, wanting to show him all their toys and such. He was really great about it and seemed to find it funny, but I can tell we’re going to have to have a talk with the kids about this, because one of these days we’re going to get someone in here who isn’t quite so kid-friendly.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Did anyone get the license plate number of the truck that ran over me?

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling really bad – sore throat, achy, and just really, really fatigued.  I’m not feeling much better today and have been spending as much time as possible in bed.  What gets bad is when I can’t sleep anymore, but have no energy or interest in doing anything else.  I spent a lot of time just staring at my bedroom wall today.

Kaylee had a bit of a fever on Friday when I picked her up from school, but it was just a 24-hour thing for her, so if I got what she had, I should be feeling better soon.  I hope so, anyway.  

And Mark seems to be running about 24 hours behind me.

I’m going to go hibernate some more now.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tagged again!

I’ve been tagged by Jeanine! (Oh my gosh, the “boss” read my blog! Eek! LOL)

WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO? Let’s see… I’d been married for almost 5 years, but no kids yet. I’d finally gotten off the road for work and was in-house doing switching equipment testing for Ericsson. I pretty much never touched a computer unless it was for work, and my main hobby was counted cross-stitch.

WHAT WERE YOU DOING 1 YEAR AGO? I was comfortably settled into my role as a SAHM. Matthew was in kindergarten and Kaylee was receiving in-home speech/communication therapy. I was digiscrapping webpages, but not yet layouts for print, and just finally getting to the point where I was learning to accept that I could use kits instead of trying to make everything myself. I was very active at RAKScraps and was just a few weeks away from joining their team as a moderator. My counted cross-stitch stuff was getting very dusty in my closet.

1. chocolate yogurt raisins (well, just about any chocolate really, but this is usually the only kind I buy now, since I can justify that the fiber makes it healthy :-b )
2. cherry Pop-Tarts
3. Jiff Creamy peanut butter straight from the jar (I can’t keep this in the house either, because I’m the only one who eats it, and I will totally make a pig of myself.)
4. Blue Bunny Star Bars (chocolate covered ice cream)
5. summer sausage and cheddar cheese on crackers

5 SONGS TO WHICH YOU KNOW ALL THE LYRICS: hmmmm… other than kids’ songs, I can sing along with a ton, but don’t know if there are any I know by heart without hearing it… so I will list 5 of my current favorite songs to crank up the radio and sing along with while driving (editing if needed if the kids are with me LOL):
1. “Better Now” by Collective Soul
2. “Photograph” by Nickelback
3. “Beverly Hills” by Weezer
4. “Get The Party Started” by Pink
5. “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker

1. avoiding any and all housework until it’s way beyond the point of being totally necessary
2. staying up much too late and trying to convince myself I only need 4-5 hours of sleep
3. snacking on junk, even when I’m not hungry
4. being a hermit
5. avoiding any and all housework until it’s way beyond the point of being totally necessary (Did I say that one already?)

1. digiscrapping layouts
2. designing kits
3. blogging/reading others’ blogs
4. playing with my kids when they’re being silly
5. watching my kids play when they are actually getting along, or when they’re playing alone and don’t know I’m looking

1. pretty much any of the fashions I loved in the 80’s
2. any dress I will not be able to wear more than once
3. a super-short haircut
4. perfume (stole that one from Robin, it makes me sneeze too)
5. pregnant (just had to steal that one from Jeanine! ROTFL!)

1. My computer!
2. Photoshop!!!!!!!!!!
3. My Wacom Graphire3 Tablet, but I would love to upgrade to the new Intuos3 6x11 (think if I mention it often enough on here, someone will buy me one? LOL)
4. TiVo
5. any of the kids’ toys that keep them quietly occupied without fighting :-b

1. Fransie
2. Nat
3. Karin
4. Jeannie – to christen her new blog
5. Uhm, anyone else who hasn’t been tagged yet!

And if you all want, you can do this one too. :)

Quickpages – takes all the fun out of it! :-)

A circle journal layout about advice to my younger self. And, yes, it was my circle journal and I picked the theme. :-b

Drop shadows, followed by layer masks.

Uhm, if you don’t count the RAKFile, I had a layout in SBB’s second ever newsletter as one of the winners of a sketch contest. I’ve never submitted to any regular magazines.

Well, I don’t have scraps of paper for scrapbooking, since I only do digital.

Really strained my right arm/wrist when my mouse started going out and I was too stubborn to start using my tablet.

No idea. I'd probably just have a bigger savings account!

Rename your zip files when you save the initial download to match your organizational structure (mine is designer-site-kitname), or if it’s a multi-file download, create the folder with the correct name and download them straight into it.

There is no way I could choose!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Test results, RAKs re-org

We had Matthew’s annual check-up yesterday, and finally got the results from his blood test.  His level (which I think means the level of his medication in his blood between doses) was 56.  Normal is 40-100.   So, since he was towards the low end and was still having seizures, we’ve bumped his dose up another ml.  I’m really hoping this does the trick this time.  I didn’t see any seizures while he was home today.  I’m supposed to call the doctor after 10 days to let him know whether the seizures have stopped.

Poor Matthew also picked up a very gunky cold.  The symptoms hit him on Monday.  His nose woke him up this morning at around 4:30, and I don’t think he got back to sleep after that, which means I didn’t get back to sleep after that either, since he was in my room every 7 minutes needing to blow his nose again.  He was very disappointed that he didn’t have a fever and had to go to school.  He normally doesn’t mind going to school, so I know the cold had to be really bothering him.  He seemed a lot better this evening though, and I got him some different night-time medicine to try, so hopefully we’ll all get a much better night’s sleep tonight, although he’s coughing something awful right now. :-(

I spent the bulk of my day today doing laundry and my CT layouts for RAKScraps.  I’ve gotten three layouts done in the past four days, which is really good for me. (I’ve also done seven or eight loads of laundry in that amount of time, in case you were interested.) None of the layouts are posted yet, since I want to wait and decide which to put in the newsletter.  I’ve got to do at least two more layouts by the 10th, and would really like to have an additional four done by then.  It’s nice to have all the month’s assignments done before the next month’s start coming out.

I keep forgetting to mention this here...  RAKScraps has completely reorganized their team from one big creative team into four categorized teams – elements, events, sponsors, and newsletter.  As of this month’s assignments, which actually started a few weeks ago, I’m now on the sponsor team (doing layouts with sponsor kits) and the element team (contributing to the monthly mega kit and making other prizes for the events team to use).  Jeanine, who is the admin in charge of the element team, also asked me if I’d like to move over from my moderator coordinator position to become the element team leader, which basically means I assist Jeanine with the organization and whip-cracking to make sure everything is getting done. ;-)  I was very flattered that she asked me to help her out. As a team member, I still help out with the forums and such, so I’m still also doing pretty much what I did as far as the coordinator position before anyway. And, as it turns out, the other teams I am on are very similar to what I was doing before too. LOL  So, really, not much has changed for me other than that I get to be officially bossy for a different group of people now.  :-b  And, we just ran a call for more element team members, so soon I should also be getting a whole new group of people to boss around, er… I mean guide and assist. ;-)