Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Christmas!

We actually had a white Christmas!! I think it's the first time since Mark and I have lived here. We've only had actual snow accumulation a few times over those last 18 years, and it's usually in January or February. This time it started coming down on the afternoon of the 24th mixed with rain, and then it was all snow, but there was a wicked wind. At first the snow was all melting right away, but it kept up through the night, and by morning there was an inch or so on the ground.

So Christmas morning after gifts and breakfast, we went outside and let the kids play in it. It wasn't good packing snow, so about all they could do was pick it up and throw it... mostly at Mark; I was safe since I had the camera. LOL

Once again, I was more than a bit shutter-happy. Basically, I kept shooting until I filled the card. We were outside about 40 minutes, and took 329 pics. (Ok, a few of them are from when I slipped a bit on the snow and accidentally fired. LOL) I have lots of action shots (the kids were running around almost non-stop the entire time), but the main thing that made it hard for me to choose which to post was just how much fun they were having in all of them. :)

Excuse the slightly weird colors in some of these. There was bright sunlight, but the part of the yard we were in was mostly in shade, so I did a quick and dirty edit on some of the deeper shadows.

The snow starts flying...

Kaylee decided to make snow angels.

Matthew winds up to launch at an unsuspecting Mark.

Look at that snow fly!

After the snow angel thing, Mark teased Kaylee about having snow all over her butt. She decided to get even by deliberately sitting in the snow and then rubbing it off on Mark. This scene was repeated several times. Crazy girl's backside must have been completely frozen. LOL

Loading up with a good handful...

I think Kaylee was on the receiving end of a snowball to the back in this one. LOL

I love how Mark plays along with all the kids' antics. Here's a shot of him dramatically over-reacting to Kaylee's attack.

I shot this one from across the yard, but I believe Mark was daring her to throw it in his face. Yeah, sometimes it's like I have one extra really big kid. LOL

The snow was mostly all melted by early to mid-afternoon, but it was cool to be able to say we had a white Christmas. :)

That's it for tonight! We were out all afternoon/evening, and now the kids are in bed and Mark is over at a friends' house, so I think I'll grab the rare opportunity to snag some TiVo time! :D G'night! :)

Christmas Morning

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very nice – in spite of Mark and I only getting 4 hours of sleep. We were up 'til 1a.m. getting everything ready, and then about 2a.m. an overly-excited Kaylee started waking up every hour or so and wanting to get up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! LOL We finally caved and let her (all of us) get up at around 6 o'clock. I think those movies that show the kids streaming out of their rooms excitedly in full morning light are a pretty big stretch of fiction. We've never managed to make it to dawn on either Christmas or Easter. Everything's pretty much over by the time the sun is up around here. Makes for horrible pictures. LOL

Speaking of pictures, I went a little crazy snapping them. Here are a few random favorites out of the 272 I took that "morning"! (Can you call it morning if it's still pitch dark out?) LOL

The kids, fresh out of bed, Matthew still a bit sleepy, checking out what Santa left...

Kaylee, excitedly pointing out that Santa ate the chocolate and cookies we left him...

Matthew digging into his stocking...

I love his reaction to getting this game...

Kaylee was excited that she got a note from Santa explaining that he'd given her not one, but TWO of the Barbie Three Muskateers dolls, since she'd had a hard time deciding which to put on her list.

Another great reaction shot from Matthew as Kaylee shows him the Pez collection she got. I love how expressive Matthew's face is. There are several more pics like this. I may just do a layout entitled "The Many Faces of Matthew on Christmas Morning". LOL

All in all, it was a wonderful morning. I just love seeing how excited the kids get by it all. :)

Next up, Christmas Morning Part 2! :)


I'm so behind posting here again! I decided that instead of one ginormous post, I'm going to do a bunch of small ones, so I should have at least 2 more post either tonight or tomorrow. I'm sure there will still be stuff I'm skipping over. Maybe I can be a better blogger in 2010. :)

So the layouts... first up is my other ScrapDish layout for December. I got to play with Correen's from my Scrap Drawer: Collection # 1 and Crafty Colored Papers for this one! There was so much to choose from in the elements collection! I will definitely be using more later. :)

Kaylee loves to make silly faces when I take her picture. I love this shot of her with her eyes squeezed shut and her nose all scrunched up. :)

Credits: from my Scrap Drawer: Collection # 1 and Crafty Colored Papers by Correen Silke at ScrapDish.
Fonts: Pea Anderson, Broken 15.

I have one other CT layout that I can show you tonight. Unfortunately, Jessica Bolton is taking a design break, so without more of her wonderful inspirational designs (hint, hint, Jess) to keep me going, I decided to go ahead and take a shot at another CT, and was accepted! I'm thrilled to be creating for Pamela Donnis!! She has a fun, whimsical style that just makes me smile every time I see her products. :) I just got the news right before Christmas, and have had time so far to put together one layout. I can't wait to dig into more of her shop! :)

Here's a little page I did detailing our adventures in Christmas cookies last week. :)

Journaling: We always try to leave some fresh cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. We’re not big bakers, so normally we do something super easy, like slice-and-bake holiday themed cookies, but this year we got brave and cut out shaped cookies (still using store-bought dough). It took a bit of trial and error to get the dough rolled out and the cut out cookies transferred to the pan (Mark actually ended up taking over that part), but eventually we got the hang of it, and the kids had a blast cutting and decorating them... and, of course, being able to gobble up the extra cookies was a nice reward too.

Kit: Homemade Happiness {Collab with Danielle Engebretson} in Pamela Donnis' shop @ The Digichick.
Fonts: LD Remington Portable, Pea Anderson, Dirty Ego.

That's it for now. Next up... Christmas morning! :)

Friday, December 04, 2009


I have a bunch of CT layouts to show you tonight. :)

First up are a couple with PixelWorks' latest releases for the new Artist to Artist coordinating products at ScrapArtist. I loved the snowy, wintry look of some of the pieces, so I went back to these pics of Matthew from 2004... the last time we had any appreciable snow. LOL

PixelWorks' Artist to Artist: December at ScrapArtist - Blustery Day Mini-kit, All the Trimmings, Fa-la-la Frames, Bits & Baubles, Wintry Alpha.
Fonts: Century Gothic, Calisto MT

And then a layout using the pic of the kids that we put in our Christmas newsletter last year.

PixelWorks' Artist to Artist: December at ScrapArtist - Elegant Holiday, Fa-la-la Frames, Bits & Baubles, Clip-tionary: Holidays. (title work cut from Clip-tionary pieces)
Font (date): Pea Swimmy Script

My friend Tania Shaw is guesting at The Digichick this month! I was thrilled to get to use her fun new Christmas kit, Krafty Xmas, to do these next two. :) The first uses a photo from the same shoot as the layout just above. :)

Journaling: Kaylee and Matthew wearing Christmas hats and their very best smiles during our annual newsletter photo shoot.
Kit: Krafty Xmas by Tania Shaw, December Guest @ The Digichick.
Fonts: LD Remington Portable, Dirty Ego.

This one uses a shot of our mantle after Santa filled the stockings last year.

Journaling: We found these adorable stockings at a little shop in the mall when Matthew was just a baby. Knowing we eventually hoped to have another child, and that we wanted to have the stockings all coordinate, we bought four. We took three of them down to the embroidery shop to have the names put on, and brought the fourth back three years later, after Kaylee was born. The stockings have hung on our mantle every year since, just waiting for Santa to fill them with goodies.
Kit: Krafty Xmas by Tania Shaw, December Guest @ The Digichick.
Fonts: Elegance, Times and Times again.

Finally, here's one I did today with one of my kits for ScrapDish this month. I was looking through some of my photos from this fall that I hadn't scrapped yet and knew this kit by Candice Wong would be perfect for this shot of Kaylee. :)

Journaling: Kaylee, in spite of your recent claim that you don’t like drawing very much, you still often become engrossed in it, spending long stretches of time with your Magnadoodle or paper and pencil or crayons. You create such fun, unique, and detailed drawings. I’m always delighted to see what you come up with and get a peek into your imagination. Photo 9/5/09, journaled 12/4/09
Kit: My love never expires by Candice Wong at ScrapDish
Font: Pea Anderson

That's about it for now. We're just trying to stay warm (it's 34°F here now, anything below 60°F is cold to me LOL) and get ready for Christmas. We rearranged furniture today to make room for the tree and pulled all the boxes out of the attic. We're hoping to get the bulk of the decorating done tomorrow. :)

Have a great weekend! :)