Friday, January 29, 2010

Free February Desktops!

I have a fun freebie to share! I put together two different February desktops using a mix of my products!  Here are samples with some of my recent pics (obviously not included in the download LOL).

I also included versions of each without the frames/openings, so you can use them “as is” or layer stuff on top. :)

Choose your size to download below. (1280 x 960 is what I use, so that’s what I started with. It’s actually the same proportion as the standard 1024 x 768.)

1024 x 768    |    1280 x 800    |    1280 x 960

Enjoy! :)

P.S. This is also your last chance to grab my Cord Crazy series at Recession Buster prices!  I’ll be rotating them out of the category and returning them to their regular prices sometime this weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Layouts! Prize-Winning Expressions of MJ Love :)

Time to share some layouts! :)

First up is one using one of Tania’s newest templates and my January 7 photo of the day. I just love Tania’s sleek scrapping style, and her templates are a wonderful way for me to clean up my act! :)

Journaling: Kaylee won this little cow from a crane machine while waiting in line at Rip’s during our visit with Grandpa and Grandma J. last summer. He is her current favorite stuffed companion. Here he sits on the kitchen table after she had him join her for breakfast one morning before school. 1-7-10

by Tania Shaw at Funky Playground Designs –
• Template:
Layered Up Page Templates Vol. 5
• Papers:
Just 4 Fun Paper Pack 1
Fonts: Garamond Premier Pro, Myriad Pro

And then my ScrapDish layouts for this month…

A fun layout showing off some of Matthew’s wide variety of facial expressions on Christmas morning.  Another fun template, this time from Daniela Austen, and a cute kit from ScrapDesafios that is a super bargain at just $1!!  I used only a small fraction of the adorable elements included.


Journaling: These are just a few of Matthew’s many facial expressions we saw Christmas morning while opening gifts.
Sweet Christmas by ScrapDesafios at ScrapDish
Nifty Templates 6 by Daniela Austen at ScrapDish
Fonts: Pea BethC, Broken 15.

And a colorful one with some random shots of Matthew and a fabulous boy kit from Carola Mondini.

Kit: Crazy Machines by Carola Mondini at ScrapDish
Font: Pea BethC

And finally, using PixelWorks’ new intense, edgy, fabulously grungy, Valentine-sy kit, “Set My Soul on Fire”, we do a long flashback to some photo booth shots of Mark and I back in the day... 20 years ago! :O

Credits: Set My Soul on Fire by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist
Font: Pea BethC

That’s it for tonight! Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another blur of a week gone by

What did I do this past week?  It’s all one big blur. This is one advantage of keeping up with my P365 blog… I can look to it for a little memory jogging help. LOL

One thing not pictured is a lot of cleaning. LOL  It had been quite a while since we had a guest lecturing magician here.  We were supposed to have one over Halloween, but we didn’t feel it was safe to expose anyone to Kaylee’s mysterious rash, so he ended up staying in a hotel closer to his next lecture.  We didn’t have any company over the holidays this year either.  So things had kind of gotten a little… overripe. LOL  We managed to get everything put in order and cleaned up though just in time, in spite of the kids’ toilet breaking the morning of the lecture. It only took Mark 3 trips to the hardware store to get it fixed. :-b

Anyway we had a nice visit from Geoff Williams Sunday evening/Monday morning.  He was great with the kids and has a really off the wall sense of humor.  My face hurt from smiling by the time he left. :)  Here’s our “guest book shot” of him and Mark.

There was some apparent significance to why they posed in front of this Ricky Jay poster (Geoff’s suggestion), which hangs in the arch between Mark’s magic room and our family room, but it was lost on me. LOL

The kids were off school on Monday for Martin Luther King Day.  We spent most of that afternoon doing yet more cleaning, since Matthew is having friends over this coming weekend.  While Mark directed efforts in Kaylee’s room, which had once again exploded into complete turmoil (her room seems to be the subject of some random mysterious destructive magical forces LOL), I helped Matthew tackle one of the most chaotic areas of his room. There was a lot of sorting stuff, and throwing stuff away, and way more dust than I was expecting. :-b

Then we headed over to the park.  The basic story of that afternoon and my favorite shot are on the P365 blog here, but here are a few (ok, several) more favorite shots.

Tuesday was Matthew’s birthday!  He’s 11!  And just to see if I can set a record for the most photos in one post, here are a bunch from our little mini-party Tuesday night…


Mark helping Matthew with reading the handwriting on one of his cards…

Kaylee was so excited to give Matthew the gift she had picked out Monday afternoon.  It was 26 hours of pure torture for her waiting for him to open it. LOL

He was suitably impressed and appreciative. :)

We got Matthew a Star Wars card that plays the theme song when you open it.

I love the look on Kaylee’s face. :)

And another great reaction shot from Matthew checking out his new Magic The Gathering  add-on pack.

I have no idea what the look below was about.  I suspect Mark said something to get that response. LOL

Pics of him actually blowing out his candle(s) on the P365 blog. :)

Now that I’ve made you dizzy from scrolling through all those pictures, that’s probably enough for today. LOL

Coming soon… layouts! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Photos and Layouts :)

If you follow my P365 blog, you may have seen my mention on the 10th of a party we attended that I forgot to take my camera to. The honoree, Cinde, turned 50, and she and her family threw a brunch bash at a reception hall. Cinde works as a clown and her husband, Dal, is a magician, which is how Mark knows them.  As I’m sure you can imagine, there was quite an interesting group of people in attendance. LOL  Here are some shots from Mark’s and my cell phones.  His takes a million times better photos. LOL

The couple’s sons are musically inclined and performed after the meal.  Here’s a shot of Mark and the kids watching the stage…

And then Kaylee turned around to see what I was doing…

Here’s is me showing her a picture on my phone…

This is what I was showing her…

Which of course led to more Intentional Blurriness Special Effects attempts from Matthew.

Not quite the same effect without the long hair. LOL

One of the magicians who was there showed Matthew a trick of sorts involving two wine corks. Matthew figured it out almost instantly, which apparently is very unusual.  He spent most of the rest of the time there playing with the corks and impressing the adults with his new trick.

And that’s the best of my/Mark’s exciting pictures from Sunday afternoon. LOL

Now some layouts…

Tania Shaw came out with a new kit this week called “Dancing By Myself”.  I immediately fell in love with one of the papers, and did this one with some shots of Kaylee from last fall…

Kit: Dancing By Myself by Tania Shaw at Funky Playground Designs. Font: CK Ali's Hand Official

And after hours of deliberation and experimentation, I narrowed down a rather huge group of photos of Kaylee dancing to a few favorites for this spread…

Journaling: While Kaylee can be quite shy around people she doesn’t know well, when it’s just us at home, she is often a bit of a wild child. On this particular day I had cranked some dance music up on my pc and she was in full ham mode, dancing and posing and mugging for the camera like she was the star of a big Hollywood production showing off for the paparazzi. - 1/3/10, age 7
Kit: Dancing By Myself by Tania Shaw at Funky Playground Designs.  Font: Bradley hand ITC

Pamela Donnis also came out with a really cute kit this week called “Santa’s Workshop”, which I used to scrap a pic of the kids in their new pajamas Christmas Eve.

Journaling: Kaylee & Matthew in their new Christmas Eve pajamas. 12/24/09.  Credits: Santa's Workshop by Pamela Donnis at The Digichick. Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

That’s is for now.  It’s almost time for the kids to get home from school, and then we’re headed out for some long overdue flu shots for them.  Oh, boy! LOL

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New blog & Layouts!

Besides switching things up here, I also set up a new separate blog!  I’m taking a crack at doing Project 365 (photo a day) again this year.  I tried last year, but bombed out after a few months.  I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with the photos besides posting them on the blog, but for now, hopefully there will be a photo up there for each day, along with a little explanation.  I just did a quick hack on one of the basic templates to allow me to post larger pics, so a few things are a little wonky still, but I plan to keep it simple so that the focus is just on the photos.  Anyway, after that rambling introduction, the blog is here (also linked in the gallery section of my sidebar).
On to the layouts…
PixelWorks came out with a bunch of new coordinating products for the January Artist-to-Artist at ScrapArtist.  I am in love with all the fun, vibrant colors!  I did two very different layouts.  The first is a blendy one of Kaylee from Christmas…

Journaling: Kaylee, I loved watching you run and play with complete abandon in the magic of our Christmas snow. You were so excited and enthusiastic and free. I hope you are able to hold on to that joy and wonder throughout your life… able to appreciate the moment and just… soar. Dec. ‘09
Credits: all from PixelWorks' Artist to Artist: January at ScrapArtist - A Beautiful Mess
{Watercolor Solids} and {Elements}, Crayon Scribbles.
Font: Pea Anderson

Next up, I just couldn’t resist playing around with some of the more “unique” elements, and my first ever true “quirk” emerged. It’s just for fun… the mix of the fish, crown, and tape measure was just too cute. :) Presenting… “Identity Crisis”. :)

Credits: all from PixelWorks' Artist to Artist: January at ScrapArtist - A Beautiful Mess {Watercolor Solids}, {Patterns}, {Elements}, and {Finishing Touches}; Crayon Scribbles; Crayon Alpha.
Then I dug into Pamela Donnis’ store for all kinds of delicious goodies to scrap my P365 photo from the 1st. :)

Journaling: Matthew had his New Year’s Day mug of “hot” cocoa after it had cooled. It left him with an unusual chocolate... beard? 1/1/10
Credits: By Pamela Donnis at The Digichick –
Papers, mug, labels: Homemade Happiness {Collab with Danielle Engebretson};
Stitching: Learning To Sew;
Paint: Smudged and Smeared;
Steam: Curly Whirly;
Alphas: Nearly Neutral, Magic Marker, and Cardboard Cuts.
Brads by Karah Fredricks, doodle border by Emily Merritt.
Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

That’s it for tonight! :)

Pardon My Dust

I'm playing with a new layout.  Things may be a little wonky for a bit. :)

Edit: Ok, I think I'm done! Let me know if you see anything missing, or anything that looks weird or wrong. :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Kit! Random Moments!

I have a new kit out this week! I decided to play along with the current DSA Enabler Designer Challenge, and came up with a warm, eclectic kit to celebrate all the Random Moments in life!

It’s available as a full kit, and also in separate pieces (Papers, Elements, Alpha).

And I have a special 30% off Subscriber Only coupon for members of my Yahoo group!  The coupon code (which expires January 10) is in the Welcome Letter or you can grab it from the Message Archives, so this would be a great time to JOIN if you haven’t already! :)