Friday, August 13, 2010

Layouts: Camper Butterfly Heart Blush

I’m so excited! The amazing Jessica Bolton has popped back into designing, guesting at Scrapbookgraphics this month to help them celebrate their big 7th birthday!! Along with three old favorite kits, she’s got a brand new one – “The Long Haul”.  It has some absolutely adorable camping themed elements, but is also loaded with wonderful any occasion goodness in that unique Jess style that I miss so much.

I had so much fun using the new kit to scrap some fun pics of Kaylee from this spring, adapting a P365 post and adding a couple of extra pics. :)

Journaling: Kaylee LOVES the school’s theme weeks with dress-up days – the more elaborate or “out there”, the better. This time, as part of a reading themed week in conjunction with their book fair, it was “Camping Out” … “hike into a good book”. Her outfit was thrown together in the morning right before school… one of my old flannel shirts (with the sleeves rolled up about eight times), my bandana tied in her hair, and Matthew’s canteen slung across her shoulder. This pose she struck while we were out waiting for the bus cracks me up. I’d say she’d make a good model, but she doesn’t take direction well. In fact, if I suggest anything, she usually does the opposite just to be stubborn. 3/10/10

Credits: The Long Haul by Jessica Bolton, August guest at Scrapbookgraphics.
Fonts: LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights), Pea Swimmy Script (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

I’ve also got a layout with Misty’s newest kit, “Summer Flies”.  Such a fab color combination in this, and the doodled elements and flowers rock!

Journaling: Mark did a few magic shows at the Kiwanis Butterfly Festival at a local mall. Directly across from where he was performing, there was a face painter. Kaylee thought that was the coolest thing ever, and just had to have hers done. She chose a colorful butterfly design, which she happily showed off for the rest of the weekend. She was disappointed when I insisted we scrub off what was left of it before she went back to school. 5.15.10

Kit: Summer Flies by Misty Mareda at MScraps.
Fonts: LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights), Dirty Ego (Misprinted Type), Pea Swimmy Script (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

And two with Michelle Coleman scrumptiousness. This first one actually uses a gorgeous (and huge) wedding themed kit. So much more in it than the little bit I’ve used here. If I did hybrid at all, I’d totally be whipping up some amazing cards with it!

Some favorite snaps of Mark and the kids. :) Photos 1/18/10 - scrapped 8/10/10.

Vintage Wedding Collection by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Font: Pea Swimmy Script (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

And, finally, one with Michelle’s luscious “Bohemian Summer" Kit and {Sample Pack}.  Just amazing color and texture.

Journaling: You’ve always been very sensitive to the heat. At this time of year it doesn’t take much time outside for your cheeks to turn bright pink. 7/12/10

Bohemian Summer Kit and Bohemian Summer {Sample Pack} by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Fonts: LD Remington Portable, PegsannaHMK.

That’s it for today! Off to do some pre guest magician cleaning and back-to-school paperwork! Only one more week of summer break left! Where did summer go?!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Layouts: Summer SprinkBrella Shark

So I mentioned in my last post that I was accepted to two teams. The second was none other than the amazing Michelle Coleman. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the news. Michelle is a bit of an icon in the digital scrapbooking world. And me? Well, I’m just… me. LOL  I am so honored to have been selected!

Michelle’s products are wonderfully unique, and she has an amazing eye for color. Her papers have rich depth and a subtle sophistication, and her elements are creative and fun and funky. :) 

I got to play with her “Get Wet” series, and I couldn’t stop until I’d done three layouts! The first two are featuring photos from the kids’ sprinkler session the other day.

Journaling: Mark picked up a new Buzz Lightyear sprinkler for the kids, and they couldn’t wait to try it out. They can use the handle on the controller to adjust the water level and launch the rocket. If it’s lined up right, it goes up pretty high! But mostly they just played in the water. They had a terrific time playing in the water, keeping cool, and just enjoying a summer afternoon. Friday, July 23, 2010.

Kit: “Get Wet | Girl” by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

I can’t put my finger on why I like the photo below so much, but it’s one of my favorites, even (especially?) after I pushed the processing on the colors to a slightly surreal level. I just adored the way the colors looked with it. And, yes, I made up the word “SprinkBrella”. LOL

Kit: “Get Wet | Boy” by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Font: Misproject (Misprinted Type).

This last one is of Matthew, with photos from our summer road trip last year.

Journaling: The summer of 2009 was when Matthew finally conquered his fear of the water. A minor incident in a swimming class about 5 years earlier had magnified in his mind into a near-drowning, making him extremely anxious. A few private swimming lessons, along with some time to play in the hotel pools on our trip, gave him the confidence to get past his fear and enjoy being in the water. Way to go, Matthew! :) Photos July 11, 2009 - Webster City, IA. Journaled Aug. 4, 2010.

Credits: “Get Wet | Boy”, “Get Wet | Girl”, and “Get Wet | Alpha” by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

Phew! That’s it for today! Four posts in one day! I’m not sure if it was any less overwhelming than one giant post, but it sounded easier in the beginning. LOL  Hopefully, my days will stop flying by quite so quickly soon, so that I can take a breath and do shorter posts more often. :)

Layouts: 11½ Silly Boredom

Even though I totally love scrapping, I find that I really have a hard time making myself do it if I don’t “have to”. So in late June I started looking around for calls from designers I really love, wanting to add another team. Competition is pretty fierce for some of these calls, so while I was hopeful, I wasn’t really was expecting to be chosen. Imagine my shock and delighted surprise when I was asked to join not just one, but TWO wonderful teams! :D

The first to make my day was Misty Mareda. Misty has a really fun, whimsical style, without being too young for me to use with all my current pics of the kids. She does a lot of hand-drawn elements and uses bright, happy colors that just make me smile. :)  I’ve done three layouts for her so far…

This first one is a mish-mash of several of Misty’s products. Matthew officially turned 11½ last month, and I've never done one of these list layouts for him, so I thought it was about time. :)

Statistics - • grade: going into 6th • height: 5’ 1” • weight: 78 lbs. • shoe size: 5.
Favorites - • color: aqua • foods: salad, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream • restaurants: Olive Garden, On The Border, Fuddrucker’s • family games: In A Pickle, Train, Skip-Bo • video games: Halo, Transformers (DS/X-Box), Mario Kart • books: Halo series • sport: 4-square, 2-square, basketball, karate • school subjects: Math, Reading • best friends: Terry, Matthew O, Sado, Matthew S, Jared, Derek, Hunter.
Dislikes - • food: peanut butter • school subject: writing • sport: soccer.
Goals - • learn to play sax • continue learning karate • become a karate instructor or scientist when he grows up • save up to buy his own laptop computer • complete the entire series of Halo video games.

- By Misty Mareda at MScraps -
alpha (Matthew):
Clipped Alpha
photo border, stitching, cards, paper (blended), bubble stamp:
Go Cat Go
circles, ricrac, papers:
Play Outside
tabs, staples:
Address Book Alpha
ribbon bit:
Cool It Now

- other -
numbers: Micheline Martin, Dawn Inkskip, Krystal Hartley, Creative Confusion
fonts: Pea Anderson & Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), Dirty Ego (Misprinted Type)

Next up is a scraplift. Vanilla Bees ran a challenge to scraplift someone you love in the scrap community. I immediately knew I wanted to lift my friend Tania Shaw (lunafaerie). I love everything about her pages… the wonderful shots of her adorable kids, her heartfelt journaling, the happy way she uses color, her fabulous composition. And the girl can ROCK patterned paper! I get inspired every time I look at her gallery! :) Her original layout is the adorable “I Love You So”.  And here is my lift using one of Kaylee’s infamous insulation day self-portraits. :)

Journaling: This is just one of a dozen sweet and silly self-portraits I found on the camera after I’d given it to you to help keep you occupied while we were blowing insulation into the attic. I love that you’re not afraid to be goofy. I love that you love looking at yourself in pictures. I love that you are always happy just being you. Kaylee, age 8, July 2010.

- By Misty Mareda at MScraps -
Brighter Days
Long Legged Alpha

- other -
stitching: Learning to Sew by Pamela Donnis.
font: Onder Px by Kemie Guaida.

And lastly (is that a word?), a simple page featuring one of Misty’s latest alphas.  I used a shot of Matthew from the Day he Surrendered to Boredom. :)

Journaling: Most days if you have some downtime, you find all kinds of creative ways to entertain yourself. On this particular day, however, you were bound and determined to immerse yourself in total boredom, rejecting all suggestions of activities and offers to play games. You just sprawled out on the floor and moped most of the afternoon. 7/24/10

- By Misty Mareda at MScraps -
Scooter Alpha
paper, colored squares (partially recolored):

- other -
fonts: Misproject (Eduardo Recife), Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

Layouts: Dog Dreams Outside

Next up, my few most recent layouts for PixelWorks!

Even though we don’t have any “real” pets, this dog themed kit was just too adorable for me to resist playing with. So I scrapped our pet alternatives. LOL

Journaling: All the pets in our home are of the toy variety. They’re quiet, don’t eat much, and don’t chew the furniture or leave stains on the rug. And they are the paws down champs at “sit” and “stay”. 7/18/10

Who Let The Dog Out? Papers and Elements by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist.
Stitching by Syrin. Font: Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

And then I have a couple with PixelWorks’ latest Artist-to-Artist pieces. Here’s a sweet dreamy one of Kaylee using my June 8 photo. The border is an excerpt from the lyrics of a song that’s in an Amazon Kindle commercial. The ad came on while I was working on the layout, and it seemed to be a perfect fit. :)

Kaylee 6.8.10. Lyrics excerpt from Annie Little's “Fly Me Away”: Silver Moons and paper chains, Faded maps and shiny things. You're my favorite one-man show. A million different ways to go. Will you fly me away? Take me away with you, My love. Painted scenes, I'm up all night. Slaying monsters, flying kites. Speak to me in foreign tongues. Share your secrets one by one. Now I can't think what life was like Before I had you by my side. Can’t say what I'd do without you, Knowing what it's like to have you.

Some Kind of Wonderful Dreamer Doodles, Dreamer Mini, and Papers by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist.
Fonts: A Little Pot, Misproject.

Going the exact opposite of the peaceful dreamer, we have half a dozen random shots of my kids being... themselves? LOL

Photos June 2009 - July 2010. Scrapped 8/1/10.

Some Kind of Wonderful Dreamer Doodles, Dreamer Mini, and Papers by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist.
Alpha (“outside” - recovered): Old Skool by Kate Hadfield.
Fonts: “think” - Blackout Sans Px (Kemie Guaida); “the box” (extruded in Eye Candy) – Ravie (Ken O’Brien); journaling – Pea BethC (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

Layouts: Peace Together

I think I might possibly have scrapped a record number of layouts (for me) in the past few weeks, so I’m going to split it up and do a post for each creative team. :)

First up are my ScrapDish layouts for July. I started off with Correen’s gorgeous “Rainy Saturday”. It has all kinds of fun rainy day elements, but I kept being pulled back to this gorgeous worn paper, so I went in a little different direction. :)

Kaylee in a moment of quiet contemplation. 4/6/10

Credits: Rainy Saturday Kit and Grunge Papers by Correen Silke at ScrapDish.
Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman.
Pea Anderson font by Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas.

And then I played with this more masculine kit from GallimaufryUK for a fun layout of Matthew “Putting It All Together”.

Journaling: Matthew at the computer, trying to figure out yet one more online battle game. You can almost hear the wheels turning. 4/25/10.
Thought bubble (Matthew wrote this part): Let’s see... if I put this guy on my team, will I win or will I fail? Ooo, ooo, I’ve got it! What if I use this move? Yes! Perfect victory!

Credits: All Torn Up - a Fathers Day page kit by GallimaufryUK at ScrapDish. Fonts: LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights), Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).