Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pre-Trip frenzy

I'm looking forward to our trip, but I hate all the stuff leading up to it.  I've made a checklist of things we need to do and pack, and that helps, but I'm still really on edge.

Yesterday was the main laundry day.  I think I did six loads.  

Today was errand day. We headed out at about 9:40 this morning. The SUV was due for inspection before the end of the month, so even though we're not taking it on the trip, that had to be done.  We went over there and after a quick check, the guy tells me that the two tires that have the weird outside wear from our alignment problem (which we knew about, just haven't gotten fixed) won't pass.  So off to Discount Tire we go.  Not too bad of a wait, but not super-quick.  They don't do alignment there, so we still need to do that after the trip – someone please remind me.  ;-)

Then, since we were now on that side of town, we stopped to return the library books.  I forgot that the street I chose to get there is completely torn up with construction right now and is down to one lane with lots of odd "detours", so that was a bit of an adventure.  

Then we stopped by the little Wal-Mart by us to pick up Matthew's extra seizure medication so that we'll have enough to get through the trip.  Looked for a few other odd items I hadn't found when out shopping Monday night.

Next stop was haircuts for both the kids.  Got Matthew buzzed back down to a "4".  I hadn't realized just how long his hair had gotten 'til I saw it all hitting the floor.  Kaylee just got a trim, with more coming off the bangs than anywhere else, so she can see again now.

Next stop Target for more odd items.  Then across the street to McD's for a quick lunch.  Then finally back to the inspection place.  It passed the inspection this time, and they also found a chip in the windshield, so got that fixed.  

Finally got back home at about 2:30, and I was wiped out and ready for a nap!  I told Mark that, and he asked jokingly if they'd made me change the tires myself. :-b  I realized later that I'd had water with lunch instead of my usual soda, so a lack of caffeine could have been a factor.  I perked up a bit after I had a snack and a Dew.  I think a lot of it was also being out in the heat.  I always feel tired after that.

Mark's on his way home now, and after supper I'm hopefully going out clothes shopping, since I don't really have anything appropriate for my reunion.  I looked Monday night, but didn't find anything.

And with all this activity, I still don't know 100% if we're actually going on the trip.  Mark said he'd decided tonight.

So, anyway, I've been really scarce online the last couple of days, and tomorrow will be packing day, so if I don't get back on here again before we (hopefully) leave, happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans (why do I feel like I'm making a presidential address when I say that?) and just happy days to everyone else! :-)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mini-update, Mega Kit, layouts

So… Mark's had quite a bit of improvement with his hip, but he not quite "there" yet.  He's going in for another shot tomorrow morning.  We're going on the assumption, based on the improvement he had before, that he'll be good to go for our trip.  So I've been scrambling around getting stuff finished up for that.  

I finished my July prize kit and July Mega Kit contribution.  I've been getting everyone else's July prizes organized and getting that stuff ready to hand over to Tin, who graciously volunteered to finish that up for me while I'm gone.  I had to opt out of my July sponsor layouts.  I'm still really slow at layouts in general, and getting them done on time without completely stressing myself out just wasn’t going to happen.

Now we're just trying to plan what other little details we need to take care of before we leave, and figure out what to pack.  We're going to be taking our little hybrid car to save on gas, since it gets more than double the mileage the SUV does, so we're going to have to travel very light.

The June Mega Kit is up at RAKScraps and the first two links have been posted. Check out that group preview.  Isn't it beautiful.  I did that.  Yeah, it's corny, but I get a kick out of seeing it on the homepage and in the ads. Which reminds me, my kit at ScrapDish was featured in our ad this week.  Way cool!!! LOL  Anyway, here's my mega kit contribution.  Don't know yet what day it will be given out.

And the newsletter came out on Friday, so that means I can post these three layotus…

Credits: Kit is "I Will, I Can" by dedicated2Digital.Paper tears by Steph at Digital Paper Tearing.Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake.

Credits: "Rustic Memories" by Erika Tenney.

Credits: Kit is "South Hampton", alpha is "Dictionary Decoupage Alphabet", both by Miss Mint.Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake.

Oh, and the RAKFile scraplift challenge this month is my "Different Point of View" layout.  Cool!  So go check out the newsletter and then scraplift me! LOL

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Three new sponsor layouts…

Credits: "Rustic Memories" by Erika Tenney, recolored.

Credits: "funkalicious" by dedicated2Digital.

Credits: "Denim Ink" by Miss Mint, inked edge by Atomic Cupcake.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I finished the kit!

It's finally up! It only took me three months to find time to finish a kit and get it put up for sale at ScrapDish! Woo hoo! At this rate, that means four kits a year! Look out digiscrapping world! ROTFL

So here it is. And it's on sale 50% off until the end of June! :)




If the colors look familiar, it's because they're the same ones that are in the design of this site! LOL

What else is happening…

We worked all week to get the house ready for another lecturing magician to visit, and he ended up staying with an old friend in the area instead. So I cleaned for nothing! Oh, the horror! LOL

Mark had his cortisone shot on Friday. It's too soon to tell how much it will help him. He's very up and down as far as pain right now. He has a follow up appointment this coming Friday.

Kaylee's eye is significantly better. Just one smaller blotch left where the darkest part was.

Besides getting that kit finished up, I've also been busy getting my RAKScraps sponsor reviews written up and reworking one of those layouts that I wasn't happy with. Now that I've finished that, I need to post the other three non-newsletter layouts. I've also been organizing the Mega Kit for Jeanine again this month, and those contributions were due yesterday, so this is the busy time for me to track down all of those, prep it all for distribution, and get the group preview put together for the newsletter and homepage.

I've been staying up way too late trying to get stuff done while the kids are in bed, and my body clock is totally messed up. On the nights that I try to go to bed earlier, I can't get to sleep. The kids are sleeping in a bit later most mornings now (like 7-7:30 instead of 6:00), but it's not enough. So tired. I'm beginning to wish I liked coffee. :-b

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Garage photo shoot

So Kaylee's eye is now quite multi-colored.  I thought it would be cute to have a little staged boxing match photo shoot to go along with it before it disappears altogether, so we did our first ever garage photo shoot today.  Kaylee wasn't too keen on the boxing gloves, so it didn't go quite the way I'd imagined, and my poor old camera didn't always do the greatest job with the light, but we still got a lot of cute shots.

Who knows when I'll actually get to a layout with any of them.  I was just going to pick a few to post here on the blog, but as usual I couldn't make up my mind, so I put together a thumbnail/larger version webpage thingy with most of my favorites.  The backdrop is the sheets off my bed (they needed to be washed anyway LOL), hung from the garage door rail with skirt hangers. Some of the shots are straight out of the camera, and just resized and sharpened a little.  Some others I played with the color a bit, especially the ones where the flash insisted on firing and washed things out too much.  Anyway, see them here.  :-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kaylee's first shiner...

…and it's gonna be a beauty. Thursday I offered to let the kids take a bath in our big tub in the master bath, so I could get some very overdue cleaning done in there while they were soaking. Although Kaylee was initially reluctant, Matthew leapt at the chance, and Kalyee was happy to follow once he got in. They had so much fun, they asked if they could again on Friday and again on Saturday. Great for me, since there was, ahem, quite a LOT more cleaning that really needed to be done in there. Well, by Saturday, Kaylee was getting a lot more comfortable in there, and I had to issue repeated warnings for the kids to settle down.

Somehow Kaylee managed to whack her left cheek HARD on the faucet, about an inch from her eye. At first I thought she had hit the side of her head, but couldn't find any bump, and then I caught sight of the rapidly swelling lump on her face. I got them out of the tub and yelled for Mark to make me up an ice pack while I got her dried off. Mark's friends were over, and one of them had brought cookies, so Mark grabbed a couple of those for the kids. Apparently, M&M cookies are a magical cure for the emotional trauma of a whack to the face, because that calmed Kaylee down immediately. We sat and watched cartoons, with her in my lap, while I held the ice pack gently on her bump. She was completely cheered up and back to her usual self by the time supper was ready half an hour later.

Only the area of the actual impact was showing any signs last night, but of course, by this morning, she was starting to look more like a one-eyed raccoon. The pics below were taken this afternoon. The little red mark in the full face pic is where it actually hit. The flash kinda washes it out a bit, so it doesn't look quite as bad in the pics as it does in person. Hopefully, it won't get too much worse before it gets better.

So, obviously, no more swimming for them in that tub until we can find some sort of spout guard for that faucet. I don't even know if they make them that will fit it, since it's a bit wider and longer than your average faucet. I've fired off an email to our trusty baby-proofer hoping he'll have a suggestion, but I haven't been able to find anything online, so I'm not terribly optimistic.

Friday, June 02, 2006

1, 15, 1489, 12000

Mark's shots have been approved. He goes in for the first one on the 9th. I have to drive him, and he has to take it easy the rest of the day. We probably won't know until about week after that whether it's worked well enough for us to still go on our trip.

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. The four of us went out for dinner at The Olive Garden, and Mark and I exchanged imaginary cards and gifts. We're both just a couple of sentimental fools. LOL

Other than that, I've just been busy trying to get my sponsor layouts done and the usual housework and kiddo stuff.

Something kinda cool – a mini-kit I made is being given out as a freebie at the "Gallery Opening Mixer" chat at RAKScraps, so the preview went out to our Yahoo group of 1489 people this morning.

The chat is at 9:30 Eastern tonight, if you wanna go grab it. My first time having a kit used to promote a chat, and I won't be there – it's my Bunco night. Wonder if the hostess would let me use her computer during the breaks. LOL

By the way, RAKScraps also has over 12,000 members now, and the site has only been open for about a year and a half. Seems like just yesterday we had our big 4,444-member celebration!