Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Drowning in email, update on Mark

I am an email packrat. If you have ever sent me an email about anything at all, there is a very good chance I still have it. Unless it's one of those forwarded jokes or cute slideshows or something like that; most of those I delete. But if you wrote me more than two words, chances are, it's there. I also save my responses, you know, in case anyone ever misquotes me, I can prove them wrong. ;-)

I am also an email procrastinator. I have a very extensive filing system with folders and subfolders for different people I correspond with, a section for all of my various web accounts etc. But… I very rarely file things immediately, a few things here and there, but the majority sit in my inbox until it gets so full that it becomes nearly impossible to find what I need.

I do have filters set up to route my higher volume groups to specific folders that I can skim through and then bulk delete. But even then, I still accumulate quite a bit.

So I have spent the late afternoon and evening today trying to tame the email monster that is my inbox. I started off with around 1400 emails, and have managed to whittle it down to 989 so far, reading newsletters before deleting, filing anything I want to keep, and flagging those I still need to respond to, hopefully before they get buried in a sea of new emails.

Am I the only one who is this obsessive about keeping email? I do occasionally look back in them to find some specific bit of information, but it's very rare, and most of the time I could probably get the information almost as quickly just by contacting the person again. So why can't I just let them go?

So, anyway, changing the subject… Mark had his follow-up with the doctor today about his hip. The news was not especially good. Here's what I can remember about what he said the doctor told him. Basically, one of the discs in his spine is elongated and pinching a nerve or something like that. Options are…

  1. Do nothing. It may or may not get better, 50-50 chance. If it does, it would take 4-6 months.

  2. Physical therapy. Mark had good results with this when he did it for his upper back about 5 years ago, but he is now working in the completely opposite direction from the facility, so the time involved just getting to and from therapy would be very significant. His bosses have been incredibly understanding about the time he has missed so far, but this may be pushing it.

  3. Cortisone shots. One to three shots, depending on how he responds.

  4. "Needle" surgery.

  5. Full-blown surgery.

The doctor recommended option 3. Mark is leery about the pain involved in getting a 5-minute shot, even though they do numb the area first, but this seems to be the most practical at this point. So now we are waiting to hear what the insurance says about all this. Apparently, depending on what they say, he may end up going the therapy route instead.

We have a major road trip schedule to start in just a few weeks. Mark is remaining optimistic that we will still be able to go. Hopefully, the shots will be approved and will have done their thing by then, because if they don't work, I really don't see how the trip is going to be feasible. Especially without causing him a major setback in his recovery. Sigh…

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another multi-day recap

{My fellow Prince fans may put on their raspberry berets}
"Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing
But different than the day before.."

The last four or five days are more or less a blur. I've been busy, but don't know what I really did. I think it's a combination of the kids being out of school, and Mark being home a lot because of his hip, and we just haven't been able to settle into any kind of routine. I definitely realize now how much those two hours a day I used to have the house to myself while Kaylee was at school helped me mentally gain some sense of calm and purpose and direction, even if things were busy.

Wednesday: Mark's hip. We went to his appointment right after we dropped Kaylee off at school Wednesday morning. After a "does this hurt" exam, they gave him prescriptions for pain meds and a steroid anti-inflammatory, and scheduled him for an MRI that night. This doctor actually has an MRI setup right in his office, but because of our insurance, we couldn’t use it. Finished at the doctor's office in time to go through a drive-thru to get Mark some breakfast, park over by Kaylee's school and eat, then pick her up and head home. Matthew was home from school an hour after that.

The MRI appointment was for 7:30pm at a place about half an hour from us (we're in the outer 'burbs – just about everything is half an hour from us LOL). They called and told us they were running about 15 minutes late. By the time we got there, they were running an hour and 15 minutes late. So I took the kids up the road to McD's and let them play while Mark sat and waited. It was relatively empty, with just one other family there most of the time. For the first time ever, Kaylee actually went up in all the high tunnels and slides and such. The kids had a really great time, and after ice cream, we headed back over to pick Mark up and timed it just about perfectly. We got home about 9:45pm. The kids are normally asleep between 7:30 and 8:00. Needless to say, they both zonked out on the way home. Unfortunately, they didn't stay asleep when we came in, so we still had to go through pretty much their entire bedtime routine.

The meds are helping Mark quite a bit. He stayed home Thursday, but was able to go to work on Friday. Although he way overdid it yesterday (more on that later), and is quite sore again today. He goes for a follow up appointment, where they'll go over the MRI results and such, on the 31st.

Thursday: Up to my eyeballs in account statements and Quicken pretty much all day, trying to figure out how much extra cash we can spare. (more on that later) Mark managed to keep the kids more or less entertained.

Friday: Mark went back to work. The kids and I spent some time at the park in the morning blowing bubbles and playing ball and such. Played some very looooooong games in the afternoon. LOL

Saturday: (time for the "more on that" part) Mark had been talking for quite some time with an older friend of his about purchasing the guy's magic collection. It's quite a large collection. On Saturday, Mark went over there and ended up getting the book part of the collection, a full SUV-load worth of them. And Mark boxed them all up himself. (Thus today's soreness.) It was quite a noteworthy expense. (Thus today's poorness. LOL) He will be able to resell a large portion of it that duplicates what he already has or that he simply doesn't want, but it will take time, and he's definitely covered for an anniversary gift and Father's Day gifts, and so on and so on… And this purchase still added so much to his collection that our previously magic-free guest room will soon have a very decidedly magic library theme. ;-)

While Mark was gone, the kids and I played more really looooong games. (Are you sensing a trend here? :-)

Also somewhere in there over the past few days, I spent a lot of time trying to get stuff organized for RAKScraps' June events prizes, and I did actually complete my June Mega Kit! Woo hoo! Now I just have six sponsor layouts I need to do! :-)

So, I guess now that I wrote all that out, I actually kinda do know what I did. Gonna go dance around in my raspberry beret now. ;-)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catching Up

Now that I can post normally again, here's a quick summary of the events of the past week or so:

  • Matthew made Star Student again! The very last full week of the school year. He was thrilled and very proud, as, of course, were we.
  • The contractor and/or his guy were here Tuesday-Friday fixing up my little inadvertent pass-throughs between the garage and the foyer/Mark's magic room. All fixed up good as new.

  • Kaylee had her annual checkup on Friday. Doc thought it would be a good idea to have her in some sort of summer program as well, to help minimize the adjustment time when school starts back up again next fall. But when I checked with the place he suggested, which is run through a hospital, it would be late June or early July before we could even get an evaluation, and since school starts back up again in early August and we'll be taking a mid-summer vacation, I don't think that's going to happen.

    Doc also had a long talk with Kaylee about not being such a picky eater and trying new things, which she was excited about, and she actually did try carrots (hated) and some noodles (tolerated) and cornbread (liked) at dinner that night. Now I just have to try to come up with some other new things for her to try that she may actually like before she gets completely turned off the idea again.

  • Another magician (Pavel from Switzerland) was here this past weekend. I didn't really talk with him as much as I did most of the others, but he seemed very nice. Mark has a rather large collection of tricks and such that this guy created, so he was very excited about the opportunity to have him here.

  • My birthday was Sunday. Because of the item directly above, we had planned to go out Friday night, but I wasn't feeling well, so it didn't happen. We'll celebrate some other day. I did get nice homemade cards from the kids and a really cool vertical mouse that I'd been wanting. I'm still getting used to it, but I think it will be much more comfortable to use overall.

  • While cleaning Saturday to prepare for our guest, Mark strained his hip. It didn't bother him too terribly much at the time, but by Monday noon he was in severe pain and could barely walk. He spent as much time in bed as possible today, and we have an appointment first thing in the morning with a sports medicine doctor that Mark had gone to in the past for some back problems. Hopefully, he will be able to do something to help him. I feel so bad for Mark whenever he has to try to sit up in bed or try to stand up; it's painful just to watch.

  • On the way home from picking Kaylee up from school on Monday, she dozed off in the truck. Very unusual for her unless we've been out running around a lot. When I picked her up to carry her in, I noticed she felt hot. Sure enough, she was running a fever. I suspect it was a delayed reaction to the shots she had on Friday (which she did awesome with, by the way – didn't even say ouch), but because of school policy, she stayed home today. No signs of fever today, so hopefully that's the end of that.

  • Another woo hoo for today! I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER in Steph730's baby-arrival guessing game! I won her entire collection of digital paper tears! How awesome is that?!?! And what's funny is I used my own birthday as my guess! LOL Big congrats to Steph and her family on the arrival of baby Aubree. :-)

  • Tomorrow is the kids' last (half) day of school. Summer, here we come! :-)

So that's what's been happening around here in a (very big) nutshell! :-)

Woo hoo!

Blogger likes me again!

I was finally able to clean up that ridiculous post below so that it's more readable and the images are there. You have no idea how many hours I spent trying to fix it and trying to contact customer support, but I couldn't even get the help request form to go through properly - kept getting errors there too. I cleared out all my cache and cookies and such last night, and it still didn't work, but I didn't reboot then, just shut down last night, so I don't know if it was related to that or if Blogger fixed something on their end - which seems more logical, since I tried three different browsers and three different computers, and got the same result with all of them.

Thanks to all those who waded through that mess anyway! :-)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother's Day, layouts, Mega Kit, tagged

I tried to post this last night, but Blogger wasn't cooperating, so let's try again' and if it works, then just pretend it was posted Wednesday night, since I haven't updated any of the time references. And also ignore any formatting weirdness, since I'm attempting to post this via email as a last resort, and I have no idea if I'll be able to go in and edit it if it does work! LOL

• So Mother's Day. It was a mixed day. Unfortunately, I had a headache most of the day that I just could not get rid of. I was supposed to get to sleep in, and I did get to sleep a bit later than I normally do, but the sun woke me, and did not wake Mark (of course), so I got up first anyway. Mark made blueberry muffins for breakfast and plain muffins for Kaylee, who actually tried them and then ate them. It's cause for great celebration whenever miss super-picky "I no like that" actually agrees to try something new, so that was cool. Then the kids gave me the cards they made. So sweet. Kaylee had somehow lost hers that she had made the day before, so Matthew helped her make another. And then in his, Matthew hermetically sealed it with scotch tape to keep the eight quarters of his own money that he gave me inside - all his idea. What a great kid! :-)

The kids also got "me" balloons (guess who's rooms they're in now LOL) and the three of them gave me a... Dust Buster. Uhm, yeah. I pretended to like it in front of the kids, but told Mark later that he is never ever to get me anything related to cleaning as a gift ever again. He didn't get why I was upset, since I had said we needed one. Uhm, yeah. Deep sigh. Major eye roll. Not . as . my . gift. And it's not even the type of Dust Buster I wanted. I wanted a small unobtrusive one that could be tucked away in a corner in the breakfast area, so that any of us, including the kids, could grab it and clean up the constant flood of crumbs on the floor. He got the ginormous, heavy Tim-Allen-aar-aar-AAR super-powerful heavy duty one, saying it got way better reviews on the suction. How much suction does the thing need to pick up crumbs off a vinyl floor? Sigh. So he's said I should go get the small one, see which I like better, and return the other. And if I keep the small one, spend the extra money on whatever I want. You better believe I will. :-b So, anyway, I thought I was over that, but apparently not. LOL

• Ok, onto layouts! The newsletter is out, so I can post these now! :-)

This one is using "A Man's Man" by Amy Knepper. Love this kit!

Matthew right after school one day. He was not in a particularly good mood that day... and having to stand there and let me take his picture before I would unlock the door so we could all go in the house didn't help. But it does a good job of showing this "look". ;-)

Next is "New Beginnings" by Eve Recinella.

The text on the striped paper is the lyrics to a really cute song called "Big Hugs & Kisses" from one of the kids' CDs. The style of the song reminds me of Randy Newman stuff. And it didn't have the lyrics included, so I had to listen to it 15 times to get them all written down! LOL

Here they are, in case you're curious.

First you take your arms and you open 'em wide, big enough to fit an elephant inside. And then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love, and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

Take your little tiny hands and move 'em very far apart, 'cause you gotta make some room for that big big heart. And then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love, and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

You can't catch a ball 'cause you're just too small. Your little arms can barely do anything at all. And speakin' of bears, hugs were invented by bears. Yep, hugs are all theirs, but bears love to share. So...

First you take your arms and you open 'em wide, big enough to fit a hippopotamus inside, and then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

Yeah, you give 'em big hugs and kisses. I think what that person really misses is hugs and kisses.

• Big changes in the way the Mega Kit is being given out at RAKScraps this month, because of all the bandwidth problems with direct linking and such, so if you collect the Mega Kits, you'll want to check that out ASAP! Here's my part:

• And, finally, I was tagged by Gina for the 5's. :-)

Five things in my fridge:
2 gallons of skim milk (we go through about 3 a week), an unopened bottle of champagne that has been in there for I have no idea how long (years and years, so long that I'd forgotten it was there until I read Gina's fives), lots of leftovers that now fall into the "science experiment" category, leftover frosting from Kaylee's birthday cake 2½ weeks ago, 5 or 6 containers of Kaylee's Yoplait Orange Crème yogurt.

Five things in my car:
car seat & booster seat, magazines to read in carpool line while waiting to pick up Kaylee from school, cell phone charger, purse used as Kaylee's diaper bag (very rarely actually leaves the truck), mini air compressor used to inflate last flat tire.

Five things in your bag:
I don't carry a bag. I stick my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets and go!

Five things on my DVR or video player:
I only TiVo "All My Children" and "Desperate Housewives", and I'm caught up on all of those except for today's AMC (which is actually yesterday's because of the airtime schedule). Mark, however records enough stuff for a small country - magic specials, several series, movies, etc. There are also one or two episodes of "Xiaolin Showdown" on there at Matthew's request, which will be burned to DVD when he gets enough to fill one.

Five things in my wardrobe:
Several pairs of tall and/or ultra-tall jeans (need at least a 35" inseam), my grunge-style carousel t-shirt, my new K-Swiss athletic shoes (the first non-Reebok non-hightop everyday shoes I've had since high school), lots and lots of white socks (about half with holes), a dozen or so Disney shirts left over from my early- mid-twenties "love-anything-with-a-cartoon-character-on-it" phase.

If I find anyone who hasn't been tagged, I'll take care of that soon. I
think I saw a couple in my catching up today, but I'm not sure. :-)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

First Impressions

Is it wrong to hold someone’s neatness against them?  We had Kaylee’s playdate with G on Thursday.  The girls got along great.  They ran back and forth between the upstairs bedroom and the playroom just off the kitchen, while the mom (P) and I chatted.  The house was stylish and beautiful and spare and immaculate, with the only hint of clutter being photos and such stuck on the refrigerator.  Granted, I didn’t go upstairs, and P said that she hates to go up there, because her older boys don’t keep it as neat as she’d like, so maybe the upstairs is a different story, but it just felt… cold… and impersonal… and artificial.

P also turned me off a bit when she repeatedly spouted parenting techniques and such.  It sounded a bit as if she were brainwashed, and the way that she said it felt like she was saying “this is the right way”, thereby implying that if I wasn’t doing it that way, then I was doing it wrong.  And maybe I am doing it wrong, but that’s not something I really receive well from someone I just met.  She also came across as very image conscious and very driven, and it seemed like she really pushes her kids, much beyond just helping and encouraging.

Frankly, it seemed that we had nothing at all in common other than our kids, and I was pretty much ready to write her off as anything more than the mom of one of Kaylee’s friends.  But there was something in her eyes… when she talked about wanting more for her kids than what she’d had, and about it being hard to be away from her family and the area where she grew up, but that it was good to have a clean slate and not be running into things that triggered those memories all the time.  So I am hoping I do get a chance to actually know her a bit better, get to see behind her mask and get beyond the uptight supermom first impression… assuming she doesn’t run screaming if/when she ever gets a look at our version of a lived-in home. LOL

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

The “Women of Strength” mega kit by the RAKScraps CT is up in the Day Old Donuts section at Scrapdish as a fundraiser to help pay for all the fun at RAKScraps.  Robin did an awesome job putting it up and even individually linked all the previews so that you could see each part of it closer up.

My 20-year high school reunion is 6½ weeks away.  I am approximately 111% older than I was when I graduated high school.  I don’t really feel 111% wiser though. :-b

My 15-year wedding anniversary is a little over 3 weeks away.  No plans so far.  For our 10-year anniversary, we went out to lunch then went to a matinee of “Shrek”. LOL

I have relatively few pet peeves, but one of them is when people mistakenly call two ponytails “pigtails”, which, by definition, are braids.  Have you ever seen a pig with a fluffy tail?  Or for that matter, have you ever seen a pig with two tails, which would apparently then be the only difference between pigtails and a ponytail. (Please do not now send me pictures of mutant pigs. LOL) Waaaaaay more annoying though, is when a random teacher repeatedly tries to “correct” my daughter when she calls them ponytails.  Grrr.

Now that Kaylee’s birthday has passed, she is obsessed with my birthday, demanding to know what kind of presents I will get and whether I will have a cake or cupcakes, and frequently proclaiming that she will blow out my candles for me.  Wonder if we should actually put 38 of them on there for her. ;-)

My weight loss attempts have not been going well as of late.  In fact, they have been pretty much non-existent. I am now back up to within three pounds of the weight I was when I started TOPS over a year and a half ago.  I thought maybe I could use the upcoming reunion to get motivated, but I’m finding that I really don’t much care how fat I am for that event.  I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Finally, a couple of quotes that are much funnier when expressed loudly and emphatically by a barely 4-year-old blond girl to her big brother:
     “You want a piece of me?!?”
     “I’m not evil!!!”

Monday, May 08, 2006

Layout: Natural Beauty

Just a quick layout post before I get buried in my usual Monday evening chaos.

Credits: "Gracie's Garden ~ Forget-Me-Nots" by the fabulous Amy Knepper at Scrapdish. :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recovering from NSD

So for those who aren’t into scrapping of any kind, yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day.  In digiscrap terms this means a day PACKED with chats (“crops”), challenges, freebies, and sales at dozens of websites.  Now, I’m not much of a chat person in general, especially if there are more than about 30 people there.  It all flies by so fast, that I just end up sitting and attempting to read enough to keep up with what’s going on, not always successfully.  And as far as sales, well, I have soooooo many kits already, both free and purchased, that I’ve never used, and I get new kits every month for my CT stuff that I have to use, so I really just don’t need any more kits right now, no matter how good the deal.  So my plan was to just hit a few places, like ScrapArtist, where I knew I could easily pick up a few free kits to add to my "really-cool-kits-I'll-get-to-use-someday-when-I-actually-find-time-to-scrap-something-other-than-my-sponsor-layouts" collection, and that would be it as far as my participation. But then…

A little birdie let my folks know that there were all these big sales going on, and my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and so I got a phone call from Mom saying they would just send me a check and that I could go shopping at all the NSD sales.  So, of course, I had to go look.  Ok, I know I have decisiveness issues, but O. M. G.  How on Earth does anyone ever decide what kits to buy?!?!?  There is so much great stuff out there.  Even eliminating anything that’s not me (anything with more that a dollop of purple in it, anything really formal, anything really vintage/antique, anything excessively grungy, anything overly cutesy, anything very pale, very dark, or extremely bright), I just had no idea where to even begin.  I hit some of my favorite sites and began to look for stuff on sale that I thought I might actually be able to use given the types of photos I generally take.  At a few places I was able to narrow it down to one or two things, but at others, I was still just completely overwhelmed.  After about four or five hours of looking, I just gave up.  What did I buy?  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.

And, of course, while I was looking around, I got sucked into some of the whole chat hullabaloo.  I went to a few at SBB and got several parts of their collaborative kit and a few other nice freebies.  I tried to get into one at The Shabby Shoppe in the morning, but the chat room was full.  Went back later for one in the evening and they had increased the chat room capacity, so I got into that one.  It was supposed to be to learn about photography, but really I just had my original belief confirmed that open chats are not a good format for teaching unless it’s one very narrow, very specific, small portion of one topic.  Especially if there are a huge number of people there. But I did get another nice freebie.  And I went back later for the evening “just-for-fun” chat and got a really neat kit by Shabby Princess and Sara Carling.

During that chat, I went back to SBB to check in on the Jen Wilson chat, but the chat room was down.  I just kept checking again every five minutes or so and eventually got in.  At one point there were over 200 people in that chat room.  Jen gave out a coupon code for 50% off her stuff at SBB.  The coupon was only good for about the next 2½ hours.  Mass stampede to the store.  Store cannot handle the traffic and won’t let people in.  Things moving incredibly slow for those who are in. Owner boosts allowed connections.  Store fills up again.  Store server ends up being rebooted.  Near rioting in the chat room.  Jen is adamant about not extending the deadline.  Owner and team members urging people to be patient.  Lots of frustrated and/or really ticked off people.  After Jen’s portion of the chat was over and she had left, she finally relented and extended the deadline on the coupon by 12 hours.  Thank goodness.  I could have seen that escalating to get a whole lot uglier than it did.

Now, I have to say, I think Jen’s stuff is really nice.  I have her first (I think) CD that I won at a chat last year.  But… I really do not get this whole Beatles-like frenzy that surrounds her.  There are a lot of other designers out there who’s stuff is just as good, and I imagine there are a few who rival her in the total sales area, but she’s the only one I’ve seen that seems to have this sort of completely crazed fan base.  She’s incredibly prolific, and people just keep sprinting to snatch up everything she puts out. It’s like the virtual version of all that news footage you always see of people at those super-cheap wedding dress sales, trampling over anyone in their way and getting in catfights over who had their hands on the dress first.  Nope.  I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I feel like a lot of my day was wasted at sales where I didn’t buy anything and watching chat screens fly by so fast that I felt like a cartoon character whose eyes are spinning like the reels in a slot machine.  So, next year, I will either decide way in advance what I want to buy, or just stay far, far away.  I think NSD is built for those with much more speed, stamina, decisiveness, and multi-tasking ability than I!   :-b

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good news x4! And a layout. :-)

1 • First an update on the truck-meets-house incident: We got the estimate back from the contractor, and it came to a bit more than he’d originally guessed, so we went ahead and had the insurance adjuster come out today. He was very thorough and very generous, so we can afford to have the contractor do all the work (the majority of the cost of which was the interior stuff anyway). Woo hoo! That’s a huge weight lifted, especially since this was a bit of a financial crunch time for us already. I’m feeling so much better about my little moment of imperfection. :-b

2 • We had Matthew’s parent-teacher-student conference on Tuesday. He’s doing great. He’s improved so much over the course of the year. He’s still not quite at what our district considers a “grade 1” reading level, but he’s very close, and will most likely be caught up before school starts back up in August if we keep working with him over the summer. His comprehension is already great, he just needs to get a bit faster. He’s been working really hard to stay more focused and keep his hands to himself, etc., and has been doing super with that the past couple of weeks too. His math test scores were so good that the teacher didn’t even bother to go through all the individual tests with us. And there has been no mention of the words “summer school”. Ahhh, freedom. And sleeping in!!! :-)

3 • Matthew was really upset when he got home from school yesterday, because he’d gotten in trouble on the bus on the way home for accidentally bonking his friend (a girl) on the nose, and he had gotten moved to a different seat. He was devastated that he wouldn’t get to sit by her and her sister anymore. Well, today he got off the bus just bursting with happiness. Not only had he made some new friends on the bus due to the seat change, but he had aced his math test. This was his final “math facts” test. It’s a timed test, and they have to get 100% on it to pass. He’d been stuck on this one for several weeks, either not being able to get through it quickly enough, or making a few errors. When we practiced at home yesterday, he got through the test perfectly with time to spare, so I knew he could do it. I think it was just a matter of him not panicking. I was so happy for him today!

4 • In the other child department: I got a call from the mom of one of the girls in Kaylee’s class. Apparently her daughter talks non-stop about Kaylee, and only Kaylee. They were right behind us in carpool a couple of days ago, which was the first time she’d actually gotten to see who Kaylee was, and she’d ended up behind us driving home and realized we don’t live too far apart, so she called this afternoon and invited us to have a playdate at their house next week. I made the mistake of telling Kaylee. She is completely over-the-moon excited. I’ve taken her to some playdates with my mom’s group, but a lot of them don’t work with our schedule, and when we do go, it’s always different kids there, and there is a wide age range, so she hasn’t really gotten to be friends with any of them. The reason it was a mistake to tell her is, again, the time thing. She has no concept of what next week is. Even if I tell her x-number of sleeps until then, she still just doesn’t get it. It’s going to be a loooooong eight days until that playdate. And this right on the heels of those long days of pre-birthday excitement. The poor girl is going to have to learn some patience or she’s going to implode! LOL

And, finally, at the risk of being triply redundant, I think I’m going to try posting my layouts here on my blog as well as at RAKScraps and then in batches on my website. I takes me so very long to get them up on my website, since I post those chronologically but don’t scrap chronologically (still haven’t done Christmas), and the RAKScraps gallery has just gotten so big that they sometimes get lost over there. As I was driving Kaylee to school this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that my sponsor layouts are due in a week, and I hadn’t even started them. So I pulled out some new pics I took on Monday, and put together the first two layouts. I like them both, but this one doesn’t look as good itty-bitty (like it has to be in the newsletter) as the other one does, so I’m posting this one now, and the other after the newsletter comes out mid-month. So after that unnecessarily rambly introduction, here it is:

Credits: “Over The Rainbow” by Eve Recinella. (In case you can’t figure out the odd angle of the photo, Kaylee was actually lying across my lap, and I held the camera down near the floor, shooting up towards the ceiling. And, no, our ceiling isn't green; it just looks that way in the photo. LOL)

That’s it for now! Happy Wednesday! :-)