Thursday, November 25, 2010

Srsly Stoked – a new collab with Kate Hadfield & a SALE!

'Seriously stoked' in an understatement when it comes to describing how I felt about the opportunity to work with the wonderful Kate Hadfield! She is such a sweetheart and so terrific to work with! Inspired by our teen and pre-teen boys and their love of music, skateboarding, gaming, bikes and general boyish grunge, we had a blast creating this rockin’ kit packed with hand-made elements and cool colors.

Here are the awesome layouts my fabulous creative team did!

To see them closer, along with layouts by Kate’s team and The Lilypad team, you can check out this little gallery I’ve set up here. :)

The kit is 20% off this weekend only!! Hurry and grab it now!!

AND, in honor of Black Friday, ScrapDish is having a Storewide Sale through Sunday!! Save up to 40% on my designs!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!! :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Layouts: Speak Marble-ous

I love that not only does PixelWorks continue to create fabulous funky eye candy, but she also comes up with such unique inspiring products that spur stories in themselves. I couldn’t help but ask the kids to pose for me and answer the prompts in “Hear Me Out”. They had a blast coming up with their answers. :D

Matthew’s list:
My honest opinion: I like math more than any other subject.
Believe me when I say: Pie is the best food in the world, and I mean the BEST... if it is apple.
This I know is true: I’m displaying great amounts of knowledge, but I don’t know the answers to any simple problems.
This is what I think: Wizard 101 is awesome! Why am I wasting my time here?
I want you to know: I like the subjects in school; I just don’t like school because there’s too much work.
Kaylee’s list:
My honest opinion: That shirt’s ugly. Just kidding.
Believe me when I say: Pigs fly!!!
This I know is true: You are a monkey!
This is what I think: If I was a cupcake I would be scared and extra sweet!
I want you to know: Never hire a fish as an employee and pay it! EAT IT!!!!!
Border journaling:
I love the kids’ responses when asked to complete these prompts. Such a fabulous snapshot of each of their unique senses of humor and what they had on their minds. As usual, Kaylee was all about being as silly as possible, and it’s fairly obvious that Matthew’s state of mind was heavily influenced by an all-too-typical rather long evening of homework. November 3, 2010. Matthew, 11, 6th grade. Kaylee, 8, 3rd grade.

Random and Retro papers and Hear Me Out elements by PixelWorks at The Lilypad.
fonts: Blackout Serif Px (Pixilate) , Dirty Ego (Misprinted Type), Pea Jenny & Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights)

This collab with the cool paper-piecing queen, Jacque Larsen, was perfect to scrap this example of Matthew’s creativity last month. :)

Journaling: Matthew often plays with his toys in creative and somewhat unconventional ways. On this particular occasion, he spent the morning recreating the battlefields of the Wizard 101 online game using marbles, coasters, dice, and small action figures. Oct. 10, 2010

Jack of All Toys by PixelWorks and Jacque Larsen at The Lilypad
font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

That’s it for today! Have a terrific week! :)

Layouts: Salted Fabulosity

Now for a couple of layouts of Kaylee featuring kits from the ever-fabulous Misty Mareda! :)

I love the non-traditional colors in this fall kit of Misty’s, and I jumped on the opportunity to use it for a non-fall-themed layout!

Journaling: Kaylee has a new spelling class this year. The homework consists of activities that are supposed to make practicing the words more fun. This particular assignment was to “write” each of the spelling words two times with her finger in a tray of salt. It turned out to be a lot more labor intensive than it sounded, taking her nearly two hours to finish the list of 24 words. Needless to say, she did NOT choose that activity the next time it was available. 9/14/10
Frolic by Misty Mareda at MScraps
template: Vanilla Bees Freebie by Crystal Livesay
fonts: Pea Jenny (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights)

I think I might have actually squealed when I saw this kit that Misty put together for her feature at the Daily Digi this month. I love the colors (the kit actually has orange too – such a cool combination) and the fun funky flowers! It was perfect to show off Kaylee in all her glorious fabulosity!

Journaling: Kaylee, running into the room: “Mom, Mom, Mom! Take a picture!”
Me: “Why”
Kaylee: “Because I look FAB-ulous!!!”
Yes, Sweetie, indeed you do. :)   9-6-10

- by Misty Mareda –
kit: Little Zoie in
The Digi Files #23 at The Daily Digi
Long Legged Alpha at MScraps
Frolic at MScraps
- other –
font: Century Gothic

Layouts: Moment White Fluffy

Michelle Coleman continues to create such beautiful products! I love this funky tree art, and I paired it with some of her amazing photo overlays. This was a shot from a beautiful morning that resulted in an unfortunately very drab photo, but the overlays totally transformed it to capture the spirit of the moment.

- all by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs –
paper tree:
Happy Little Trees – Autumn
photo textures: Limelight Photo Textures Vol 1 – Illuminate
papers: Fall Delight Kit and Sample
alpha: Letter Press Brushes
stitching (recolored): Bohemian Summer Kit
- other –
fonts: CK Ali’s Hand official, LD Remington Portable

I used this fun Christmas kit to scrap the kids out enjoying our rare white Christmas last year. :)

Journaling: It’s unusual for us to get any snow at all, so it was a rare treat when we received about an inch of snow on Christmas morning. The kids had a blast out playing in it during the short time it lasted. 12/25/09
Countdown to Christmas
Kit and Sample by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs.
fonts: LD Remington Portable, CK Cursive

And I used this adorable collab with Wish Bliss Studios to have some fun with a photo from February of Mark and Kaylee with their snow creation. :)

Journaling: Mark and Kaylee built a snow-person with a plastic egg face and shrub branches for hair. Kaylee named her Mrs. Fluffy.
Winter Garden by Michelle Coleman and Danielle Donaldson of Wish Bliss Studio at Little Dreamer Designs.
font: Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

Layouts: Road Magic First

Yikes! Another month flies by! Time for another layout-palooza. :)

First up, fun with designs by Aja! I had a blast playing with her Ultimate Word Art Snips to put together this layout about our summer road trips.

Journaling: It’s become a bit of a tradition, the summer road trip to visit the far-flung family members we see far too little of the rest of the year. It may not seem like a dream vacation, but we have a lot of fun making memories along the way. Even a new hotel room seems like a grand adventure. And the amazing invention of the built-in DVD player in the van makes the hours on the road more bearable and means we have to endure far fewer exasperated refrains of “are we there yet?” The days spent with the people we love fly by quickly, and before we know it, we are once again homeward bound, blessed to have had so many wonderful moments that we will remember forever.

- All by Aja Abney, available at
Oscraps and Scrapbook-Bytes -
word strips:
Ultimate Word Art Snips
Educated Alpha
papers and elements:
New Day collab with Danielle Young (recolored)
- other –
font: CK Ali’s Hand Official

I went back in time to work with two fun collabs that Aja has released this month for her guest spot at CatScrap. The tricycle in “Imagine Childhood” just demanded that I play with this old photo of my cousin and I. :)

kit: Imagine Childhood by Aja Abney and Fiddlette Designs at Catscrap
worn overlay: Something Blue Studios
fonts: CK Ali’s Hand Official, LD Underwood Pica

And the sparkly vintage vibe of “Sugarplums” was perfect for these shots of my first Christmas. :)

Journaling: I love these snapshots from my first Christmas Eve. Opening gifts with Mom, Grandma Draeger, Aunt Judy, and BJ at Grandma’s in La Crosse. I imagine Dad is the one who took these, and I’m sure Uncle Barry and Grandpa were around there somewhere too.

kit: Sugarplums by Aja Abney and Nancie Rowe Janitz at CatScrap.
font: Beyond Wonderland by Christopher Hansen