Thursday, July 30, 2009

Introducing Pinned Purple Paper!

I finally took some time to design again this week!! And I've got 2 new coordinating products to show you!

I don't know exactly why, but I've always loved these little purple tags that come home pinned to our dry cleaning, and I thought they would make a really fun touch for a layout. So I created a Pinned Purple Paper alpha!

I also created a matching date set!

AND I have a special offer!! Buy BOTH and save 25% off your entire order from my store!! See details here!

But, WAIT, there's MORE! LOL I also have a coupon just for my Yahoo Group subscribers to save an ADDITIONAL 15% off their order! So if you haven't joined yet, now's the time! The code will be in the welcome letter, or you can check the message archives. :)

That's it for now! gotta get back to working on my layout for the next round of BOTCT! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Two more layouts!

Just popping in with a couple more layouts!

First up is one I created with one of Tracy's fab new templates, and a bunch of stuff from the ever-awesome Jess. Even though Matthew has had these sunglasses for ages, he still insists on leaving the price sticker on. LOL

Matthew @ City Park, Father's Day, 6-21-09.

Tracy Blankenship at Funky Playground Designs -
Template: Templates w/Attitude Trios Set 8
Circle stitching: Stitched Bonus (no longer available)

Jessica Bolton at Funky Playground Designs -
Thrifty Bubbly Acrylic Alphabet: clear bracket
Thrifty Stamped Alpha: stamped bracket, title alpha
Homegirl's Gettin' Frilly: notebook paper
Pastiche for the Boys: folded paper (blended), staples
Home Life: splatters, arrows
Thrifty Graph Paper Cut Outs: paper strips
PooChi: red paper behind photos
Peddler's Pants (not currently available): black paper
Thrifty Solids (not currently available): all other papers

Font: Pea BethC (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

Next up is this week's entry for the DSA Battle of the CT's. We had to use music to choose a theme for our layouts. Our theme is the Five for Fighting song "100 Years". We each chose an age from the lyrics and created a layout inspired by the song.

Journaling: Me... at twenty-two. Looking back, it seems like another lifetime. It was quite a year for me. Being engaged to Mark and planning our wedding. Graduating from college. Spending the summer in Champaign, unsuccessfully job hunting. Moving back home, delivering pizza. Getting the call to come to Dallas for an interview... the interview that would play such a huge part in the course of my future. Suddenly moving across the country on my own. Mark visiting for the holidays on his school breaks. Traveling for my job to lots of interesting (and somewhat less interesting) places. Meeting new people from all over the world. Learning new things... about telephone switches... and people... and myself. Spreading my wings. Taking on new responsibilities. Life was scary... and exciting... and stressful... and exhilarating. I was so young, and yet so sure of myself. Looking back, I’m blown away at how well I handled it all. 22 was truly amazing. Photos 1990-1991, Journaled 7-23-09.

Credits: All from Eclectic Scraps by Jessica Bolton.
At Funky Playground Designs -
Whatever Mama: "t" alpha
Unamused Boys v2: "o" alpha, heart, wire, stitching
Pastiche for the Boys: staples, "M" alpha, light blue flower, leaves, background paper
Thrifty Graph Paper Cut Outs: doodled flower, circle, arrow
Authentic Vintage Mats: frames
Teeny-Tiny Torn Tag Alphabet: "e" alpha
Teeny-Tiny Torn Tags: clear tape
Summertime Potentialities: pinned ribbon
Outnumbered Girl: "m" alpha, wood button, aqua-brown flower, clipped ribbon, striped ribbon
Delight in Photographs Part 2: "n" alpha, turquoise & green 4-petal flowers, masking tape

Not currently available -
¬Not Quite Men: ricrac, leaf, frayed fabric, journaling strip
Brighten Up Winter: white "2"
Cornfed: dark "2", teal flower
Eclectic Needs Variety: metal buttons
Make Me Eclectic: open pin with tag
Folded Ribbon Blooms: green ribbon flower

Font: Pea BethC (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)
Photo credits: graduation and building - my dad, Halloween - my brother-in-law, Royal Gorge - a coworker, all others - my dh.

You can see the other layouts from my team here. They turned out really cool! And, of course, your vote for Jessie's Girls would be greatly appreciated! :D (If you voted last week, you need to either clear your cookies first, use a different browser, or use a different pc. It should say "Thank you for voting!" if it worked right.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Um, yeah, 6 more months...

Sigh. Time flies too fast!

I've been putting off blogging, because I've been working on a nifty new blog template, actually more like a total overhaul, but I keep changing my mind about what features I want to use and what I want the layout to look like. At this rate, who knows when I will finish. LOL

So I decided to pop in here and say hi anyway! :D

We just got back from our summer road trip, and the kids are driving me up the wall again already. LOL I've been distracting myself by doing lots of scrapping this week. I actually have several other layouts from before that I haven't shown you either, but I'll save those for another day, or you can go check out my DST gallery if you're really interested.)

First up is a spread I did of July 4th... three years ago! LOL I actually forgot to take my camera with me this year. Mark got a few shots with his iPhone, but I haven't gotten them from him yet.

Here it is tiny; click on it to see it huge!)

Journaling: Matthew and Kaylee had a wonderful time at the small town parade that Great Grandpa Mervin took us to in Williams, Iowa. Grandma Jan helped them pass time waiting for things to start by showing them how to braid clover stems. The parade was full of local kids on bikes and tractors and horses and wagons. We even spotted one with my maiden name painted on the side! Of course, the kids’ favorite part was all the candy they collected!

Kit: Freedom Star by Candace Duffy Jones at ScrapDish
Template: Double Up Template 1 by Red Leaf DigiScrapping at ScrapDish
Bead alpha, bow: ScrapDish Designers Basics Collaborative Kit
Fonts: LD Letterpress, Bradley Hand ITC

Next up is one of Kaylee I did for the current Hodge Podge challenge! This one was very different for me and loads of fun to do!

(Yes, I know the K is backwards. it looked better that way. LOL)
Kit: Momma Joe by TotallyD Designs at ScrapDish.
Worn edge overlays by SomethingBlueStudios and Amy Wolff.
Pristine Chipboard Action by Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Bookman Old Style, Pea Anderson.

Finally, DigiscrapAddicts is having a Battle of the Creative Teams, and I'm entered along with 4 of my fellow Jessica Bolton CTMs as team Jessie's Girls! The first challenge was to scrap white space layout, coordinating our colors (and optionally theme) as a team. We decided on blue, red and brown (with a little black and white thrown in for good measure), and a theme of "Favorite ______". Here's what I came up with:

Credits: All from Eclectic Scraps by Jessica Bolton.
At Funky Playground Designs -
PooChi|full collection: brown ribbon with hardware, red ribbon, acrylic "favorite" alpha (including staples)
Trixi Pix: frame and overlay on photo
pastiche for the boys: staples on ribbons
Thrifty Doodled Alpha: "distraction"
Little Darlin' Eclectic Mini: ribbon on tag, heart, ricrac
Eclectic Needs Variety Basic-n-More Stitches: cross stitch
Bohemian Peddler Eclectic Mini: button, tag
Not currently available - Thrifty Solids Pack No. 3: background paper
Fonts: Broken 15 from Misprinted Type (date on tag), LD Remington Portable by Lettering Delights (journaling).

You can see the rest of my team's awesome layouts here, and if you'd like to vote for us (hint, hint), you can do that here!

I think that's it for today! You'll at least see me back here next week, when the voting opens for the next round! LOL