Monday, October 24, 2005

Brrrrrrrrr, stupid adware, still sick

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! A cold front moved through here yesterday, and when Matthew and I went out to the bus stop this morning it was only 40°F! Quite a change! Went from not even needing a jacket some mornings, to shivering in a winter coat. I'll be glad when Daylight Saving Time ends. At least then the sun will have had a bit more time to get up - for a week or two anyway until the days get that much shorter again. :-p

I spent most of the day today trying to clean some stupid adware off my pc. I have no idea where I picked it up. One day last week while I was eating lunch and not even AT my computer, my BHO Demon went nuts, but whatever set it off had "disappeared" by the time I went to check it. I've been getting these annoying pop-unders ever since then and Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy didn't take care of it (but I did find out in the process that although I was checking for new updates of those programs, there were actually whole new versions of both of them out that the little update checkers fail to tell you about - grrrrr). Anyway, after poking around and trying a lot of stuff, I finally found a recommendation in a forum on Geeks to Go to fix a similar problem using the trial version of Spy Sweeper, so I installed and ran that and I think it took care of it. I haven't had anymore since. Keeping my fingers crossed. Something I did today screwed up my message rules for Outlook though. Even though they're still there, they're not running. sigh.

I think I spoke too soon about getting over whatever bug this is that I have. For the last few days I've felt more or less fine for most of the day, and then late in the afternoon I just hit a wall - no energy, tired, achy, upset stomcah, sore throat... just basically want to crawl into bed and hide from the world. Not fun. In fact, I think I'm going to go crawl back into bed right now.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Birthday parties, illness, sleep deprivation

Bad blogger. Will get the hang of writing more often someday. Maybe.

The week was a blur. Took Matthew Sunday to the birthday party of the twin girls who live around the corner. The party was at Chuck E. Cheese. Fun. Not crowded at all. Matthew loved this snowmobile ride-on race video game. I knew one of the other moms, so I chatted with her some; I'd actually met her at a scrap night a month or so ago, so it was weird to run into her there.

We have another birthday party to go to tomorrow. Halloween theme at someone's house.

Mark was sick this week - some sort of stomach and aches thing. He got it Tuesday but managed to get through work, then stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. I got hit with it on Wednesday, but seemingly much milder as I was feeling a lot better already yesterday. I'm about 90% better today.

I am, however, limping around here like a complete invalid. I somehow screwed up my left Achilles tendon. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that my shoes are far beyond shot and have been for about a year.

Kaylee's been having sleep issues off and on. Three or four nights over the past week, she woke up in the middle of the night and did not want to go back to sleep. Which, of course, means that she kept us up as well. Not fun, especially when I'd already been way overtired and trying to catch up on my sleep.

That's about all the "exciting" news for right now. I've been entering a huge backlog (like 10 months' worth) of receipts into Quicken for our tax and account stuff and should get back to it now. Woo hoo. :-p

Friday, October 14, 2005

Crusts, caller ID, Nielsen

Sign of terminal mommy-ness: inadvertantly cutting the crusts off your own grilled cheese sandwich.

We have caller ID. I am not going to interrupt my lunch (or anything else for that matter) to answer an unidentified call. If you don't want to talk to my answering machine, don't bother calling.

We are a Nielsen family this week. I myself usually only watch my soap ("All My Children") and "Desperate Housewives" and sometimes whatever else dh happens to have on at night after I move back to the bedroom. Facing exactly how much tv I've been letting the kids, especially Kaylee, watch may be pretty unsettling though. :-o

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blah week, eye exam

Well, I have been feeling oh so very blah this week. I've been tired a LOT, have been having headaches (have one right now), and just haven't felt like doing anything whatsoever. I did get a bit done for Mark on a new look we're working on for his website, and I've got one scrap layout mostly done, but that's been about it.

I had an eye exam today. The last time I went was in spring of 2001, before I got laid off. Surprisingly, my vision has not changed at all since then, which rules out what I was wondering as far as one possible cause for my headaches. Our eye doctor is really great; he takes his time to thoroughly go over everything and really listens. I got the Lutein lecture with a full explanation of why I should be taking it, but other than that (and being as incredibly nearsighted as ever), my eyes are fine. I did ask about the possibility of surgery. He said that my vision problems are exactly what Lasik was designed for. He spent a lot of time going over what was involved in the procedure and recovery, gave me more info to read, and did not try to "sell" the procedure at all. In fact, he said he thinks it's done too much. I loved his whole approach; it gave me a lot to think about. It's definitely not something we can afford right now, but maybe something to look at for next year. Hard to justify that much money on something that's really not necessary for me and would be mostly a matter of vanity though. :-p

Saturday, October 08, 2005

State Fair

We went to the state fair yesterday. It's only the second time we've been, and we've lived here nearly 15 years. The weather was not especially great (a bit chilly and cloudy and a possibility of rain), but Mark had arranged to take the day off, so we bundled up the kids and headed out anyway.

We didn't really have any kind of a plan as far as what we wanted to see, so we just started wandering. We came in through the Midway, with Matthew getting very excited about all of the games, but Mark told him he'd have to wait until the end of the day for that.

The first thing we did was watch the Top Flight K-9 show. I really wish I'd pulled out my camera and gotten some shots of the amazement on Matthew's face as he watched the dogs leaping high into the air and the delight in Kaylee's eyes as she clapped along with the crowd.

Next on the agenda was finding a place where we could sit down and have some lunch. We'd wandered the wrong direction away from the food court, so it took us a bit to make our way back down there. We went through the auto show, and stopped by a video game that was set up in a car on our way out (leave it to Matthew to find a video game at a fair). Once we found the food court, we filled up on pizza and hot dogs and gyros and soda and lemon shake-ups, and then it was back out to explore.

After a quick stop for Mark to try to change his luck by buying his lottery tickets there (it didn't work LOL), we let the kids play for a while on a big elephant statue outside the Natural History Museum.

Just a short way down from the museum were the swan paddle boats. The kids got sooooo excited when they saw those. Mark gave Matthew a choice between riding the boats or playing a game on the Midway, and Matthew chose the boats. I waited with the kids on a bench while Mark went to buy more coupons, and it was all I could do to keep Kaylee from running over to the dock. Mark got back, and we went and got the kids their life jackets and got in line. I was really afraid that Kaylee would change her mind and throw a fit and not want to get in, but she didn't. Matthew and Mark took one boat and Kaylee and I took another. We had a lot of fun out there paddling around. Kaylee spent much of the ride just staring at the pedals on her side of the boat going around and around. The only mishap was while handing the camera off to Mark, the umbrella fell out of my jacket pocket into the pond, but I managed to grab it before it sank.

After that, we headed back towards the Midway, stopping to watch the barker - an illusion whereby he was only the top half of a man stuck on a pole, which, of course, inspired all kinds of questions from Matthew. I don't think Kaylee knew what to think.

Even though Matthew had agreed to no game, he still wanted one of these ginormous inflatable hammers he had seen some other kids with, so Mark decided to have a guy try to guess his (Mark's) age. He looked back and forth from Mark to me and the kids several times and finally settled on 34, missing by a mere 11 years, so Matthew got his hammer. :-)

Last stop was to fill the one item on my request list - no trip to the fair would be complete without eating funnel cakes. They weren't the best I've had, but were still quite tasty.

Then we trudged back to the car and headed for home. We had been at the fair for only about four hours, but with two young kids and trying to keep track of them in the crowd, that was plenty, and we were all pretty tired. Kaylee zonked out in the car almost immediately, and Matthew followed later, leaning so far over the side of his seat that his head was almost in Kaylee's lap (and the darn camera was in the trunk). :-p

Overall an exhausting but fun day. :-)

So, here I am, etc.

Hi. I've set up this blog mainly for me, as a way to help hold onto some of those little moments that seem to be constantly slipping away, and also a way to easily share those moments with friends and family. I'm not expecting there to be anything controversial or earth-shattering or even especially deep here. Just little ol' me and a bit of my life.

So... why "Kim, Etc."? Well, I wanted a new domain for my site - something a bit more casual, personal, and fun - and all the ones I liked better were taken. So the "Kim" part will be about me, and the "etc." part allows me to throw in everything else. :-)