Halloween, flu shots

Gosh, I've been slacking about writing here again. Hard habit to get into.

Halloween was fun. The weather warmed back up a bit, but a storm came through that day. Fortunately, it was gone by around 5 pm, so it didn't interfere with trick-or-treating, although the kids had to wear coats over their costumes, since there was still a cold wind. That was a first - normally we're sweating on Halloween night. Anyway, Matthew was a ninja and Kaylee was a bride. Kaylee was tired and was walking slow when we left and got slower and slower as the night went on. It took us an hour and a half to go around our block! The kids had a great time though and, of course, got tons of candy.

We took the kids today to get their flu shots. Matthew has a major fear of shots. He gets so worked up worrying about them, that he upsets himself before we even get there - the anticipation is much worse than the shot itself. Mark managed to get it through to him that last time the shot was over before Matthew even realized what was happening, and although he was still nervous, Matthew (loudly) repeated that several times to the other kids in the waiting room. Both kids did great with the shot itself, and when they got to pick out prizes afterward, Matthew was actually proclaiming that he thought he liked shots. :-p