Week of the million little things, Fifth Disease

I don't know where the week went. Seems like I was constantly busy with a lot of little things, but I don't feel like I accomplished a whole lot.

I did get Mark's new web design done, which took quite a bit of time. Now he "just" has to go plug the content in for all the pages. Piece of cake, right? ;-)

Last week was the RAKScraps RAK-a-bration 1st anniversary celebration, so I ran a challenge for that. I also created a new kit that will be a participation prize for another challenge I'm running at the end of the month. It's one of my favorite kits that I've created so far, not that I've done a ton of them. One of these days I'm going to set up a little gallery for them on my site.

We also worked last week on helping Matthew understand how his behaviors at school (talking, not paying attention, not getting his work done, bothering others) were causing problems. Between notes from his teacher and us discussing it with him, I think we got through to him, and he showed a lot of improvement. We also did a dollar a day reward for good reports, which was a good motivator for him to try harder. We're going to keep that up for a bit then phase it out once it's (hopefully) become more of a habit for him to behave appropriately.

What other little things were there? Let's see - a last minute gift for a fellow TOPS member who has reached her goal (although I had weeks to get it), the usual grocery shopping, a bit of laundry, figuring out our health care spending account contribution for next year so we could do the benefit enrollment (which we almost forgot to do), worked some on Christmas presents, the usual running the kids to the bus stop/school, helping Matthew with his homework ... it's all a blur.

Then Saturday night Kaylee started running a fever, not real high, but definitely a fever. She'd had the sniffles before that. She was tired and moody yesterday and still running the fever, so we knew she wasn't going to school today. Then this morning she woke up with no fever, but has a red rash on her cheeks and chin. I called our pediatrician's office. They said it's probably Fifth Disease. Sounds pretty ominous, and it is highly contagious, but it's basically just the fever and rash and is only dangerous to pregnant women because of a risk of birth defects. Once the rash appears, you're no longer contagious, so, basically, if Kaylee's fever stays down and she's feeling better, she can go back to school tomorrow.

Matthew was really tired last night, and was coughing a lot and complaining that his throat hurt and he didn't feel well this morning, so we kept him home today too. He's perked up enough though, that I think he's probably fine. Either that or it's just too soon to tell.