And so this was Christmas...

So Christmas has come and gone. We had a very nice day. Matthew woke up at 6:13 a.m. (he informed me that was the exact time), but after I got him some water, he settled in to watch cartoons and let me go back to bed until Kaylee started stirring about half an hour later. The kids were very excited about all their gifts, and they actually managed to take turns opening them this year. Although it helped that the first thing of Kaylee’s we had her open was new vanity from my folks, so she would go sit at that and play in between her turns. Thank goodness Mark assembled it Christmas Eve. :-p

Let’s see if I can remember what everyone got…

  • From Santa – Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 and a dance pad for his X-Box and a Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Disk. In his stocking were also Silly Putty, a glow draw pad, some sponge mystical creature capsules, a Yu-Gi-Oh deck, a couple of compressed holiday wash clothes, chocolate, and an apple.

  • From Kaylee – a Godzilla X-Box game.

  • From Mark and I – another X-Box game (name?), a checker set, and Darth Vader slippers.

  • From Grandpa Jim and Grandma Karyl – a large magic set.

  • From Uncle Todd – an electronic projects snap kit.

  • From Grandpa Archie and Grandma De – a Spiderman web blaster/mask set.

  • From Grandma Jan – Crossfire game.

  • From Great Grandpa – a SpongeBob play set.

  • From Santa – a Cinderella tea set and a Cinderella jewelry box. In her stocking were also a Barbie shapes card game, a playdoh roller toy, a necklace, Disney Princess lip balms, a couple of compressed holiday wash clothes, chocolate, and an apple.

  • From Matthew – a Cinderella doll that lights up.

  • From Mark and I – 2 Dora furniture sets (the bathroom and parents’ bedroom), a Disney Princess foam puzzle/play mat.

  • From Grandpa Jim and Grandma Karyl – the vanity.

  • From Uncle Todd – a Cinderella wedding dress, jewelry box, and “glass” slippers that light up when she moves.

  • From Grandpa Archie and Grandma De – a baby doll with stroller, diaper bag, etc.

  • From Grandma Jan – Disney Princess calendar.

  • From Great Grandpa – a SpongeBob play set.

  • In his stocking – 5 DVD’s of old movies, a box of chocolate, more chocolate, and an apple.

  • From Matthew – a Harry Potter magic card trick, a football figure.

  • From Kaylee – Mickey Mouse mini-cards, a pig magic book.

  • From me – a Cowboys sweatshirt, a magic video, a football figure.

  • Cash from all the grandparents.

  • In my stocking – 2 scratch-off lottery tickets (one had zip, the other $20), 2 chocolate oranges, a Coldplay CD (X&Y), more chocolate, and an apple.

  • From Matthew – a set of 11 jigsaw puzzles.

  • From Kaylee – a light blue fleecy Eeyore shirt that says “Moody”.

  • From Mark – a subscription to “Scrapbook Answers” magazine, and “permission” to go get a new camera, since he couldn’t find the one he had picked out to get me.

  • From my parents – a watch, jeans, and a shirt.

  • Cash from the other grandparents.

Mark and I also got an ice cream spade from my parents, and we all got new pj’s Christmas Eve (basically from me LOL). Mark also got himself a new laptop last week, so he definitely wasn’t short-changed. I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten. :-p

It took us about 45 minutes or so to open all the gifts. The kids were thrilled. Matthew kept saying in amazement how everyone had read his mind. Then we spent most of the day playing with the kids – Mark mostly playing Godzilla with Matthew, and Kaylee and I playing in her room with her Dora house and vanity and having a tea party under her bed. She wore her Cinderella dress and shoes almost all day, and applied about 600 coats of lip balm. Kaylee kept calling the stockings “beanstalks”. LOL

The days since then have been a blur. Mark’s working from home this week, and is actually having to do a lot of work to prepare to teach classes when he goes back. Matthew’s been playing a lot of checkers and X-Box. Kaylee snuck her stocking into her room one day and ate all her chocolate in one sitting. I found the wrappers all over her floor. Yesterday I rearranged her room to make room for the vanity in there. I cleaned out her drawers and there was plenty of room to fit everything that was left into the tall 5-drawer unit. I pulled out the wider lower 3-drawer dresser, which is now sitting in the middle of Mark’s office, waiting for the corner of the guest room to be cleared out for it. (Which means the card table will be freed up, and I’ll actually have a place to do my new jigsaw puzzles.)

I’ve been getting caught up on my creative team assignments. I got five layouts done but still have two layouts to do, three reviews to write, and two kits to make. I’ve also been organizing all my scrap kits on my hard drive, which I got mostly done yesterday. I really need to burn some backups though.

I went to the scrapbook store this afternoon and picked up some more album refills and a “Designing With Digital” idea book that I’ve been wanting. I took Kaylee with me, and she zonked out in the truck on the way home. I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store and figured she’d wake up when we got out in the fresh air and got to walking around the store. Wrong. I carried her in, and then asked her if she could walk. She said yes, so I grabbed a cart and got started, with her holding my hand as we walked. She stumbled and fell every few steps. She was asleep on her feet! I ended up carrying her except when I had to stand her up to get something off a low shelf. When we got home, I put her on the couch and she stayed asleep all evening, even with all the normal ruckus going on. We moved her back to our room with Mark a while ago, so that she wouldn’t fall off the couch. At this point (it’s after 9pm) I just hope she sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake up at 3 o’clock and think it’s time to get up. Mark’s not feeling well himself today, so he thinks they’re both coming down with something. I sure hope he’s wrong!

On a slightly “scary” note, my big LCD monitor has been acting up. It takes several tries to get it to come on in the morning. I wrote to their customer support a couple of days ago, but haven’t heard back. The thing supposedly has a 3-year warranty, but I can’t tell if this would be covered under it. Ok, so that’s not scary to anyone but me. I just hate to think about my monitor dying and not being able to replace it.

Alright, I guess I should wrap up this ridiculously long post. :-p


Tania said…
Kim, it sounds like you had a great Christmas!! I hope your LCD is okay, that would scare me too. And LOL about Kaylee sleeping on her feet! JT can be asleep in the car, but as soon as I stop, he's wide awake. I didn't know you had a blog! It's going on my daily read list ;)