Another day, another dental visit

Ack.  Someone remind me next year to not schedule any non-critical appointments in the days leading up to Matthew’s birthday!  We flew over the dentist’s office after school in order to make it on time, and ended up having to wait a half hour anyway.  The place was a zoo – a totally different atmosphere than my previous two visits there which were summer, and fall during school hours.

While we were waiting, Matthew and Kaylee starting playing some fictional board game on the little Lego-ish block table, with Matthew making up all the rules.  A while later two other kids showed up and joined in, playing along as if it made perfect sense (NOT!).  It was the funniest thing to watch.  Kaylee was sitting in a little mesh chair and was also apparently pretending she was on the beach.  She alternated between dramatically saying “oh, I’m hot” and stretching her legs out in front of her, saying “ah, this is the life”! LOL

As far as the actual cleaning, Matthew did great.  They were really impressed by all the questions he asked.  He had no cavities, but does need to brush a little better.  We need to schedule another appointment so that he can have a couple of his molars sealed.

On the way home, we stopped at Albertson’s, so that Matthew could pick out a cake to order for his party.  He chose one with a Darth Vader voice toy thing on it.  

By the time we got home it was 5:30, and we still had to do Matthew’s homework.  Fortunately, he didn’t have much tonight.  Since it was getting late (the kids go to bed pretty early), Mark stopped for McD’s on the way home, so that makes two meals from there in two days.  Oh, well.

Then after all that, I still hadn’t made the cupcakes for tomorrow, so I started those at about 8:15 after the kids were asleep.  I had to run back over to WalMart to get some foil cake pans to carry them in, because, of course, I hadn’t remembered them when I was there picking up a few things this morning, nor when we were at Albertson’s this afternoon.  Anyway, those are done now.

Tomorrow morning will be the most frenzied out of all of this, so I’ll be glad when that is over with.  Now if I could just figure out when the heck I’m going to be able to squeeze in time for the haircut I so desperately need.  (No, I still don’t know how I want it cut either.)

Oh, by the way… still no monitor.  Called this morning, still out of stock.  Got a follow-up email from Planar Dave tonight.  Hopefully, I’ll know soon at least when the darn thing is coming!

Alright, allergies are totally killing me.  I need to get to bed!


Francine said…

Congrats on being a mom for 7 years, Kim!
Tania said…
No monitor yet, I'd start using their name in your blogs again and complaining really loudly, maybe they need a little more encouragement, LOL