Doctor visit, a little sur-prize

Made it through another day in this crazy week.

I picked Matthew up from school at 10:15, then we headed over to get Kaylee, and then on to the doctor’s office.  We ended up having to wait about a half hour past our appointment time to get in.  Anyway, doc thinks Matthew has outgrown his dosage on his med and that’s why he’s started having seizures again.  So we’re to increase his dose by 1 ml and go back to the lab Monday morning for another blood draw.  Hopefully, it will work.  Matthew had five very distinct seizures this afternoon – the most I’ve seen since he went on medication.

As far as Kaylee’s sniffles, he confirmed that, yes, it’s a cold.  She does have some fluid in one ear, but it apparently was not cause for concern.  He did suggest, based on her size, that we up the dosage on the prescription cold med we’ve been giving her, and confirmed that we could give it to her along with her Singulair. (I couldn’t remember back to December when we got the stuff whether it was ok to mix them, since they both contain antihistamines.) Kaylee had some major sniffling and sneezing going on at bedtime, as did Matthew and I, so either we’re coming down with her cold, or there’s some major allergy stuff going on.  She’s sleeping well now.  Hopefully, she’ll have a good night.

After that, by the time we got out of the doctor’s office and got back across town and got something to eat, it was nearly 2:00, so I let Matthew skip his last 45 minutes of school and we got an early start on his homework.

Then this evening, as I started getting the kids ready for bed, I noticed that Matthew did not have enough of his medicine left for his morning dose.  I had dropped the prescription off on the way home this afternoon, but had not gone back to pick it up.  So I loaded the kids into the truck (Mark was out for the evening) and ran over to the pharmacy drive-through.  The lane by the window was full, so I used the secondary lane.  It was fine except that when the carriage came back with the medicine, the little door automatically swung open (which it’s supposed to) and viciously spat the medicine onto the ground (which it’s not supposed to).  No harm done, but a bit startling! LOL

Oh, amidst all my chaos this morning, I noticed that DDE had the new Quirky Question up, so I grabbed my Designing With Digital book and found the answer and sent it in… and I won!!! :-)  I got to pick any kit I wanted from the store.  I have all 3 of Gina’s CD’s but not so many of her individual kits, so it was a tough choice.  I ended up going with Neutron.  Such great colors, and I loved every single layout in the sample gallery.  Can’t wait to get the kit! You know the Weird Al Yankovic song that goes “I lost on Jeopardy, baby, ooo-ooo-ooo-oooh”?  Now I’ve got that running through my head… “I won on DDE, baby, ooo-ooo-ooo-oooh”. :-b


Francine said…
That sucks, about him having seizures again. :( Hope the new dose does the trick!
AmyK said…
Congrats on the DDE win! I would have chosen the Neutron kit too. I hope the new dosage helps your little guy.
Tania said…
That's so cool you won!! Oh I have Neutron too! I love that kit (ya know, orange!) I hope the new dosage works for Matthew!
Robin said…
Congrats on winning Kim!