Happy Matthew, sleepy mommy

I am soooooo sleepy today, and don’t really know why. I wasn’t up any later than usual last night. Maybe just the fact that my “usual” has gotten to be much later than it should be, and it’s caught up to me. I’ve even doubled my caffeine intake, which hasn’t helped. I just cannot focus on anything. I’ve basically been sitting at my computer all day poking around here and there and accomplishing nothing. I have not touched the sponsor reviews I need to write, have not worked any more on the kits I need to make (and am not sure I’m happy with the direction I had started out in before), didn’t do anymore filing or laundry or even empty the dishwasher. The bare Christmas tree is still just standing there in the middle of the floor next to my desk, and I’m beginning to think maybe it would make a nice foresty permanent room divider. :-b I’m supposed to go play Bunco tonight, and Mark just told me he’s well enough that I can go, and I just don’t know if I’m up to it. Crawling into bed and just zonking out for the night sounds much more tempting right now.

I did get nice follow-up emails from Planar Dave investigating what happened to my original unanswered support request (never received – most likely user error on my part :-b) and calming my fears regarding the whole warranty process. I feel much better about it now. Thanks, Dave! :-)

RAKScraps is back up and positively flying! Our new web admin goddess is just working on cleaning up a few loose ends. Here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of the mysterious site-crippling slowdowns!

Matthew got some awesome news at school today. He was selected to be star student for next week! He was SO excited! He basically gets to be the center of attention for the week and gets a few extra privileges. He’s been working so hard to improve at school. I couldn’t be happier that he got this, especially since just this morning he was SO down that he’d never been chosen to be star student.

On a final note, why is it that the spell checker in Word is so clueless? It finds my errors, but almost never has any guesses as to what I was trying to spell. Not a big deal if it was just a typo, but very frustrating if I can’t remember how to spell the word correctly in the first place. Granted, I’m using an old version of Word, but I can put the same text into Outlook (also an old version), and it knows exactly what I was trying to say. I have tried publishing via email, but the line breaks always came out all wonky, so I had to go in and edit afterwards. Then I found out about this Word publishing option, which works much more smoothly for me, but the spell check is just pathetic. I may just give up spell checking and let my imperfekshun shine through. :-b


Tania said…
Be a bad speller like me!!! Congrats Matthew and I hope you figure out what's got you so fatigued.
Francine said…
GO MATTHEW! That is so cool!