He's seven!

Well, Matthew’s officially 7 now. :)  

What a morning.  We raced over to the school for Matthew’s conference at 7am, cupcakes in hand.  We were a few minutes late, but so was his teacher, so it didn’t matter.  Conference went well.  Matthew’s kicking butt in math, and his reading is improving steadily.  His issues with not focusing and being a bit disruptive have improved a lot too. :)

Because we got started late, the conference ran seven minutes over, and Kaylee ended up being late for school for the first time ever.  I had to walk her to class, and since she changed classes mid-year, I hadn’t been to her new room, so she was an extra 5 minutes late while we wandered around looking for it.  The classrooms are “double-stacked”, meaning you have to go through another classroom to get to hers and there is no sign in the hallway indicating her room is back there.  And Kaylee is apparently so used to just being led, that she didn’t know where to go either.  We finally found someone to show us where it was.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Planar Dave had escalated my case last night, and while I was at Matthew’s conference this morning, Planar Sal called to follow up.  I called back and missed him, and then he finally caught me late this morning.  After I (calmly and pleasantly) explained what had been going on, he arranged to have a new monitor sent out today, and assured me that I will have it on Monday.  I’m cautiously optimistic. :)  Perhaps flipping out and making an idiot of myself in my blog will end up paying off. LOL

The afternoon was, thankfully, uneventful. Matthew excitedly opened his few family gifts this evening before supper, and we sang Happy Birthday had the leftover cupcakes for dessert.  He got phone calls from all the grandparents today, with the last ones being during our bedtime stories.  He just barely managed to stay awake through the book we read, and I’m sure was completely zonked out by the time I got two steps out the door.  Happy birthday, my amazing boy.  Sweet dreams. :)


Tania said…
Happy Birthday Matthew (a day late ;) )!! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your monitor right along with you, LOL.
Francine said…
Glad the birthday was uneventful.... and how cool is it that he is improving so much in school! Way to go, Matthew!
Robin said…
Happy birthday to Matthew! Sounds like he had a great day. :) Glad you are getting a new monitor!!!