Just another manic Monday

I can’t believe it’s Monday again already. I ended up staying in Friday night. I was in bed and zonked out as soon as I got Kaylee to bed. I guess I just can’t run on 5-6 hours of sleep per night indefinitely.

Saturday Mark helped me take the tree down and we got all the Christmas stuff put up in the attic. Sunday he and I cleaned out the corner of the guest room to make room for the dresser I pulled out of Kaylee’s room. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it to, mainly because Mark finally decided to junk a lot of the old computer equipment he’d been hanging onto. One of these days it would also be nice to get the closet in that room to a point where guests could actually use at least part of it, but that project is pretty far down the list (especially considering my own closet is currently a total disaster area – the worst it’s ever been since we’ve lived here).

Other than that, the weekend consisted mostly of playing with the kids – board games, Matthew’s electronic project set, and Mark taught Matthew a few tricks from his new set. Matthew then put on a little mini-show for us. He slips into this very odd voice when presenting the tricks. It’s too funny!

I did also manage to get my sponsor reviews done and a kit made, although I’m curious to see what it looks like on my LCD monitor whenever it gets here (hopefully today), since I made the whole thing using my ancient little CRT. :-b

This morning I worked on my shopping list for tonight after TOPS and ran errands while Kaylee was at school, and then did some more errands after I picked her up. I was hoping to get my regular shopping done this morning, so that I could make the Gallery Opening Mixer chat tonight, but I just wasn’t organized enough. I probably wouldn’t have had time anyway, since I think this is going to be a pretty major shopping trip. Our fridge is nearly bare and I have a lot of non-food stuff to pick up too.

After running around this morning, I’m feeling all edgy, like I shouldn’t be sitting down because I have too much to do. I do need to go do dishes, and after Matthew gets home from school, I need to sort out with him what we’re going to as far as a guest list for his party, so we can get the invites sorted out. I probably should also do some more laundry… and filing… and general picking up/decluttering. Guess I’ll go work on some of that stuff. Maybe I’ll be able to relax a bit once I get some of it out of the way.


Tania said…
From what I saw, the kit looks great (even though I ran out of time leaving comments). Hope you're new monitor arrives on time! I can't believe it's Monday either, I'm really bummed to be back at work today.
Francine said…
Well, we got the guest list sorted out. F wanted 6 kids. 6 kids is good. I can deal with 6 kids. Phew!
I made the invitations last night and had him hand them out today. Now onto worrying about the rest of the party....

Now go relax a bit, you!