LCD Monitor Drama

Ok, I’m going psycho over my LCD monitor, which I mentioned before has been acting up.  Last night, Mark got out his laptop and we hooked the monitor up to it.  Worked fine.  Blew some air into the port on my pc and reconnected the monitor to it.  Worked fine. Figured it was going to be fine now. Used it the rest of the evening with no problems.

Turn my pc on this morning.  LCD monitor is back to its blinking on for a split second before going black. AAARGH!!!! >:-|

To make matters worse, since I hadn’t expected there to be a problem today, I hadn’t set up my little old CRT to be the primary monitor before shutting down.  I cannot get the LCD to stay on at all.  So by using my tablet and watching where the properties display has come up when I turn the monitor off and on and get that split-second to look, and by doing a whole lot of guessing, I finally am able to drag the properties box over to the CRT so that I can see what I’m doing.  I go to click the box that tells it to make the CRT my primary monitor and accidentally uncheck the one that tells it to use the CRT at all.  So now I have NO WORKING MONITOR AT ALL.  AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

So I have to drag the pc out of the desk yet again, hook the CRT up to the DVI port using an adapter, reboot, configure it to use both monitors again, but because I cannot hook the LCD monitor up to the DVI port, I cannot tell it to switch the primary, so once I switch all the cables back, I have to go through all the guess and drag routine AGAIN!  And after all this, I still cannot get the blasted LCD monitor display to stay on!!!

I still have not heard anything from the email I sent customer support a week ago.  I don’t know if they haven’t gotten to it or the response got spam filtered.  I found a phone number to call in the warranty documentation online, but noticed in there that it says you must also have the original proof-of purchase.  I check my file with all our computer receipts. Not there.  Not surprising given the fact that I am so far behind on filing stuff it’s not even funny.  So I go through the two huge bundles of papers I have that are waiting to be filed AGAIN.  Not there. (A few nights ago I did find the invoice that has the entire rest of the computer on it EXCEPT the monitor, which we ordered at the same time, but for some reason I can’t remember, was shipped separately.) I go look in some various spots around the house where I think it might be.  Not there.

At this point, I begin to panic.  This is a ridiculously expensive monitor.  I absolutely love this monitor.  We should not realistically be spending money on another one anywhere near this price range right now.  I explode at Mark when I show him the receipts for the other stuff that I did find, and he tells me yet again that it’s because it’s on a separate receipt.  DUH!  I ALREADY KNOW THAT!  I am over the edge. I start crying.  

So I finally calm down enough to go sort through the receipts and papers and such yet again in a more organized fashion.  I still did not find it. I really will be extremely shocked at this point if it does turn up.  Mark said if we don’t find it, he’ll try talking to Dell to see if they can give us a duplicate receipt.  We have the order number from an email, and we financed it through them, so hopefully, they can give us something.  I’m really not even sure after reading the eight million disclaimers and exceptions in the warranty if it’s even going to be covered.

Not. a. good. day.


Tania said…
Oh no fun! I really hope that they can give you a duplicate receipt or that it turns up somewhere, or even better yet, it miraculously starts working again, for good this time. Sending you big ((((hugs))))!