Life is like a box of dominos.

How do you make time slow down? The days all run together like a long curvy line of dominos standing on end and falling in that big noisy rushing cascade. I seem to remember having days in the past that felt long, or that just dragged on, or where I at least felt I had plenty of time to do what I wanted/needed to do. That never happens anymore. I could use a few of those days right now.

Still no monitor. I called on Monday when it didn’t show up, and it turns out they were out of stock, so he said to call back if I don’t get it by today. I’m beginning to get a bit more used to this monitor at this resolution, but still have trouble reading some things, so it’s probably going back to low-res once the other arrives. It will also be nice not to have to look at everything with this slight greenish cast that this monitor has, although I’m getting more used to that too.

We got Matthew’s birthday party booked for next Sunday and the invitations sent out, so I think now all that’s left is to get a cake and goodie bags. Oh, and presents from us and stuff to make cupcakes for school for his actual birthday.

We have an overnight guest coming this Sunday night – a magician who is giving a lecture for the club that day. The guy who was running lectures in the area retired from doing it, so the club took it over, and Mark is one of the ones in charge, so this is likely to be a fairly common occurrence in the future. Fun for Mark, more cleaning for me. :-b Ok, yes, Mark is going to be cleaning too, but he is completely focused on getting his magic area presentable and doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about the rest of the house. Yes, it would be nice for all of us if the rest of the house were clean anyway, but still, there are other things I would rather be doing today/this weekend. Like sleeping. Stop shaking your head at me. ;-)

I went to the dentist yesterday. Good news: no cavities. Bad news: my gums are so bad that they can’t just do a regular cleaning. The have to do a “scaling and root planing” (or something like that). Two hour-and-a-half to two-hour sessions where they numb me up to do it. Sounds very pleasant, huh. The first time they could fit me in while Kaylee’s at school is in February, so I have that to look forward to. Oh, boy. One of these days I will learn to just take better care of myself. :-b

I am desperately in need of a haircut. It’s way too long all over. I normally cut my bangs myself between cuts, but haven’t in months, because I’ve been meaning to go in. Now they’re so long that I could fairly easily grow them out if I wanted to. I have no idea what I want to do with it. I’d love to have something with a bit more actual style to it, but I know I won’t take the time to mess with fixing it every day. Decisions, decisions. This is why I only get my hair cut once or twice a year – I can never make up my mind what to do with it.

It was cold here again this morning. Had to take both kids out to the bus stop, because Mark had to be in to work early. As is often the case these days, we were the only ones at our stop. As I was standing out there, freezing, the kids were chasing each other up and down the sidewalk, pretending to be giant chickens. Silly kids. :-D


Tania said…
I agree, I miss those long, have nothing to do days too. That stinks about your monitor, hope it gets here soon. And I'm not shaking my head at you about cleaning, that's always last on my list, LOL!
Francine said…
Oooh the dental work sucks :(.

I just went to the hairdresser yesterday. Just told them to have a go aat it. They cut off at least 5 inches (!!) and died it dark red (!!).

I don't quite recognize me. Dh loves it. But hey, I always think - it's just hair. It grows back. Eventually. :-)