More ambition than energy

Today I got into a very unusual mood for me… the mood to do (gasp) housework!!!  Ok, some of it had to be done today, but I went well beyond the minimum.   I took out most of the trash, undecorated the Christmas tree and the mantle and put all that stuff back in the boxes in the garage so that it can be put back up in the attic, did two loads of dishes and 5 (yes FIVE) large or extra-large loads of laundry (with about 5 more waiting to be done).  In between all that, I picked up a lot of the kids’ toys, but didn’t get as much of that done as I’d have liked.  I decided that trying to get their toys put away while they are here and awake is like trying to use a teaspoon to bail out a boat that’s still leaking. :-b

In the process of doing all this, I discovered that I am reeeeally out of shape.  (Ok, actually, I knew that already.) If I’d had more energy and hadn’t had to take so many breaks, I would have liked to have also disassembled the Christmas tree, finished up the trash, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned the stovetop, decluttered the kitchen, and done some filing.  What do you think the odds are that I’ll still be in this mood tomorrow and not completely wiped out from what I did today? ;-)

And what, you may be wondering, about the monitor I had the complete meltdown over yesterday?  I basically ignored it today.  Mark did call Dell and get them to send a duplicate invoice, so we have that now, and my panic attack was all for naught.  I will call Planar tomorrow and try to find out if this thing’s going to be covered.  In the mean time, Mark suggested that we switch out his larger CRT monitor onto my desk, since he’s mainly using his new laptop now.  I’ll probably wait until the Christmas tree is down to tackle that though, since it’s right by my desk, and I’d be more comfortable moving the monitors around if I didn’t have to be climbing around it. (Good motivation for me to get that tree down tomorrow.) Hopefully, an old small extra monitor we have will work with Mark’s desktop, so that I can at least still have two monitors.  I know, I’m spoiled. :-b


Anonymous said…
Hello Kim,

We came across your blog regarding a monitor issue (sorry to hear about the problems) and I am following up to make sure your issue is being addressed appropriately. I'm seeing that you might have called us Jan 5. If not, please contact us at 866-752-6271 and select the Desk Top Monitors support option, or, email us directly at for help. You should not require your original proof of purchase.

I personally would like to contact you using the email address you provided in your incident to see why your first support request was not answered. Please expect a follow up email.

Planar Systems