No use crying over...

…bent fenders. Ugh. As I was backing the car out of the garage last night, headed out to have dinner with some friends, I was looking left to make sure I was clearing our SUV, and I caught the right front fender on the frame of the garage door. Hard. I got out and checked it and didn’t see any damage to the car, just a little to the wood on the house, so I went on my merry way. When I got back home, I decided to look again. It was dark and I hadn’t looked far enough forward the first time. There is paint all over a large area, the end of the front bottom panel is torn loose from the body, and there is a dent above the wheel. :-(

I feel like such a complete idiot. The look on Mark’s face when he saw it made me want to sink right through the floor. He got over it fairly quickly, but it’s 24 hours later and I still feel like total crap about it. :-(

I did manage to get my mind off it some today. I took Matthew to a classmate’s birthday party this morning. It was slot car racing. About 25 six- and seven-year-old boys, ginormous 8-lane track, assigned teams, rotating stations, taking turns (not always willingly). Basically, organized chaos. But Matthew had fun, and only got a bit pouty when another boy on his team insisted on changing the rotation order, so that he could have a turn going first instead of Matthew every time. It was against the instructions the organizer had given, so the first time the kid tried to go first, I made him go back to the assigned order, but when he (obnoxiously) insisted again later, I gave up and had Matthew switch with him. All the kids got the same number of turns regardless of the order, so it shouldn’t have made a difference anyway. Thanks goodness the third boy on their team was completely laid back about the whole thing and didn’t seem to care when he got his turn.

This afternoon, I took the kids to run a quick errand, then over to get Matthew’s haircut at Cool Cuts 4 Kids (videos/games for the kids while they get their cuts). I’d had Mark make an appointment for Matthew, but not Kaylee, even though she was way overdue for a trim herself. I’d had her hair cut there once before, about a year ago, and she’d cried through the whole thing. When she found out where we were going though, she insisted that she wanted her hair cut too, so I signed her up as a walk-in. I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to fit her in, especially given there were walk-ins there who’d already been there an hour. But when the gal got ready to start Matthew, and I told her we’d just see how much of a wait there was as to whether we actually did Kaylee today, she said she’d do her right after Matthew, so it worked out.

Matthew did fine with the cut, as he always does now, and was reasonably gracious when the game he wanted wouldn’t function on any of the available stations. Kaylee did great as well. She barely looked at the video she picked, just mostly watched in the mirror, with a big grin when the gal sectioned her hair off, twisting the sides into little pigtails and clipping up the front on top of her head. The only time she had a bit of a problem was at the end when the gal pulled out the blow dryer (on cool). Kaylee was a bit scared of it and tried to lean way far away from it. Once I got down to her level and kidded with her about that silly thing blowing on her, she was fine. I’d considered having her hair cut above her shoulders, but decided to just have the bangs cut, the back evened up, and the front trimmed up a bit, so it’s not a major transformation, but does look a whole lot neater. I was just relieved that she didn’t have a meltdown.

I still haven’t come up with anything I like at all for my kit for the challenge I’m doing this coming week. I’m completely blocked. I think that’s a first for me since I started doing kits. Blech.

Matthew’s party is tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, all will go fine with that, and then I can get back to my normal routine (or lack thereof).


Tania said…
So sorry to hear about your fender bender! I put a huge dent in my car 6 months after we bought it and I was so scared to tell dh, but he just laughed at me for crying, LOL.