Slush gush, ring thing.

Poof! The weekend disappeared! Someone please bring it back!

Scientific factoid of the day: if you accidentally poke your straw through the side of your styrofoam cup, which is very full of cherry slush, said slush will gush out of the resulting hole at a rate much, much faster than you might expect. Factoid brought to you by Matthew and the Sonic at the mall.

The shopping trip today also included looking for Mark’s shoes (out of his size) and work pants (found, and on sale!), a trip to the used book store for new (well, new to us) books for the kids, and a stop by the jewelry repair shop for three new watch batteries, a watch band, and work on my rings.

So now I’m trying to adjust to this alien thing on my finger. I used to wear my wedding and engagement rings pretty much 24/7… up until I was about six months pregnant with Matthew. I had gained weight before, but since I always had the rings on, I had a nice little dent where they fit comfortably. Once the pregnancy weight hit though, they had to go. Most of that pregnancy weight came off fairly quickly after Matthew was born, but my dent was gone, so I still couldn’t wear the rings.

Well, I don’t know exactly when, but sometime here in the last year or so, I got back down to a size where I could get the rings on again, but they’d taken quite a beating when I was working on telephone switching equipment. The band of the wedding ring was bent, and one of the prongs on the setting on the engagement ring was badly bent, so I decided not to wear them and risk losing the stone until I could get them fixed. When Mark mentioned that he needed to get his watch fixed, I remembered them, so I dug my way back through my closet, moving enough boxes and various assorted junk to be able to lean over and open the top of my jewelry box, and retrieved them from their little velvet groove. (Have I mentioned I need to clean out my closet?)

So, for the first time in over seven years, here I sit, with my shiny, delicate rings on that finger, and I am so very totally aware of them. I’m sure I’ll be used to them again soon, but it makes me smile to look at them, and reminds me of the great guy I’m married to and that sunny spring day nearly 15 years ago when I became his wife. And I’m happy.

Plus, now I can go out dancing with my moms’ group and not feel guilty about being out with a naked ring finger... ;-)


Tania said…
Ahhh, that got me all smiley too. I miss Sonic!! Did you know I was a Carhop in high school? I thought about doing a Sonic kit, LOL!
karin said…
Oh, Kim ... love the factoid of the day! WHy is it that I can completely picture the face on said child, too!? ;)

Love the ring story, and the *reminder* it brings you .... such a wonderful thought! Glad you have your rings back, and this also means that perhaps you are even closer to the weight loss goal, yes? hooray!
my2boys said…
hahahaha..that is too funny Kim! I did not know that fact.

And how cool about your rings...I love the way you described it!