Sometimes no news is just no news.

Still no lab results for Matthew. The nurse called late yesterday afternoon and said they hadn’t realized that the test had to be sent off to California to be done. In the mean time, she asked if we could start keeping a log of when Matthew is having seizures. I don’t know if they’ll be able to keep one at school or not, but in the mean time, I jotted down the ones he had here at home. He had three today that we noticed. And, of course, he could be having a lot more, since if we aren’t directly interacting with him at the time, we wouldn’t know. :(

Not too much going on. I finished up my February Mega Kit contribution yesterday. I have a bunch of layouts I need to do, but I decided I need to take some time and clean up my hard drives and back up some files first. I was down to less than 1 GB of free space on each of my two primary drives. These drives hold 117 GB… each. Since the layouts and kits I create are high-resolution files, often with lots of layers, the space gets eaten up quickly. Not to mention all the kits I have that I’ve downloaded. I’d estimate I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 kits! (That doesn’t even include all the stand-alone elements.) The really sad part is that it’s probably being very generous to say that I’ve actually used 150-200 of them. Anyway, I’ve spent the better part of the day working on organizing and getting rid of duplicate files, and I’m nowhere near done. Very tedious. I haven’t even gotten close to the backing up stage yet. I’ve made a very small dent and freed up about 10 GB so far. I may have to do this in stages, since I have other things I need to work on.

Did I mention that on top of everything else, Mark volunteered me to put together the layouts for the talent section of the program for TAOM? A creative genius’ work is never done. ;-)


Francine said…
What's TAOM?

So sorry to hear about the seizures. That must be so frustrating. Do the seizures bring any long term damage, if they are not medicated?

I totally need to start making back up files, too. If my pc would crahs now, I'd lose 1 year of pictures, and a good bucnh if un-printed lay outs. Those are not the worst thing though. Losing the pictures - I don't even wanna *think* about that!
Kim said…
TAOM is the Texas Association of Magicians. Mark is talent chair for the upcoming convention in September. He's been working really hard on it for over a year. I'll go back and put a link in the post. :)

As far as I know, the seizures themselves aren't harmful, but it's pretty scary to think that he could blank out in the middle of doing anything at all. It also causes him problems in school. It's very frustrating that he's having so many now, since from the time he started the meds in early October up until around Christmas, he was basically seizure-free. If he was having any, they were very, very brief.

The pictures are what I'm most worried about losing too. I worked really hard on the stuff I made, but wouldn't be nearly as upset if I lost those things or the purchased/downloaded kits, as I would if I lost pictures.
Tania said…
That's alot to back up, wow! Hope you get those results soon and they figure out what is going on.
Francine said…
Coolness, that TAOM thing.

I'd be scared to death about the blanking out at random moments part. P's cousin has some for of epilepsy and he cannot swim, and cannot get a drivers licence. :-(. I was wondering about long term damage - glad there isn't any, that you know of. Please post about the lab results soon!