Tag - I'm it! The 4's

I’ve been tagged for the 4s – my first tag! Woo hoo! Thanks, Tania!

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
retirement center kitchen aide (makes me sound like a mixer)
library media center clerk
telecommunications test engineer
stay-at-home mom

Four movies you would watch over and over:
As Good As It Gets
True Lies
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (I’ve never yet seen this all the way through, but catch pieces of it often when dh has it on.)
Knotting Hill
(Can you tell I haven’t been to the movies in quite a long time?)

Four places you have lived:
Plano, Texas
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Macomb, Illinois
Various hotels and motels all over the US (and a few in Canada) for my first four years as a test engineer

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Desperate Housewives
All My Children
That’s it for my regular viewing, but I sometimes flip on any of the various HGTV or TLC home-oriented shows.

Four places you have been on vacation:
Bahamas (cruise)
Caribbean (cruise)
Texas Hill Country/Austin
Daytona Beach, Florida/Disney World

Four websites you visit daily:
January 1999 Moms
Half a dozen blogs (2 dozen more if I have time)
A dozen or so photo blogs (if I have time)

Four of your favorite foods:
Chicken enchiladas
Amaretto cheesecake
Chocolate chip cookies

Four places you would rather be right now:
Any great, sunny beach
Vacationing in Italy, or pretty much anywhere in Europe (never been out of North America)
On that note, visiting Fransie in the Netherlands
When I started writing this morning, my last answer would have been “in bed”, but I’m more awake now! LOL

Four bloggers you are tagging:
I am having a terrible time finding bloggers I “know” who haven’t been tagged already! :-p
Tracy B.
3 & 4 to be filled in if I find more victims! LOL

That was fun, thanks!


Francine said…
I've been tagged! COOL!

BTW the Dutch post was a review i wrote about an article in the leading Ducth newspaper about sscrapbooking. The woman who was interviewed really struck a wrong nerve with me. About 100 people on my email lists appeared to agree :)