This 'n that, yet more on the monitor

So I called Planar this morning, and they said it sounds like something in the monitor went out at the board level.  They gave me the option of having them send an advance replacement or me sending mine in first for them to repair or replace.  I finally decided to take the advance replacement, but now I’m a bit nervous about it, and wishing I’d sent mine in.  If it does turn out that for some weird reason, my monitor is not covered under the warranty, they’ll charge me for the new one. If I understood correctly, I can return the replacement and get refunded (minus some fee, I’m sure), but still…  I’m just hoping all goes smoothly, and I’m worrying for nothing.

I’ve been moderately productive today and gotten some filing and dishes and one more load of laundry done, but my enthusiasm is definitely not where it was yesterday.  

The kids started back to school today, so we’ll be getting back into that routine now.  With Mark getting sick a few days after Christmas (turned out to be strep throat, and he’s still quite run down from it), we didn’t end up actually doing much of anything other than hanging out here.  The break seemed long, and yet flew by at the same time.  How does that happen?

RAKScraps has been having major speed issues off and on for the past couple of months, and it’s now finally down for a server move.  I’m so excited for the new server and for things to get zipping along the way they should be.

Matthew’s birthday is in two weeks.  He wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but keeps waffling as to whether he wants it to be just the four of us, or if he wants to invite friends.  I tried to get through to him today that he needs to make up his mind so we can get arrangements made if he wants to invite people.  He seems to have settled on the friends thing.  Hopefully, it will “stick”.

Ok, just as I was about to post this, I noticed that I had a comment on yesterday’s entry, so I look at it, and it’s from someone at PLANAR! ROTFL!!!!  I love that they somehow found this little episode on my blog and are following up, but man do I feel even more like an idiot over my little flipout now! How embarrassing! LOL


Tania said…
I am totally cracking up about that comment! Big Brother is definitely watching, ROTFLOL! I hope it gets fixed and RAKs is almost back!!
Francine said…
VERY COOL BLOG KIM! Can I link you on my blog?

:-) :-)
Kim said…
Thanks, Fransie! Of course, you may link to my blog. Planar Dave completely blew away any delusions I had had that I was blogging away in total obscurity. ;-)

(By the way, I find it hysterical that I have to enter the word verification to post a comment on my own blog. LOL)