Bus better, Matthew's poor choice

The regular bus driver was back yesterday!  :-)   Then there was a different driver again today, who they had the afternoon of the morning fiasco, but he was on time, so that’s cool.  I just wish I knew what to expect from day to day.  Hopefully, whatever’s going on with the regular driver will be over soon.

I spent last night working on a mock-up of a magazine ad for the magic convention Mark’s working on. Pretty basic stuff, since they already had an idea what they wanted and just needed it put together. I just have a few changes left to do to it.  

I spent much of today sorting out some details for the RAKScraps elements team.  The dust is still settling on our new organization, so we’re getting that ironed out.  I feel good about what I got done on that though, and should have it finished tomorrow.

Matthew got in trouble at school today for hitting another kid on the head with a box lid.  Apparently, they were playing a game and there was some sort of disagreement about who got some cards or something like that.  Matthew says the other kid was cheating, but still, bopping him on the head obviously not the way to go.  Sigh. He apparently gets his diplomacy skills from Mark. :-b  Anyway, he had to write an apology note at school (which the teacher sent home with him), and we had a long talk about it, and then he lost x-box privileges for two days.  I originally said one day and Matthew bumped it up to two, so it seems he actually gets that he shouldn’t have done that.  He was climbing the walls this evening wanting to play, and was trying to get Mark to play and just let him watch.  He didn’t quite understand that that would be against the spirit of the penalty. LOL

I just got hit by a major wave of sleepies, so I think I’ll call it a night.


Natalie said…
It's almost 3 am, and I am not sure if I'm remembering correctly, but I think it's "hooray" that the old bus driver is back. Oh wait - nope, I checked. Well then, I hope it all gets fixed soon. That kind of confusion would get me crazy.

And you know, at least Matthew knew he'd done something wrong and obviously was contrite. James still gets very defensive about stuff like that - not always, but he's inclined to make excuses. It's Really Annoying. Anyway, hope the lack of games helps to drive the message home (I probably could have turned that into something clever at another time, but not at nearly 3 am).
karin said…
Oh, I hope the bus thing gets better .... aiy aiy aiy that would make me a little whacky!

As far as Matthew upping the punishment, wow, that's impressive, Kim. He did get the message. And I love the claim that he gets it from Mark. heh, wonder how he'd respond to that ... ;o)

And see, Kim, you do have rules at your house ... ;)
Gina said…
I'm glad Matthew understood that he shouldn't have bopped the other kiddo with a box lid. Being a kid is so tough! Had to LOL about where he got his diplomacy skills.

And, can you send me some of those sleepies at 10p.m.? Goodness, it's usually midnight or later before I get in bed these days. I hate that.
Tania said…
Oh geez, bopping on the head, I keep thinking of that little kit rhyme, but my head is so foggy I can't seem to put it all together LOL!
That's great the Element team is working itself out. I need to get some stuff going for the Get Creating section, some more projects. Can't wait to get back into things at RAKs, but not tonight, I'm exhausted!!
Francine said…
Coulnd't help but laugh when I read about Matthew and his diplomacy skills :)
It's thought for them, you know? I had a stern talk with F on appropriate behaviorus at school yesterday. We''ll see how it goes after the weekend.

Well, off to bed... it's 11 pm here'...
lol about Matthew and the bopping incident! I had to sign an apology letter that Jack had to write last year to another little boy who he is friends with for calling him a 'p*nis head' (*=e).......how embarassing!!! The teacher then sent it home with Jack's friend, who lives just around the corner - so his mother read it too........oh the shame!!.......lol
- as a side note - apparently it was a game of truth or dare that went wrong (as in the teacher overheard it........lol)
Priscilla said…
LOL - sorry Kim, that was me above - I forgot I was signed in for my work blog....
Kim said…
ROTFL Pri. You really had me wondering who Scrapbookin' Annie was. I read the email notification of that comment 3 times before I saw your explanation! :D