Did anyone get the license plate number of the truck that ran over me?

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling really bad – sore throat, achy, and just really, really fatigued.  I’m not feeling much better today and have been spending as much time as possible in bed.  What gets bad is when I can’t sleep anymore, but have no energy or interest in doing anything else.  I spent a lot of time just staring at my bedroom wall today.

Kaylee had a bit of a fever on Friday when I picked her up from school, but it was just a 24-hour thing for her, so if I got what she had, I should be feeling better soon.  I hope so, anyway.  

And Mark seems to be running about 24 hours behind me.

I’m going to go hibernate some more now.


karin said…
oh, Kim .... I am so sorry that you're feeling awful, and really exhausted. :o( Here's hoping that life takes a break, and let's you catch up to it. :)

Feel better ... and peaceful rest, too!
Natalie said…
Oh no! I know that feeling! I hope it's the short-term variety and that you're feeling better soon!
Francine said…
Oh that sucks. Get better soon, you! And rest as much as you can!