So the day started out like this…

… get the kids all ready for school and go out to wait for Matthew’s bus… and wait… and wait... in the cold.  I can see the kids also waiting on the corner a couple of blocks up, so I know we haven’t missed the bus. I try to call the school, but no answer.  I don’t have the number for the bus dispatch in my cell phone.  I call Mark.  He’s still en route to work, so he can’t get the number for me.  I wait a few minutes and try to call the school again.  My phone, which I forgot to recharge, dies.  We wait a few minutes more.  Finally we head back home.  I have Matthew stand on the porch with the door open and watch for the bus while I go look for the number on the website.  My computer is being uncooperative and doesn’t want to launch the browser.  After a minute or two, Matthew spots the bus rounding the corner, so we run outside and flag him down.  It’s a new/substitute driver.  Apparently, he got lost.  He was supposed to have gotten to our stop at 7:05.  It was around 7:30 by the time Matthew finally got on the bus.

Normally, after Matthew gets on the bus, I go home and have breakfast and then head out to take Kaylee to school around 7:20.  So, postponing breakfast (thankfully, Kaylee had already eaten), I load Kaylee up and head out for school, resigned to the fact that she will be late.  By some traffic miracle, we actually make it there on time, with a few minutes to spare even.

I sure hope Matthew’s regular bus driver is just sick or on vacation or something.  He wasn’t there yesterday either.  I can’t remember if he was at the end of last week.  We went through the whole gazillion-different-drivers, bus-always-late thing the first half of last year.  It wasn’t such a big deal then, because Kaylee wasn’t in school, but I don’t want to have to deal with this on a regular basis now.  I do have the bus dispatch numbers in my phone now, and will definitely try to keep a closer eye on the battery!

After that, the majority of the remainder of my day was spent in the great time-sucking vortex of font organizing.  It started out innocently enough.  A RAKScraps member posted about a problem they were having with fonts loading in Photoshop.  I went to Adobe’s site to try to find an answer for her, but found I didn’t have enough information to go on.  I did however stumble across a fix for a font sequence problem I’ve had in Photoshop.  So I took care of that.  And then I thought “you know, I’ve got way too many fonts installed, maybe I should uninstall a bunch of these”.  So I opened up The Font Thing, and started uninstalling, and I noticed some duplicate files.  So I opened up DupeLocater to help me sort those out.  I ended up going through and deleting about 600 duplicate font files.  And then, well, my organization of my font files has been a little sloppy lately.  I had a bunch that I’d copied onto my drive but hadn’t sorted into their proper categories, so I’d never see them to use them.  And then, well, my organizational system needed a little tweaking, since I don’t use it quite the way I’d originally set up.  And then I had a bunch more fonts that I’d downloaded but never unzipped...  Let’s just say I didn’t get everything finished.  

Oh, changing the subject, I got my blood test results in the mail on Saturday.  I was really surprised at how fast they came in.  Everything came back normal.  So I guess that’s good news.  I am feeling much better, so I think I’m finally over the crud I had.  Hopefully, I can make it through at least the rest of the season healthy.  I think it’s just been one thing after another with allergies or illness for me.

Matthew’s medicine seems to be working pretty well again now.  He had one episode of disorientation today that could have been a seizure, and another possible one last week, but that’s all I’ve seen since we upped his dosage this last time.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we go a good looooong while before we have to adjust it again.  

And Kaylee seems to be doing mostly better as well, although I have to take her back in a few weeks so the doc can make sure her ears are better.  I should schedule that appointment before I forget.  I need to schedule her dental checkup too.  Why is it that I always think of these things at night or very early in the morning when the offices are closed?

Alrighty.  I think before Mark gets home from his magic club meeting, I’m going to sneak in and take over the TiVo to watch an episode of my soap.  I’m a week behind again. :-b

G’night! :-)


Natalie said…
Bwahahaha! I'm not sure whether to be glad that I gave you reason to (begin to) get organized, or just laugh at myself for asking such an easily reparable problem. The good news on my part is that the problem was fixed. :D

Glad to read that your blood tests were normal, and that both M and K are doing well. Bummer about the bus driver. Apparently, we've had some bus issues, too, but nothing as bad as a bus that's half an hour late. In the cold, no less!

And hey, I *always* think of phone calls I need to make at all the wrong times, too. I really need to make lists, but that would mean I'd need to know where pen and paper are at all times...and my thieves, I mean kids, just wouldn't allow that to happen.
Kim said…
LOL Nat. It was actually someone else who got me started on the fonts, and it was waaaay before I got your question (so, yeah, there were a whooooole lot of hours spent on that). I guess it was just a font problem kind of day. :-b
Gina said…
LOL! Kim, you sound so much like me. I'll sit down to organize a few photos or unzip a few digital kits - and before long, I'm redoing everything on my hard drive.

Glad Matthew didn't miss the buss, Kaylee wasn't late for school and your blood work came back normal. I hope you continue to feel better.
Francine said…
Good to see you feel better Kim.

The bus thing sounds soooo foreign to me. We walk the kids to school. Everyone does. That's what you get for living in a tiny country. I'd love to actually see a real schoolbus someday. No, seriously!
Priscilla said…
I so glad your bloodwork came back fine - something less to worry on! Don't get me started on the fonts.....I download and download and have a kazillion of them and yet I just stick to using the same ole, same ole every

oh btw - it was peppermint filled chocolate (YUM!) and a beef jerky
Robin said…
Glad your test was OK and that you are feeling better!
I have am having the opposite problem with fonts right now - don't have any! I'm trying to install them on the new computer on a as needed basis!
Audimc said…
You just reminded me that I have to go through my fonts as well..not to mention all my digiscrap stuff. Glad to hear you are feeling better and good luck with the bus driver thing.. waiting in the cold is never fun!
Melinda said…
I lost yesterday to looking for a kit to use in the Mom's Advice project... I thought yeah, I'll just cruise through the HD- I know the sort of thing I'm looking for it won't take long. I ended up spending just about the whole day on it and I didn't even get through everything LOL I started unzipping, rearranging, deleting... you know the drill ;) The kit I finally decided on was completely different than what I originally was thinking, and of course was near the top of the folder list.

Don't get me started on the fonts- I know I will lose a whole nother day if I try to do anything with those.

I hope the school bus thing settles down... they just cancelled all of our district's buses except for special ed kids and a few other exceptions because of a lack of money.

Glad you and the kids are feeling better and the test results have been all clear!
karin said…
ah, the organization bug .... yep, it bites, for sure! :o) I hope you find a system that works.

As far as the bus thing .. what a pain in the butt. I would be so frustrated by that. Our driver is sometimes one or two minutes behond, and typically that's snow related (I'm guessing you don't have that issue .... ;o) but to be THAT late, ugh. I hope you sort through it.

I am so glad that your test results are back, and you were given that good news ... I am also glad that you feel better. :o)