Test results, RAKs re-org

We had Matthew’s annual check-up yesterday, and finally got the results from his blood test.  His level (which I think means the level of his medication in his blood between doses) was 56.  Normal is 40-100.   So, since he was towards the low end and was still having seizures, we’ve bumped his dose up another ml.  I’m really hoping this does the trick this time.  I didn’t see any seizures while he was home today.  I’m supposed to call the doctor after 10 days to let him know whether the seizures have stopped.

Poor Matthew also picked up a very gunky cold.  The symptoms hit him on Monday.  His nose woke him up this morning at around 4:30, and I don’t think he got back to sleep after that, which means I didn’t get back to sleep after that either, since he was in my room every 7 minutes needing to blow his nose again.  He was very disappointed that he didn’t have a fever and had to go to school.  He normally doesn’t mind going to school, so I know the cold had to be really bothering him.  He seemed a lot better this evening though, and I got him some different night-time medicine to try, so hopefully we’ll all get a much better night’s sleep tonight, although he’s coughing something awful right now. :-(

I spent the bulk of my day today doing laundry and my CT layouts for RAKScraps.  I’ve gotten three layouts done in the past four days, which is really good for me. (I’ve also done seven or eight loads of laundry in that amount of time, in case you were interested.) None of the layouts are posted yet, since I want to wait and decide which to put in the newsletter.  I’ve got to do at least two more layouts by the 10th, and would really like to have an additional four done by then.  It’s nice to have all the month’s assignments done before the next month’s start coming out.

I keep forgetting to mention this here...  RAKScraps has completely reorganized their team from one big creative team into four categorized teams – elements, events, sponsors, and newsletter.  As of this month’s assignments, which actually started a few weeks ago, I’m now on the sponsor team (doing layouts with sponsor kits) and the element team (contributing to the monthly mega kit and making other prizes for the events team to use).  Jeanine, who is the admin in charge of the element team, also asked me if I’d like to move over from my moderator coordinator position to become the element team leader, which basically means I assist Jeanine with the organization and whip-cracking to make sure everything is getting done. ;-)  I was very flattered that she asked me to help her out. As a team member, I still help out with the forums and such, so I’m still also doing pretty much what I did as far as the coordinator position before anyway. And, as it turns out, the other teams I am on are very similar to what I was doing before too. LOL  So, really, not much has changed for me other than that I get to be officially bossy for a different group of people now.  :-b  And, we just ran a call for more element team members, so soon I should also be getting a whole new group of people to boss around, er… I mean guide and assist. ;-)


Natalie said…
I hope Matthew's feeling better soon! And congrats again on your new-found boss(y) role. Most importantly, though, my hat is off to you (or it would be if I wore one) for all that laundry in one day! :)
Francine said…
Moving up in the scrapping world once again, huh ;-). Good for you!

Hope Matthew feels better soon. A good cold can really sweep you off your feet for a while.
my2boys said…
busy busy lady! I hope this does the trick with Matthew...and poor little guy...a boy with a bad cold is nothing to sneeze at. And that is a lotttt of laundry my dear.

And I am standing in the back so your whip can't get me, lol!!!
karin said…
Ah, Kim .... moving forward in the digi world ... SO not surprised! COngrats on that new found title, and responsibility. Hope the whip cracking comes easy ;)

Hope Matthew feels better very soon, and you all get some good sleep!
Jeanine said…
Hang in there Kim - I know it is tough (not the RAKScraps part but the real life stuff!). Anyway, you have been tagged at my blog :)