Well, I'm still alive.

Ugh. What a week. I’ve been completely miserable the entire week from this stupid cold or whatever it is. I had all kinds of symptoms, but the worst was the fatigue – body and mind. I just wanted to sleep, and I felt like my brain had melted inside my head. Unfortunately, since I don’t get sick days with my “job” as Mom, I couldn’t just stay in bed. Even my attempts at napping were unsuccessful, since Kaylee would need something every ten minutes.

I tried to get a doctor’s appointment on Friday, but the only opening they had was at the same time I had to be picking Kaylee up from school. I’m starting to feel somewhat better, I think. At least my brain feels pretty normal again, and I haven’t been as tired since about yesterday afternoon/evening, although that could just be a temporary reprieve. I do still have a bit of a sore/gunky/itchy throat and allergy-like burning eyes and nose. I’m going to be carless tomorrow (the kids are off school and our SUV is way overdue for its 60,000-mile check up), but if I’m not feeling better then, I’ll probably make an appointment for Tuesday to make sure I don’t have some sinus infection or anything like that going on.

Somehow, even with as bad as I’ve been feeling, I still managed to work through and get my required creative team layouts done and reviews written. I have a couple more layouts I’d like to do with other sponsor kits, but I’m having a hard time focusing. I may have used up all my layout mojo for the moment. :-b This week is RAK Week at RAKScraps – our biggest event of the year. Maybe I’ll try to do some of the challenges and see if that can get me going again. :-)

We have another magician staying with us this weekend – a younger guy by the name of Josh Jay. He got in last night just before dinner. The kids immediately swarmed all over him, wanting to show him all their toys and such. He was really great about it and seemed to find it funny, but I can tell we’re going to have to have a talk with the kids about this, because one of these days we’re going to get someone in here who isn’t quite so kid-friendly.


Francine said…
Good to hear (well, read) that you're feeling a bit better Kim. I was starting to get worried. No, really!

(With the fatigue and all - make sure they rule out Pfeiffers disease...such a sucker to deal with).
Tania said…
Sorry to hear you've been sick, I think it's definitely blog contagious, LOL. Seems like everyone is sick, including me. Hope you feel better soon! And definitely rule out any yucky infections and such!
Melinda said…
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now- I hope the trend continues!
Natalie said…
Wow, you really had it bad! I'm glad to read that you're on the upswing, at least. My neighbor swears by something called Zicam, and I've tried it...and I admit that I think it works. Thing is, you gotta use it when you first begin to have symptoms.

I'll look for your challenge(s) on Rakscraps. I tried to begin doing a LO just yesterday, and (don't laugh) realized I don't even know how to matte a picture! ...or, heck, do any number of things you might need to do when designing something. Oh well, it'll all come together one day.

Hope you're feeling top-notch soon!
karin said…
Kim, I am so glad that you are feeling better, but that one surely sounded like a brutal one!

I hope that you continue to feel more like yourself, and can catch up on the sleep! Sure wish I lived closer, I'd take the squirts and go play (of course if they were here, they'd need some makor snowsuits ... wouldn't that ve fun?!)

take care!

*ps ... the last three letters on my word verification today are "flu" how weird is that?
Priscilla said…
Sorry you haven't been well - isn't it horrible how Mum's just gotta keep going - but Dad's can rest up when they are sick - its so unfair!.....lol. How come I've never seen any magician layouts from you??