Buggy. Old kit previews.

So apparently Blogger is having problems with comments today.  Sorry about that.  I’m just going to assume all 3 million of my loyal readers tried to leave glowing comments on my transformation below.  LOL

I’m feeling very buggy right now.  Matthew came home with a note from school saying someone in his class has head lice.  Lovely.  This is only our second time having to watch for them.  The last time was when he was about two and in daycare.  He avoided them then; hopefully he will again.  And then, while we are sitting at the table doing Matthew’s homework, Kaylee noticed an ant on the window seat behind her.  We keep toys on the window seats, not really intentionally, they just sort of accumulate there, and most of the surface is cluttered with them.  I looked over and could tell without even getting up that there was waaaaay more than one ant over there.  So I cleared off the toys, shaking stuff out, and got out the spray.  Ugh.  What a mess.  After all the rain we had this weekend, the ground is completely saturated.  I saw lots of ponds in the yards of the little ranches this morning where there didn’t used to be ponds.  All that water must have driven the ants out of the ground.  Now every little itch or random stray hair that moves on my head makes me feel buggy all over again. {shudder}

I added a section to my website for my kits.  Posting that preview yesterday just got me thinking that it would be nice to have somewhere they were all together.  I didn’t realize I’d made 23 kits since I joined the CT last June.  It was kind of fun to look at them all again as I was putting the pages together.  I just broke them up by year, so, unfortunately, it’s probably not real friendly to dial-up users.  Anyway, you can see that here if you like, or find the link in the “Other Stuff” column on my website’s homepage.

And I know you’re just dying of curiosity to know how the laundry turned out.  :-b  I did a medium load of lightweight shirts and it did just fine.  I’m going to work my way up to the bigger, heavier loads, but so far, so good. (So I guess it doesn’t get me out of doing laundry anymore.  Drat.)


karin said…
ACK! Lice. I dread that so very very much. I am ooglie thinking about it for you -- sending all kinds of anti-bug vibes your way and M's way! And ants, eh? hmmmmm .... better than any other creepy crawler. :O) Glad to hear the laundry was a success .... I hope that continues. ;) But not too frequently, of course.
Tania said…
Blogger is buggy too! I tried 3 times to leave you comments about your new do and blogger kept giving me error messages. So I've been off looking at installing myself a word press all day, LOL!
I love your hair, that's basically what I did, same do, just the way it's supposed to be :D
Hope they avoid the lice and your laundry continues to do okay!!
Natalie said…
Ya know, I'm glad you mentioned about the comment thing - when I tried to post one, it said the comment portion wasn't working. Or something like that; anyway, it wouldn't let me post one.

Your new 'do looks fabulous! Isn't it amazing how much a seemingly simple haircut can change...everything?

Ugh about the lice; the very thought strikes fear in me. I hope they stay far away from you.

LOL about the washing machine. Actually, I *was* interested in hearing how it went! Sorry it's working fine so far; I'm sure the disappointment was considerable. ;)

I just looked at your kits, too! I'll have to mosey over to scrapdish and look around there. You've done some very nice work (and now I can't remember which of the kits I meant to comment on specifically, lol). :)
Gina said…
Love the new 'do! You look mahvelous!!! :)

Ugh, hope you guys stay lice free - from what I've heard they don't like clean hair; but they love chin-length bangs...so you got your hair cut just in time, LOL.

Man, I missed some great KimJ kits when I was on my digi-scrapping-I'm-pregnant-and-miserable hiatus. :( Time to head over to Scrapdish and make a wish list! You and Robin...I tell you what, I need to just hand over my debit card. ;)
Melinda said…
So sorry about the laundry- having to do it, of course! LOL

I have all of your kits but the Jazz 2 and the weathered fence one- I've only done the quote challenge a few times, so I missed that one ;)I love how you did the titles for the pages.

I had been waiting and waiting for your part of this month's megakit to come up just so I could do the Kite page for Brenna's book. I was seriously thinking about PMing you and begging for the link so I could work on that! The moment I saw your link in Jeanine's post it went right to the top of my DL manager list LOL
Ange/Tiggy said…
AGH! Head lice! Just the "maybe" makes you itch all over and watch the bedpillows obsessively. Ah, well, at least you know the washing of every linen and toy in the house will get done! :b