Fire. Magic. Washing machine.

Well, the kids are back in school today.  Matthew had a really hard time getting up this morning, but once he got going, he was fine.  I was surprised at a strong smoky smell when I went out to take him to the bus stop.  A quick check of showed that there was an enormous wildfire in the Texas panhandle and southeastern New Mexico overnight, burning more than 1,000 square miles (two-thirds the size of Rhode Island).  They’re saying it’s probably one of the biggest fire days in Texas history. They don’t know what started it, but conditions were prime for this sort of thing to happen. :-(

On a happier note, another magician has passed through the Jensen B&B. :-b  Shoot Ogawa and his student, Shun Kanamori, arrived Sunday morning, went and did the lecture, came back here to do a small workshop afterwards, and then headed out this morning.  Both are originally from Japan.  Shoot has been in the US about four years, Shun only about six months.  Because of the mentor/student relationship, Shun stayed completely in the background and did not perform at all.  They were both quite charming though, and I was tickled when I heard that they’d excitedly stopped on the road a few blocks from our house to take pictures of cows. ROTFL  We sent them out of town by way of Southfork, and the longhorns were out on its front lawn this morning; I wonder what they thought of that. :-)

Anyway, Shoot’s specialty is linking rings.  Now, I’ve seen linking rings lots of times before, and they’re really just not my thing, but this was something totally different.  The rings he uses are smaller than the typical stage rings, and his routine is designed for close-up viewing.  I sat across the table, inches from those rings, completely entranced.  I know what to look for, as in how linking rings “work”, and never once did I catch even the slightest hint of what was happening.  I could have sworn that those rings were really just melting right through each other.  He’s a truly amazing performer.

On the agenda for this afternoon:  put together a grocery list for tonight, work on ideas for Mark’s TAOM program, work on getting our account info updated to see if we can afford to throw some cash into an IRA to help out our tax bill, and, if I’m brave enough, try to do some laundry.  I neglected to mention that Friday afternoon when I was washing up the sheets and towels for the guest room, the washing machine got off balance during the final spin cycle, knocking the door safety switch wonky and blowing the fuse. I wrung the stuff out by hand (sopping wet towels are heavy!!!!!) and threw it in the dryer. That evening Mark went and got a new fuse, and we finally managed to get the switch back into place, but when we did a short test run, it was making a funny humming/rubbing noise.  I’m afraid the tub is not sitting properly.  Mark said to try a load or two and if it was still making that noise, we could get someone out to look at it.   I’m scared to try, but I probably should before I get another 11 loads accumulated, in case it does need to be fixed or replaced. LOL


karin said…
Kim, I have to tell you, when you mentioned 2/3 the size of RI, I couldn't help but reel backwards ... yikes, that's a big fire! I do hope that it is under control by now ... :o(

I am so envious of the magicians in your home -- and he MUST have been darn good if you were mesmerized as the wife of a magician! I am so enamoured by magicians, and always have been!

I bet the scenery was awesome to them, to say the least! And lol at the cow fascination .... we have several cows right next door too, and people are always so amazed at that!

Best of luck with the washer ... I always cringe with issues with appliances .... grrrrr ....
Tania said…
Oh Bad Washer!! Wow, that magician sounds really neat!
Francine said…
ooooooooh, the magician sounds so cool and I really really really want to know how linking rings work. (yes, that was a hint). <--here's the hint, in case you missed it.

^^^see the hint? :p

LOL at the cow pictures. I've seen tourists here, I think from Japan or China, taking pitures of ducks and cows, too. So strange - these are things that I dont even see anymore, you know?
Melinda said…
I've been much too up close and personal with quite a few farm animals to be enamored with them much anymore, but it is still fun to show them to people who haven't seen them before :)

The best magician shows we've seen in the last few years have been the ones where the guy is right there with you and you still can't figure out how they did it.

Right there with you on wanting to avoid the laundry. I was a good girl yesterday and folded and put away 2 loads and washed 4 more, but just couldn't bring myself to fold them today. I guess that is at the top of tomorrow's list of things to accomplish.
Gina said…
I've been avoiding laundry like the plague - and I probably have seven loads to do (in my huge front loader, at that). It's not the washing and drying I hate as much as the folding/hanging and putting away. I think I'd like to be like the Duggars (family in NW Arkansas with 16 kids) and have one huge family closet right by the laundry room.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your visitors!