I'm official!

Thanks so much for the supportive comments about my designs. Y’all had me blushing big time. :-)

So our ScrapDish web goddess, Jen, updated the website design today, including a new very cool interactive header on the front page listing all the designers, with preview images that are linked to their stuff in the store. Mine has one of my Day Old Donuts and doesn’t go anywhere yet, since I don’t have my category set up in the store yet, but I’m on there! How cool is that?! I’m pumped! :-D

Matthew tried so hard to get his other tooth to come out last night, but one corner just wasn’t ready to let go. It came out this morning all on its own while he was eating his cereal. LOL We didn’t have time to take a picture this morning, so I’ll try to get one this afternoon and get it posted tonight or tomorrow. :-)


Francine said…
Dude. You're OFFICIAL! And rightly so, because you are just amazingly talented.

Now go celebrate! :D :D
Natalie said…
Well, and there it is (I just checked)! Congratulations (and yeah, go celebrate)!! :)
karin said…
yep .. it's official ... now MORE ppl know how truly talented you are! :O)

Now, go celebrate!