Monday and Tuesday checklist completion:

  • Tax receipts finished (at least the ones I have).  Check.

  • Sponsor layouts tweaked after I thought I was done with them.  Check.

  • TOPS meeting. Check.

  • Very minor grocery shopping and major prescription refill run.  Check.

  • Sponsor reviews written and sent in with layouts for newsletter.  Check.

  • Remaining sponsor layouts posted – 2 out of 3.  Having technical difficulties trying to get the last one to upload.

  • Completed my part of March Elements Team prize organization.  Check.

  • Started April round of Elements Team prize stuff.  Check.

  • Four or five (I lost count) out of about 11 loads of laundry done.

  • Skimmed blogs on Monday morning. Check. (Hi everyone.)

  • Attempted to complete all of the above with the kids out of school and constantly pestering me.  Check.

  • Took the kids to the park.  Check.

  • Read stories with the kids.  Check.

  • Did electronics experiments with the kids.  Check.

  • Spent a lot of silly time with the kids.  Check.

  • Refereed 18 gazillion squabbles between the kids.  Check.

  • Reminded by Mark that I need to start working on the layout for the talent portion of the TAOM program, which is constantly evolving into something more and more outlandishly complex.  Aaaaaaaaargh!!!

(Notice there is no mention of any cleaning in preparation for our houseguest this weekend. :-b)


Robin said…
Looks like you got a ton of stuff done! :)
My list never seems to end! And I don't even bother to put the cleaning stuff on it.
karin said…
I for one think that your list was amazingly checked off ... cleaning, shmeaning! Look at what you DID get done! :o)
Tania said…
Oh My Kim! That is one crazy list!
Natalie said…

Just wow. ;)

(And WTG, too!)