Slave to sleep

I just hate that I am a slave to sleep.  It is just not fair that I have to give so many hours of my life over to it, and it will not be refused.  

Yesterday I finally just buckled down and pushed through making the first layout draft for Mark’s TAOM program.  It’s one of the group pages.  It turned out pretty well.  Mark just needs to work on a bit more text for it before we show it to the guy in charge of the overall program for approval.  If he likes it, then I will have to spend some time doing some cleanup on it, but at least the major part of it is done.  So last night after I finished it up, I decided to work on a kit for a while to sort of reward myself for having worked on Mark’s stuff.  I think I started at about 9pm.  I looked at the clock at around 10:45.  The next thing I knew it was nearly 1:00, and it was about 1:30 before I got everything shut down, got to bed and went to sleep.

Matthew did good this morning about letting me sleep until 7:30, which is his new rule for non-school days – 7:30 unless there’s something that just cannot wait.  Of course, him remembering was largely due to my heavily reinforcing this point as I was tucking him in last night.  But somehow those six hours of sleep were just not enough.  I got up feeling just awful, and muddled through until after lunch, catching up on blog reading and working on one of the individual feature pages for Mark’s program, and then decided I just had to have more sleep.  So I went and took a nap for about 2-2½ hours until Matthew came and got me up again (Mark had gone outside to do the fertilizer and bug treatments on the yard).  I woke up feeling even worse than before, with the addition of a terrible headache.  I cleaned up the kitchen and am now sitting here waiting and hoping and praying for some Advil and Mountain Dew to kick in.

The worst part of this is that it’s an absolutely gorgeous day, after the ridiculously cold few days we had this week, and I can’t enjoy it.  I sent Mark out with the kids to collect dirt and rocks and “nature treasures” for Matthew’s homework (they had to go to the park to do it, since Mark completely missed my hint that they go do it in our yard before he treated the lawn), so at least the kids got to get out.  It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow too, although much windier, so hopefully I’ll be able to appreciate it more.

By the way, Kaylee’s dental visit went fine.  The Valium tablets were not intended to be chewable, so after checking with the pharmacist, I crushed them up and mixed in a little juice, and Kaylee took them with no problem.  She did great with the fillings and was happy and excited about the whole thing until it came time to go.  We got outside, and she did not want leave.  She planted herself and would not budge.  I had to carry her to the truck.  Very unlike her.  She was very mood-swingy the rest of the afternoon, happy most of the time, but then suddenly getting upset and crying and screaming “no” in response to any request she made that I agreed to.  I’m not sure whether to blame the Valium for that, since she’s had days like that before, but it may have been a contributing factor.  She was still a bit moody on Thursday after school, but has been fine since.

We are still so far lice-free (knocking on wood), and the ants have not returned, but Matthew came home from the park outing just now with a giant goose egg on the top of his head from hitting it on the bridge at the playground.  Poor kiddo.  I gave him an ice pack for his bump, and he and Mark are lying on our bed watching some very loud TV.  So much for my headache. :-b


karin said…
Kim, your title made me start singing an old fave song "Slave to Love" by Roxy Music ... ah, love that tune.

But, your fatigue has me worried, dear friend. Are you sure you're not anemic? I know you had some tests recently and they were negative .. just a thought.

The goose egg, ouch. The playing at the park with daddy while getting nature's treasures ... yay!

I hope you get some good and much needed sleep .....

take care!
Natalie said…
Separated at birth, I tell you. I recognize a lot of what you wrote - about staying up late, about sleep, etc. Hadn't thought to tell the kids not to wake us up early, though; I like that idea but I bet it wouldn't work. Not with *my* kids, lol.

We're also doing yard work and debugging it (chinch bugs, argh) this weekend. Our weather is lovely but it's a bit cool here for FL (upper 60s, so it feels like it's near freezing after our mid-80s weather earlier this week).

It's nearly midnight, and I'm trying to do something to a picture in PSE...and oh yeah, Bridget is still awake! Can you believe that?

Sorry about the noggin bump, but I hope the outing was a success overall. :)
Francine said…
Poor M. Is his goose-egg better by now? Those things can hurt pretty bad.

And K with her mood swings.. that probably *was* the valium. Hope she is back to her old self!

(And, dude, 6 hours of sleep is just not much. I know all about that, because I constantly put sleep last on my priority list, which *always* bites me in the butt he next day ).