April Mega Kit is here!

The RAKScraps April Mega Kit preview is up and the first pieces just came out – not mine, but I can show you my preview. This is the one that Nat supplied the flower photos for. Have you died from suspense, Nat, or did you forget all about it? LOL Thanks again for the inspiration and the photos! :-)

Here it is. Hope you like it. :-)

By the way, my readme file as well as the preview on my website contain the following credit line "Flower images provided by the incredibly generous and talented floral photography goddess Natalie Bullock."


Natalie said…
Ohmigosh, I love it! Yes, I've been dying from suspense and let me tell you, it took every ounce of will power not to beg and grovel to see it before now...because, you know, I wanna respect the rules and all that, but mostly because I didn't want to hear you tell me no. LOL :)

I am SO glad you put the preview up here, and I can't wait to see the actual pages!

BTW, thanks for the (overly) generous credit, but you have me grining from ear to ear. :D
Francine said…
That is SO cool. Will download it as soon as I get home. Thank you, Incredibly Generous and Talented Floral Photography goddess N, and Amazingly Creative and Digital Superhero Kim!
karin said…
those are just stunning! I have to say, that *hole* is more and more tempting everyday .... especially with beauty like this!
Tania said…
That's beautiful! I love the flowers and the gardening gloves are an amazing touch!!
Angela said…
Awesome, Kim. Heading over to the dark side to look around - again! :o)