Autism Awareness

So you may have noticed the Autism Awareness blinkie on the right, but I just thought I’d point it out in case you happen to have blinkie-blindness. ;-) It’s a great kit and a wonderful cause. I didn’t get a chance to contribute to the kit, since it was done before I came on board at ScrapDish, so I feel the least I can do is give it a little plug. And it’s 20% off right now – 10 coordinating mini-kits for just $8! There’s also an 8x8 mini album that Correen put together if that’s more your thing, and it’s on sale too!

Robin surprised me and very sweetly moved all my Day Old Donuts over to “my” area at ScrapDish the other day. So now my little icon on the front page actually goes somewhere! Thanks, Robin! :-)

The guy in charge of the TAOM program and his wife came over today, so they could see the drafts I’d done for the program. They offered some suggestions, but were really happy with what we showed them and told me I could do whatever I wanted for the remaining pages. Apparently, just about everything else for the program is completely done (ahead of schedule), and they’re mostly just waiting on this. So I said I could have them done in two weeks. Hopefully, that will be plenty of time, and still allow me to get my CT stuff done and work on another kit to put up for sale and do some housework and take care of my children every now and then. ;-)

We had a minor event this afternoon. I went to get the kids a snack and discovered a rather large puddle of water on the kitchen floor, stretching from the cabinet next to the fridge across the room to the stove. Turns out the filter on the fridge water line had a small hole rusted through it. Fortunately, we had another filter on hand that we’d intended to switch out months ago, so it was just a matter of pulling out the fridge, changing the filter and cleaning up the mess. I’m really glad the leak started during the day instead of in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine what a mess that would have been.

Not too long after all that, I quite suddenly started feeling just completely drained, like someone had flipped my “off” switch, so I laid down while Mark gave the kids a bath. Then he ran out and picked up dinner. I inhaled an entire 12” sub (I can normally only manage half) and some of Matthew’s fries and still could have eaten more, but felt much better. Apparently, I was hungry. Which is odd, because I hadn’t really felt hungry. I guess being busy with housework and the little meeting this afternoon, and therefore not snacking, threw me for a bit of a loop.

The kids are in bed now, and actually got to sleep with less trouble than I expected. I just hate this time change. We start getting the kids ready for bed around 6:15-6:30 most nights, so that we can read and such, and they’re asleep by about 7:30-8:00. Since they get up at 6:00am, they really need to be asleep that early. I thought we were doing good with that 10 hours of sleep for them, but in a newsletter from Kaylee’s school it said kids age 3-5 need 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day. She doesn’t nap, so I don’t know how on earth we would ever manage that. Anyway, it’s very hard to get the kids, Kaylee especially, to settle down to sleep when it is still light out. It doesn’t help matters that the kids’ rooms get the west sun. Matthew’s room has a blackout shade on the window that gets most of the light, but we don’t have one for Kaylee’s room, since sometime after we got Matthew’s, they stopped making them that long as a standard length (we have very tall windows). I haven’t checked to see if we can get a custom one made. Must add that to my to-do list.

Speaking of to-do lists, I did get my prize kit done, which is supposed to be a back-up if they run through all the other prizes, but with the number they used last month, I have a feeling it will be needed. That events team is just busy, busy, busy! They really keep RAKScraps hopping! I also did 3, count ‘em THREE, of my sponsor layouts yesterday. Yep, three in one day. That’s huge for me. So, I have two to go, and my reviews to write. Oh, and another magician is coming on Tuesday, and, of course, I’ve done no cleaning yet. I’d planned to do some of that this afternoon, but between the meeting running longer than I’d expected and the fridge mess and my little collapse, that obviously didn’t happen. So, hopefully, I can get a big chunk of that done tomorrow while Kaylee’s at school. Fun, fun, fun! :-b


karin said…
Kim, sounds like a busy weekend for sure! Love the blinkee ad, it really catches you eye, and the kit is lovely too! So sorry about the fridge ... what a pain in the neck! I hear you on the getting-kids-to-bed-earlier thing, and the challenge with the light in the room .... thankfully, ours were exhausted from unusually sunny weather here, and a FULL day (as in 9AM - 7PM of outdoor play ... bring on the summer! :O) hope that gets easier! As far as sleep ... I remember an article from early parenting days (as in C's first few months) about sleep needs for kids of all ages, and the teenager one was the one that shocked me - 10 hours daily for kids ages 12-18. WOW! Hope I can manage that!
Tania said…
Sounds like you were hungry, I do that too! Hope your fridge is okay!
Robin said…
You're welcome Kim! :) I forget to eat some days when I'm stuck at the computer (scrapping or at work). Hope you're recovering ok!
Francine said…
Well, it varies stronlgy poer kid here. M and R easily need 12-13 hour of sleep. If M does not nap, she goes to bed around 6 and sleep until 8 in the morning.

F can go only only 5 hours or sleep, or so. I'm not kidding. He just doesn't need much sleep.
I, on the other hand,need appromixately 23 hours a day. :p.

Noticed the blinkie - what a GREAT cause!
Gina said…
Here it is 2:24 and I said I was going to bed an hour ago...but this is when I get my blog hopping done. Your to-do list is making me more tired, Kim! I'm glad the refigerator leak happened during the day while you were there. If you'd been gone or it had happened at night...ick!