Full circle

ScrapDish has a sort of retro diner theme for their categories and such. The April newsletter came out on Tuesday, and I was officially announced as the new kitchen help! ROTFL This struck me as especially funny, since my first actual job was as… kitchen help! I basically did dishes, cleaned vegetables, scrubbed pans, served meals, and mopped floors in a retirement center kitchen when I was in high school. It seems I’ve come full circle! I think designing will be a heck of a lot more fun though! :-)

So, we had a wonderful visit from Alain Nu on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. He was a very nice guy and had a lot of really interesting stories to tell, especially about all the people who contacted him asking for help after his TV shows aired. I got a very quick demonstration of his ability to bend spoons with the “power of his mind” before I had to run out to pick Kaylee up from school. Her teacher wanted to know where I’d gotten the cool bracelet. :-) And, yep, this started out as a regular old straight spoon and that’s my signature in the bowl of it to prove he didn’t pull a switcheroo. Although how he could have six inches from my face, I have no idea anyway.

I discovered a few things while taking these pictures… First, it is very difficult to take a picture of your own right wrist. I had to hold the camera upside-down and close enough to me that I could get my arm out far enough into the shot. Very awkward. Second, if you take a picture of just your wrist without the hand showing, it looks very odd and is not easily identifiable as a wrist. Third, at that range, the hair on my arms photographs much darker than it appears in real life. At least I hope so; otherwise I need to run to the nearest hair removal service, as I am one step away from a gorilla. LOL (I did a little tweaking in Photoshop to minimize the effect here.)

By the way, the reason that Kaylee’s teacher had a chance to even notice the bracelet is that Kaylee’s been having a rough week at school. She was crying when I went to pick her up yesterday, and the teachers couldn’t figure out why. When they would ask her what was wrong, she would sob “nothing”. She had a similar episode on Monday. This is very unlike her, and we don’t really know what’s going on. Later, yesterday afternoon, Kaylee did say something about a girl at school not giving her a turn on the slide (which seems to be her favorite thing to do there), but why she was just so completely overwrought about it and unable to calm down is disconcerting. :-(

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff I have to do right now. I haven’t even had time to start those last two CT layouts or my reviews yet. I need to get the ball rolling on the May prize stuff; I should have done that a few days ago already. I had to do some “emergency” work on the TAOM ads last night, and I don’t think I’ve seen the last of that. I haven’t started the remaining TAOM program layouts yet. I haven’t gotten to do any more work at all on the kits to sell. I really HAVE to do a couple of loads of laundry today. I need to make a run the store to pick up a few things we’re out of. The TOPS State Recognition Days are here in Dallas this year, so I’m going down for that Friday night and all day Saturday. I would really like to color my hair before I go down for that, and I still need to coordinate details with the gal I’m carpooling with. Matthew really, really needs a haircut, and Kaylee at least needs her bangs trimmed. I haven’t picked up anything for Easter baskets yet. Need to get started on a little shopping for Kaylee’s birthday, since I have some ideas for things to get her, but am not sure how easy they’ll be to find. And then there are a couple of dozen nagging little smaller things I need to take care of too. Ugh. I need a staff – a maid, a chauffer, a cook, and a personal assistant should do it. Any volunteers? :-b


karin said…
Kim, if you get a volunteer or two for staff help, can we share them? ;o) I so agree, maybe we can start a business?

Love the spoon, and the pics look great! Funny how you figure things out like you did, though, right?

Sorry about Kaylee, I hope you get to the bottom of it. It is never easy to see and watch. Took us a couple of days to hammer out the details with Cam's sadness. Hope you get it settled .....
Angela said…
Cool bracelet, Kim!

I have been reading your blog for the past week or so, and I'm proud to say I'm caught up! (I have this weird thing about needing to start from the beginning...) It was hard catching up when I keep getting sidetracked with digi websites... :o)

I have to LOL at your laundry and housework stories. We are exact opposites! I cannot seem to get enough online time, because I always feel like all my "chores" need to be done first, and I cannot function well without 7-8 hours of sleep. Since I get up around 5:30 - I am usually snoring by 10!

It's been great, fun reading!
AmyK said…
Boy, I thought I was tired before I read your blog! Cool spoon bracelet. I hope that things calm down for your little sweetie, that's such a bummer she's been feeling out of sorts.
my2boys said…
ohooohllalala. love the bracelet! how cool. that is so eeriieee. I was cracking up with the photo of your wrist story, hahhaha. would be kind of hard!

and I wonder what is going on with Kaylee. Maybe the change of seasons? A growth spurt? I hope she feels better soon!

I hear you with the overwhelmed feeling...it is in the air.
Robin said…
Cool bracelet! I need a staff too!
Tania said…
Big hugs for your Kaylee! I hope you get a handle on what is going on with her and it is just the time change. Neat bracklet too!
Natalie said…
Oh Kim, that spoon bracelet is pretty cool! I love your magician stories - even when they are just about the need to clean up A LOT. :D

And LOL about coming full circle in your job titles; at least the position descriptions are not the same! And a confession: I noticed that they'd put the link to all your scrapdish items about a day or two after you announced the big news. Heh. ;) And very cool for you!

I hope you figure out what's going on with Kaylee, and that it's nothing a few more days won't take care of. PVs to her!

And dude, I need a staff, too! Imagine...! ;)
Gina said…
Cool bracelet - I wonder how he did it! Congratulations on being the new kitchen help at Scrapdish. I hope it is a successful venture for you, Kim!
Audimc said…
cool bracelet! Congrats on scrapdish! How exciting! And yes I need someone to take care of me too :)