Oops, I did it again.

Yep, vehicular wall-icide. I was pulling the truck (actually SUV, but we call it the truck) into the garage after picking Kaylee up from school this morning and was going to back up and straighten out, and somehow my foot ended up on the gas instead of the brake. We were not hurt. It smashed the hell out of two small empty wooden filing cabinets, a 20-year-old electric fan, two of our old kitchen chairs, and Matthew’s pedal tractor (ripped it in half), and slightly bent a brand new electric grinder (still in the box). The front license plate on the truck is bent and there is a very small dent in the bumper. The filing cabinets, tractor, and chairs went into the sheetrock and made two holes and a crack in the interior walls in the house. I still have no idea how it happened. I just remember pulling into the garage and being confused as to why the truck wasn’t stopping.

I called Mark, completely freaking out, and my heart pounding. He had just left his doctor’s office after a physical, so he came home. He was mostly great about it, and we were both laughing about it before he left for work (what else can you do?), but I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about it.

Kaylee was the funniest. When I went to get her out of her seat, she said “Whee!!! That was fun, Mommy! Do it again!” As Mark and I were cleaning up the mess, she was running around the garage completely giddy, saying “Mommy crashed!” and giggling, over and over.

We’ve got a contractor friend (actually, friend’s dad) we’ve worked with before coming over tomorrow to check it out and give us an estimate. I’m just hoping there’s no structural damage. I wish he’d been able to make it out today. I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I just really can’t believe I’ve had two of these accidents this year after having only ever had one incident before in the past 22 years! It just doesn’t seem possible. I want to be able to rewind this morning and make it not happen. :-(

Well, that’s my big news. In other smaller news, the TAOM program was finished this weekend, and now I’m just trying to get caught up on all the stuff I let slide while I was slaving away on that, like my RAKScraps stuff and some things around the house. I actually whipped together a mini-kit in an afternoon yesterday as a part of a surprise for the RAKScraps admin team. I think it was a new record for me. It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing, and we only had about 3-days’ notice, and I didn’t have time to work on it the first two days, but I really wanted to contribute. Melinda has the full preview up on her blog. Here’s my part:

Digiscrap land has been going topsy-turvey with digital piracy stuff this week (illegal redistribution of free and/or commercial kits). RAKScraps and also a couple of designers at Scrapdish are among those most recently affected. It all just is so upsetting and frustrating, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get anywhere with those who knowingly do this stuff, but have every (completely whacked out) justification under the sun. And they’re really nasty about it too. :-( Anyway, I’m not going to get into rehashing that, because I wasn’t one of the ones most directly affected, and many have already gone into it, but it’s been occupying my mind and taking up a lot of my time the last few days.

Kaylee’s birthday is coming up on Saturday. Normally when the kids are this age we haven’t mentioned the birthday thing very far ahead of time, because we know they have no sense of time, and the wait will be agonizing for them (and us). This year, however, Matthew’s totally excited about Kaylee’s birthday and has gotten her all revved up about it too. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through the explanation of “what kind of things on my birthday?” with her now. It seems that she asks at least every hour. It will just be the four of us here at home with a Dora theme just like last year, since that’s what she wanted, and it happens to go with the fact that 90% of the gifts we have for her are Dora-related. LOL

Guess that’s it for now. And a plenty long enough post anyway! :-)


Angela said…
UGh, Kim - sorry about the mishap. I can remember that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Glad you (and Mark) were able to laugh about it, and I hope the damage is minimal.

Good luck with the big-girl birthday this weekend. Dora presents - sounds nice. Camden is asking for a hamster and a bird! EEK!
karin said…
oh, Kim ... so sorry about the collision. I am very glad to hear no injuries ... and also hoping that the estimate is within reason ....

I hope the bday party helps you forget (already souns like you are feeling better about it though!)

Tania said…
Oh I totally know what it's like to go the wrong way and hear that crunch you never expected! I hope everything is okay and thank goodness no one was hurt.
Francine said…
OOOh Kim I'm so sorry about the crash. I had to chuckle at the 'do it again'comment though.

Natalie said…
OH NO! Not again! ...but I'm glad no one was hurt and at least Kaylee got some enjoyment from the whole thing (well, better than if it had happened and she was unhappy, right?).

Wow, I had no idea about the piracy thing. I've seen it a few times, and of course, it makes sense, but I think I'm shocked at how ignorant/non-chalant/defensive those group owners are about it (uh, just read all about it on Rakscraps and jen's blog). What a shame.

On a positive note, big Happy Birthday greetings to Kaylee! :)