Sugarfest 2006

Happy Sugarfest!  Er, I mean Easter! LOL  We had a really nice day.  The Chief Easter Bunny Assistants (CEBA’s) filled 10 eggs each for Matthew and Kaylee, with each egg containing a piece of chocolate and assorted jellybeans.  We won’t mention that while the bag of jelly beans was under the supervision of the male CEBA, it somehow managed to leap off the table and spill all over the kitchen floor.  Apparently, the female CEBA had psychically known this was going to happen, since she had purchased two bags of jellybeans, which is way more than would have been needed if this incident had not occurred.  The baskets also contained a few large hollow chocolate eggs filled with m&m-type candy, marshmallow peeps of the yellow chick variety, smarties, and a toy.  Matthew’s toy was a rather involved fantasy battle game, and Kaylee got a Disney princess toy “CD” player and prettily embellished fairy wand.

Matthew was up at 6:10am, but I somehow managed to convince him to let the rest of us sleep a bit longer, so we got up and got started at about 7:20.  The kids had a great time hunting around the family room for their eggs, and Matthew was great about helping Kaylee and divvying up their haul evenly when it was all done.  The toys were a big hit, and so was the candy, of course.  In fact, much to my chagrin, Kaylee’s diet today consisted almost entirely of Easter candy, with the only additions being cinnamon rolls we had for breakfast and the ice cream at McD’s we had after spending half an hour or so at the entirely too hot park this afternoon.  She didn’t touch her lunch or supper, even though I had cut her off on the candy with what I thought was sufficient time for her to regain her appetite.  I’m amazed that she was only a bit contrary this afternoon and did not have a complete sugar meltdown.

Most of the rest of the day was spent playing with the kids.  Mark and Matthew tackled the game and engaged in many battles, while I climbed into Kaylee’s bed (getting out was much more difficult) so we could have a “sleepover”.  I even managed to sneak in an actual nap before lunch. :-)

As far as the TAOM program stuff I’ve been working on, it’s mostly finished.  Mark is proofing the pages for me now and making a few small changes.  My main concern now is whether the photos will print too dark.  I have no idea how to prep those for a printer that I can’t actually see the results from.  I’m going to have Mark print off some on their laser printer at work tomorrow and compare those to the ones from our printer here and then hopefully get some knowledgeable feedback from the guy in charge of the program.  Anyway, I’m feeling much more relaxed about that now, but I’m glad the deadline got postponed, because I think I would have combusted trying to meet it, and I think I’ve actually been much more productive since the pressure was taken off.


Melinda said…
sounds like Candfest, er I mean Easter, was fun at your house! we never did get the glitter put on our colored eggs yesterday so I guess that is today's 'after homework is done' project. Good thing one of the CEBAs was prepared for any potential disasters ;)

I hope you get this other project wrapped up soon so you can relax! Really cool new bracelet too!
Natalie said…
LOL at the psychic CEBA! :) My own CEBA fell asleep during assembly, which is why he wasn't rewarded with a couple extra chocolate marshmallow bunnies. LOL

Love Kaylee's bed! If I didn't have to squeeze 2 twin beds into an 11x12 room, I'd love to get one each for M and B (though since I'm only 5', those loft beds are evil to change the sheets!).
Robin said…
It sounds like you had so much fun!!!! Glad you had enough jelly beans too! :)
Priscilla said…
wow - that is one cool bed!! Wayyyyy to much chocolate was consumed here too..........and it keeps appearing - just when I think thats the last of it someone else arrives bearing easter chocky!