Another multi-day recap

{My fellow Prince fans may put on their raspberry berets}
"Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing
But different than the day before.."

The last four or five days are more or less a blur. I've been busy, but don't know what I really did. I think it's a combination of the kids being out of school, and Mark being home a lot because of his hip, and we just haven't been able to settle into any kind of routine. I definitely realize now how much those two hours a day I used to have the house to myself while Kaylee was at school helped me mentally gain some sense of calm and purpose and direction, even if things were busy.

Wednesday: Mark's hip. We went to his appointment right after we dropped Kaylee off at school Wednesday morning. After a "does this hurt" exam, they gave him prescriptions for pain meds and a steroid anti-inflammatory, and scheduled him for an MRI that night. This doctor actually has an MRI setup right in his office, but because of our insurance, we couldn’t use it. Finished at the doctor's office in time to go through a drive-thru to get Mark some breakfast, park over by Kaylee's school and eat, then pick her up and head home. Matthew was home from school an hour after that.

The MRI appointment was for 7:30pm at a place about half an hour from us (we're in the outer 'burbs – just about everything is half an hour from us LOL). They called and told us they were running about 15 minutes late. By the time we got there, they were running an hour and 15 minutes late. So I took the kids up the road to McD's and let them play while Mark sat and waited. It was relatively empty, with just one other family there most of the time. For the first time ever, Kaylee actually went up in all the high tunnels and slides and such. The kids had a really great time, and after ice cream, we headed back over to pick Mark up and timed it just about perfectly. We got home about 9:45pm. The kids are normally asleep between 7:30 and 8:00. Needless to say, they both zonked out on the way home. Unfortunately, they didn't stay asleep when we came in, so we still had to go through pretty much their entire bedtime routine.

The meds are helping Mark quite a bit. He stayed home Thursday, but was able to go to work on Friday. Although he way overdid it yesterday (more on that later), and is quite sore again today. He goes for a follow up appointment, where they'll go over the MRI results and such, on the 31st.

Thursday: Up to my eyeballs in account statements and Quicken pretty much all day, trying to figure out how much extra cash we can spare. (more on that later) Mark managed to keep the kids more or less entertained.

Friday: Mark went back to work. The kids and I spent some time at the park in the morning blowing bubbles and playing ball and such. Played some very looooooong games in the afternoon. LOL

Saturday: (time for the "more on that" part) Mark had been talking for quite some time with an older friend of his about purchasing the guy's magic collection. It's quite a large collection. On Saturday, Mark went over there and ended up getting the book part of the collection, a full SUV-load worth of them. And Mark boxed them all up himself. (Thus today's soreness.) It was quite a noteworthy expense. (Thus today's poorness. LOL) He will be able to resell a large portion of it that duplicates what he already has or that he simply doesn't want, but it will take time, and he's definitely covered for an anniversary gift and Father's Day gifts, and so on and so on… And this purchase still added so much to his collection that our previously magic-free guest room will soon have a very decidedly magic library theme. ;-)

While Mark was gone, the kids and I played more really looooong games. (Are you sensing a trend here? :-)

Also somewhere in there over the past few days, I spent a lot of time trying to get stuff organized for RAKScraps' June events prizes, and I did actually complete my June Mega Kit! Woo hoo! Now I just have six sponsor layouts I need to do! :-)

So, I guess now that I wrote all that out, I actually kinda do know what I did. Gonna go dance around in my raspberry beret now. ;-)


AmyK said…
I can't wait to see photos of the new collection - it sounds like a great find! You have been so busy but I'm glad you and the kiddos had fun - and I hope your hubby feels better soon. :)
karin said…
Kim, I was singing that song the whole time I was reading the post! lol! :D

You have been busy .... especially the loooooooong games ..... lol!

I hope Mark's hip continues to improve, additionally, that new magic collection should certainly help that along!

I can relate to the days just blending .... aiy aiy aiy.
Melanie said…
Wait... I missed the part in there where you took a long bubble bath and had a massage and some time just for YOU! Maybe THAT was the part you forgot about.... ? Don't forget to take care of you too, 'cause if mommy breaks down, everything falls apart.

That's my 'lil pep talk :)

Tania said…
Wow! Sounds so fun! I think it's so neat that Mark is a magician, that is cool! Hope he recovers, and you guys find a routine!
Francine said…
That magician thing is so very cool. Kaylee and Matthew must be so proud. I mean, I always wanted my dad to ahve COOL job so badly. Like, lion tamer, magician, or french-fry-maker at McDonalds :D