Catching Up

Now that I can post normally again, here's a quick summary of the events of the past week or so:

  • Matthew made Star Student again! The very last full week of the school year. He was thrilled and very proud, as, of course, were we.
  • The contractor and/or his guy were here Tuesday-Friday fixing up my little inadvertent pass-throughs between the garage and the foyer/Mark's magic room. All fixed up good as new.

  • Kaylee had her annual checkup on Friday. Doc thought it would be a good idea to have her in some sort of summer program as well, to help minimize the adjustment time when school starts back up again next fall. But when I checked with the place he suggested, which is run through a hospital, it would be late June or early July before we could even get an evaluation, and since school starts back up again in early August and we'll be taking a mid-summer vacation, I don't think that's going to happen.

    Doc also had a long talk with Kaylee about not being such a picky eater and trying new things, which she was excited about, and she actually did try carrots (hated) and some noodles (tolerated) and cornbread (liked) at dinner that night. Now I just have to try to come up with some other new things for her to try that she may actually like before she gets completely turned off the idea again.

  • Another magician (Pavel from Switzerland) was here this past weekend. I didn't really talk with him as much as I did most of the others, but he seemed very nice. Mark has a rather large collection of tricks and such that this guy created, so he was very excited about the opportunity to have him here.

  • My birthday was Sunday. Because of the item directly above, we had planned to go out Friday night, but I wasn't feeling well, so it didn't happen. We'll celebrate some other day. I did get nice homemade cards from the kids and a really cool vertical mouse that I'd been wanting. I'm still getting used to it, but I think it will be much more comfortable to use overall.

  • While cleaning Saturday to prepare for our guest, Mark strained his hip. It didn't bother him too terribly much at the time, but by Monday noon he was in severe pain and could barely walk. He spent as much time in bed as possible today, and we have an appointment first thing in the morning with a sports medicine doctor that Mark had gone to in the past for some back problems. Hopefully, he will be able to do something to help him. I feel so bad for Mark whenever he has to try to sit up in bed or try to stand up; it's painful just to watch.

  • On the way home from picking Kaylee up from school on Monday, she dozed off in the truck. Very unusual for her unless we've been out running around a lot. When I picked her up to carry her in, I noticed she felt hot. Sure enough, she was running a fever. I suspect it was a delayed reaction to the shots she had on Friday (which she did awesome with, by the way – didn't even say ouch), but because of school policy, she stayed home today. No signs of fever today, so hopefully that's the end of that.

  • Another woo hoo for today! I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER in Steph730's baby-arrival guessing game! I won her entire collection of digital paper tears! How awesome is that?!?! And what's funny is I used my own birthday as my guess! LOL Big congrats to Steph and her family on the arrival of baby Aubree. :-)

  • Tomorrow is the kids' last (half) day of school. Summer, here we come! :-)

So that's what's been happening around here in a (very big) nutshell! :-)


Tania said…
Happy Belated Birthday Kim! I'm sorry I missed that, hope you had a good day!
Melinda said…
Tell Matthew good job for making star student again! I hope the doc was able to help with the hip pain- I've had that happen a couple of times- what you think is only minor just keeps getting aggravated and it turns into a big ugly monster.
Yuck on the shots! I hope that is all it was and that everything is better.
I"m not ready for summer yet! where in the world did May go??
Francine said…
Happy belated birthday and way to go Matthew for the star student and Kaylee for the shots and the trying new food and be well soon Mark!

Last day of school... wow! Last day here isnt until July, (yes, July) 26. (Yes, 26).

I'm so ready for it though.
karin said…
hey, way to go Matthew on the star of the month! Kaylee, great job on the shots, and for trying new things to eat ... sounds familair! Sorry about Mark's hip ... hope all is well again ....

good to see that you are able to post again normally ....

the last day of school. I am so envious. I wish mine were out this Friday. But not until June 23. {sigh}
Melanie said…
Happy belated birthday! and congratulations on winning the step730 contest! :)

Robin said…
Glad you got things working again!!! Congrats to your ds on school and dd on trying carrots! :) And to you too for winning a contest!