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I tried to post this last night, but Blogger wasn't cooperating, so let's try again' and if it works, then just pretend it was posted Wednesday night, since I haven't updated any of the time references. And also ignore any formatting weirdness, since I'm attempting to post this via email as a last resort, and I have no idea if I'll be able to go in and edit it if it does work! LOL

• So Mother's Day. It was a mixed day. Unfortunately, I had a headache most of the day that I just could not get rid of. I was supposed to get to sleep in, and I did get to sleep a bit later than I normally do, but the sun woke me, and did not wake Mark (of course), so I got up first anyway. Mark made blueberry muffins for breakfast and plain muffins for Kaylee, who actually tried them and then ate them. It's cause for great celebration whenever miss super-picky "I no like that" actually agrees to try something new, so that was cool. Then the kids gave me the cards they made. So sweet. Kaylee had somehow lost hers that she had made the day before, so Matthew helped her make another. And then in his, Matthew hermetically sealed it with scotch tape to keep the eight quarters of his own money that he gave me inside - all his idea. What a great kid! :-)

The kids also got "me" balloons (guess who's rooms they're in now LOL) and the three of them gave me a... Dust Buster. Uhm, yeah. I pretended to like it in front of the kids, but told Mark later that he is never ever to get me anything related to cleaning as a gift ever again. He didn't get why I was upset, since I had said we needed one. Uhm, yeah. Deep sigh. Major eye roll. Not . as . my . gift. And it's not even the type of Dust Buster I wanted. I wanted a small unobtrusive one that could be tucked away in a corner in the breakfast area, so that any of us, including the kids, could grab it and clean up the constant flood of crumbs on the floor. He got the ginormous, heavy Tim-Allen-aar-aar-AAR super-powerful heavy duty one, saying it got way better reviews on the suction. How much suction does the thing need to pick up crumbs off a vinyl floor? Sigh. So he's said I should go get the small one, see which I like better, and return the other. And if I keep the small one, spend the extra money on whatever I want. You better believe I will. :-b So, anyway, I thought I was over that, but apparently not. LOL

• Ok, onto layouts! The newsletter is out, so I can post these now! :-)

This one is using "A Man's Man" by Amy Knepper. Love this kit!

Matthew right after school one day. He was not in a particularly good mood that day... and having to stand there and let me take his picture before I would unlock the door so we could all go in the house didn't help. But it does a good job of showing this "look". ;-)

Next is "New Beginnings" by Eve Recinella.

The text on the striped paper is the lyrics to a really cute song called "Big Hugs & Kisses" from one of the kids' CDs. The style of the song reminds me of Randy Newman stuff. And it didn't have the lyrics included, so I had to listen to it 15 times to get them all written down! LOL

Here they are, in case you're curious.

First you take your arms and you open 'em wide, big enough to fit an elephant inside. And then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love, and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

Take your little tiny hands and move 'em very far apart, 'cause you gotta make some room for that big big heart. And then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love, and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

You can't catch a ball 'cause you're just too small. Your little arms can barely do anything at all. And speakin' of bears, hugs were invented by bears. Yep, hugs are all theirs, but bears love to share. So...

First you take your arms and you open 'em wide, big enough to fit a hippopotamus inside, and then you wrap 'em up tight around somebody you love and give 'em big hugs and kisses.

Yeah, you give 'em big hugs and kisses. I think what that person really misses is hugs and kisses.

• Big changes in the way the Mega Kit is being given out at RAKScraps this month, because of all the bandwidth problems with direct linking and such, so if you collect the Mega Kits, you'll want to check that out ASAP! Here's my part:

• And, finally, I was tagged by Gina for the 5's. :-)

Five things in my fridge:
2 gallons of skim milk (we go through about 3 a week), an unopened bottle of champagne that has been in there for I have no idea how long (years and years, so long that I'd forgotten it was there until I read Gina's fives), lots of leftovers that now fall into the "science experiment" category, leftover frosting from Kaylee's birthday cake 2½ weeks ago, 5 or 6 containers of Kaylee's Yoplait Orange Crème yogurt.

Five things in my car:
car seat & booster seat, magazines to read in carpool line while waiting to pick up Kaylee from school, cell phone charger, purse used as Kaylee's diaper bag (very rarely actually leaves the truck), mini air compressor used to inflate last flat tire.

Five things in your bag:
I don't carry a bag. I stick my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets and go!

Five things on my DVR or video player:
I only TiVo "All My Children" and "Desperate Housewives", and I'm caught up on all of those except for today's AMC (which is actually yesterday's because of the airtime schedule). Mark, however records enough stuff for a small country - magic specials, several series, movies, etc. There are also one or two episodes of "Xiaolin Showdown" on there at Matthew's request, which will be burned to DVD when he gets enough to fill one.

Five things in my wardrobe:
Several pairs of tall and/or ultra-tall jeans (need at least a 35" inseam), my grunge-style carousel t-shirt, my new K-Swiss athletic shoes (the first non-Reebok non-hightop everyday shoes I've had since high school), lots and lots of white socks (about half with holes), a dozen or so Disney shirts left over from my early- mid-twenties "love-anything-with-a-cartoon-character-on-it" phase.

If I find anyone who hasn't been tagged, I'll take care of that soon. I
think I saw a couple in my catching up today, but I'm not sure. :-)


Ron Southern said…
This post has boxes and so forth that suggest to me you pasted the text in from MS Word or some other program with formatted lettering. I usually copy to Notepad first, then copy to Blogger, to avoid that sort of jumbled text. Maybe it's something else, but that's my thought. Good luck.
AmyK said…
Kim, I totally know how you feel about cleaning products as gifts! My dh bought me, get this, an *ironing board* for a WEDDING present! He still, 5 years later, doesn't understand why that wasn't cool. Men! LOL! Can't wait to see your pics, that hug poem sounds so sweet. :)
karin said…
a dust buster.

hmmmmm ... kim, I gotta say, that would cause me some severe heart palpitations. You handled it well so far ... I do however think that when you are *returning and spending the extra cash on whatever you want* that it takes you several hours to do so. ;o)

Love the song! so cute that you listened to it over and over again. I have vivid memories of doing that in junior high, and high school with my friends to memorize songs ... or to write them down on cards given to friends :O)
Melinda said…
Great LOs, Kim! Love 'the look' that Matthew is giving you LOL and the song lyrics sound so sweet. I'm going to have to see if my library has that album.
my2boys said…
Don't you just hate it when Blogger is being a pain?? I don't get a lot of time to when I do and it is being very un-user friendly it ticks me off, lol.

But hey, you got it figured out, lol.

So...interesting gift for Mother's Day, lol....kind of up there for getting a "thigh master" for your birthday, lol. I know he thought he was doing good, heheh. At least you will get something for yourself after you take it back. what are you thinking of getting?

How cute of the kiddos...I love homemade cards. And the quarters...OMGGGGG that is precious!!!

I will have to go check out the layouts in the gallery as they are not showing up here....but I am sure they are great!!

Science experiments eh? Hmmmmm...I might pass thanks, lol. I find those too...usually way in the back, lol.

Too cute.
Priscilla said…
Good on you getting grouchy about the 'gift' dustbuster....what's wrong with men??, once dh tried to give me a dishwasher for my birthday.....I think he got the message after I yelled "Thats not for me!!! Thats for the house!!!"

Aww - what a sweetheart Matthew is - giving you his own money and helping his siter with her card - it gave me warm fuzzies reading that :)