Random Thoughts

The “Women of Strength” mega kit by the RAKScraps CT is up in the Day Old Donuts section at Scrapdish as a fundraiser to help pay for all the fun at RAKScraps.  Robin did an awesome job putting it up and even individually linked all the previews so that you could see each part of it closer up.

My 20-year high school reunion is 6½ weeks away.  I am approximately 111% older than I was when I graduated high school.  I don’t really feel 111% wiser though. :-b

My 15-year wedding anniversary is a little over 3 weeks away.  No plans so far.  For our 10-year anniversary, we went out to lunch then went to a matinee of “Shrek”. LOL

I have relatively few pet peeves, but one of them is when people mistakenly call two ponytails “pigtails”, which, by definition, are braids.  Have you ever seen a pig with a fluffy tail?  Or for that matter, have you ever seen a pig with two tails, which would apparently then be the only difference between pigtails and a ponytail. (Please do not now send me pictures of mutant pigs. LOL) Waaaaaay more annoying though, is when a random teacher repeatedly tries to “correct” my daughter when she calls them ponytails.  Grrr.

Now that Kaylee’s birthday has passed, she is obsessed with my birthday, demanding to know what kind of presents I will get and whether I will have a cake or cupcakes, and frequently proclaiming that she will blow out my candles for me.  Wonder if we should actually put 38 of them on there for her. ;-)

My weight loss attempts have not been going well as of late.  In fact, they have been pretty much non-existent. I am now back up to within three pounds of the weight I was when I started TOPS over a year and a half ago.  I thought maybe I could use the upcoming reunion to get motivated, but I’m finding that I really don’t much care how fat I am for that event.  I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Finally, a couple of quotes that are much funnier when expressed loudly and emphatically by a barely 4-year-old blond girl to her big brother:
     “You want a piece of me?!?”
     “I’m not evil!!!”


karin said…
Kim, I am literally laughing here at that entire post, and the clincher was the "you want a piece of me?!" ...oh, dear, that was funny.

Okay, the TOPS part, and the teacher correcting Kaylee wasn's funny per sae, but the context with which you shared them, was. 20th reunion, eh? 'Grats. 15 year wedding anniversary, eh? 'Grats.

Thanks for the smiles. ;o)
Priscilla said…
I totally agree they are 'ponytails'!!.....sheeh and that lady's a teacher???
LOL at Kaylee's quotes!

I've never been to a school reunion...
Natalie said…
Hey, we must've graduated the same year. I'm not really in touch with anyone though, so if they're having a reunion, I don't know about it.

Uh, anyway - congrats on your 15th anniversary. That's awesome!

And LOL at Kaylee; I can just imagine it!

Oooh, and I'm with you on the difference between ponies and piggies. Why can't people see the difference? Not that it matters in MY house; Molly won't let me touch her hair anyway. ;)
mrs.S said…
Kim!!! You had me laughing out loud at the pigtails/ponytails! Too funny!!!

Sounds like Kaylee's brother had better pick on someone his own size...LOL!!!
Melinda said…
Oh my, I haven't read your blog in so long... bad, bad me! I think it was because I had it so far down on the list in my blog favorites- must have been an oversight when I rearranged everything not too long ago (of course it was! :D )So much good and funny stuff on here too I'm sure I will forget something.

Pigtails, ponytails, dog ears (what my parents always called them)... they're all interchangeable in my book. Maybe it's not technically correct, but it gets the idea across :P

Great LO with Kaylee! I love the bright fun colors in it. Brenna is obsessed with birthdays still too. She told me she wanted another birthday cake the other day when we were at the store. She was quite insistent about it LOL

She does the whole shopping thing the same way too. Doesn't want something when I am willing to buy it, but then has to have it after we are home. Very frustrating, especially since there isn't any reasoning with her over the matter at this age.

The last reunion my HS class had (10 year) I was 7.5 months pregnant with twins, and ended up in the hospital the same weekend with preterm labor. I was glad to have a good excuse as to why I couldn't go- I really dont' care if I ever see most of those people again, honestly. from what i heard about it later (from the one friend I still keep in touch with regularly) they spent most of the time at restaurants drinking (sounds typical of a lot of them. I was glad to have missed all that!
Tania said…
LOL Kim! Great post, from the ponytail rant (I might be guilty of calling them pigtails now and again) to the want a piece of me, had me cracking up! I'm sure you're 111% wiser, have you talked to a Senior in high school lately, I'll send you to my sister's MySpace page just in case you haven't.
my2boys said…
omggggg you had me cracking up! I am guilty guilty guiltttyyyyy. I am sorrryyyy. I am schooled now, lol. hhahahahha

and reunions...ughhh...and I agree with tania...you are so much wiser thatn the seniors out there...even most of their moms.

still cracking up
Angela said…
Funny post, Kim.

I have to say, I'll have to mind my p's and q's - or at least my ponies and piggies! I had 'em growing up, but I'm not sure what they were officially called.

Camden has been obsessed with birthdays recently as well. We asked and asked and asked prior to his birthday what he wanted, wanted to do, etc., and he was very laid back and non-committal. NOW, of course, he wants this and that and wonders why didn't we go skating or go bowling or whatever for his birthday! Sheesh - cannot win!

“You want a piece of me?!?”