1, 15, 1489, 12000

Mark's shots have been approved. He goes in for the first one on the 9th. I have to drive him, and he has to take it easy the rest of the day. We probably won't know until about week after that whether it's worked well enough for us to still go on our trip.

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. The four of us went out for dinner at The Olive Garden, and Mark and I exchanged imaginary cards and gifts. We're both just a couple of sentimental fools. LOL

Other than that, I've just been busy trying to get my sponsor layouts done and the usual housework and kiddo stuff.

Something kinda cool – a mini-kit I made is being given out as a freebie at the "Gallery Opening Mixer" chat at RAKScraps, so the preview went out to our Yahoo group of 1489 people this morning.

The chat is at 9:30 Eastern tonight, if you wanna go grab it. My first time having a kit used to promote a chat, and I won't be there – it's my Bunco night. Wonder if the hostess would let me use her computer during the breaks. LOL

By the way, RAKScraps also has over 12,000 members now, and the site has only been open for about a year and a half. Seems like just yesterday we had our big 4,444-member celebration!


Tania said…
I thought it was yesterday, LOL! First off, those stitches, yowzers, and that pin-wheel, I just love it. Hope the shots work out for Mark, and congrats of 15 years! Have a great weekend!
Audimc said…
Sorry I missed the chat.. the kit is wonderful!!!! Congrats on your anniversary!
Melinda said…
The pinwheel is gorgeous, Kim! I made sure to remember to go to the chat so I could get that :) thanks for the great kit!
Hope the shots help and congrats on the anniversary. Mark and I have our 16th in a month. Our is always terribly unromantic these days because we are usually in a single hotel room or tent with all of the kids around us.
Francine said…
1489 people!

You are so becoming a celebrity :). And rightfully so, I might add.
Melanie said…
Hey Kim! I sure hope your husband is feeling a little better. I'll be saying a prayer for him. And you'll both be on my mind through church tomorrow.

Love the pretty kit you completed! Especially the circle paper.. don't know why, but I have a thing for circles.. and those are cool. Pinwheel is awesome too!

Been posting to RAKScraps for about a week now I guess.. it's tough to keep up in fourms. Especially when I'm already kind of involved in a couple of others. But I do browse it every couple of days! :)

Hope your weekend is going well..

Take care!
karin said…
Kim, I have posted here on this three times, and none of them are here ... odd. ANd then earlier today, when I tried to catch up on blogger, yours was the only one that wouldn't come up. :O(

Anyway, I hope that Mark's hip gets better and better, and the shots are just perfect for him!

And you certainly are (rightfully) becoming a celebrity! wooooohooooo!!!