I finished the kit!

It's finally up! It only took me three months to find time to finish a kit and get it put up for sale at ScrapDish! Woo hoo! At this rate, that means four kits a year! Look out digiscrapping world! ROTFL

So here it is. And it's on sale 50% off until the end of June! :)




If the colors look familiar, it's because they're the same ones that are in the design of this site! LOL

What else is happening…

We worked all week to get the house ready for another lecturing magician to visit, and he ended up staying with an old friend in the area instead. So I cleaned for nothing! Oh, the horror! LOL

Mark had his cortisone shot on Friday. It's too soon to tell how much it will help him. He's very up and down as far as pain right now. He has a follow up appointment this coming Friday.

Kaylee's eye is significantly better. Just one smaller blotch left where the darkest part was.

Besides getting that kit finished up, I've also been busy getting my RAKScraps sponsor reviews written up and reworking one of those layouts that I wasn't happy with. Now that I've finished that, I need to post the other three non-newsletter layouts. I've also been organizing the Mega Kit for Jeanine again this month, and those contributions were due yesterday, so this is the busy time for me to track down all of those, prep it all for distribution, and get the group preview put together for the newsletter and homepage.

I've been staying up way too late trying to get stuff done while the kids are in bed, and my body clock is totally messed up. On the nights that I try to go to bed earlier, I can't get to sleep. The kids are sleeping in a bit later most mornings now (like 7-7:30 instead of 6:00), but it's not enough. So tired. I'm beginning to wish I liked coffee. :-b


karin said…
okay, first things first ... you don't like coffee?! the shock! ;O) heh.

Love the kit ... and the colors are wonderful! Hope that shot works well for Mark, and sorry you had to clean for ... well, for just you and the family! lol! Hope you get that clock back on track .... :)
AmyK said…
Wowie, Kim! If each of your 4 kits a year is like this one, they will definitely be worth the wait. :) I love your eye for fresh elements. It sounds like you are insanely busy too - I hope you start getting some more sleep soon. Tea is a nice alternative to coffee. I'm addicted to it. ;)
Melinda said…
My body clock has been completley messed up since Sarah was born. I've almost given up trying to adjust it because I get so much more done late at night. I could do with a few more hours of sleep though- coffee, tea, cola, as long as it has caffeine it is my friend these days ;)

Glad your house is clean, even if it was 'wasted effort.' Just think, now you can have quality computer time without the usual 'my house is a mess and really should be cleaning it' guilt message running through your head ;)

Fabulous kit!
LoveMyFonts said…
This is really cute!!!
Tania said…
Wow Wow Wow Kim!! I love the kit, just love it!!! That alpha is so great and a must have for me! I'm so excited you got something up for sale!
I don't think I could live without coffee!!
Robin said…
Wow Kim!!!! I love, love, love your kit! It is just so cool and fun! :) I'm so glad you've got it up and I hope to see lots more soon! :)
mrs.S said…
Wowie!!! The kit is so fun and playful, Kim! Totally cool!