Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mini-update, Mega Kit, layouts

So… Mark's had quite a bit of improvement with his hip, but he not quite "there" yet.  He's going in for another shot tomorrow morning.  We're going on the assumption, based on the improvement he had before, that he'll be good to go for our trip.  So I've been scrambling around getting stuff finished up for that.  

I finished my July prize kit and July Mega Kit contribution.  I've been getting everyone else's July prizes organized and getting that stuff ready to hand over to Tin, who graciously volunteered to finish that up for me while I'm gone.  I had to opt out of my July sponsor layouts.  I'm still really slow at layouts in general, and getting them done on time without completely stressing myself out just wasn’t going to happen.

Now we're just trying to plan what other little details we need to take care of before we leave, and figure out what to pack.  We're going to be taking our little hybrid car to save on gas, since it gets more than double the mileage the SUV does, so we're going to have to travel very light.

The June Mega Kit is up at RAKScraps and the first two links have been posted. Check out that group preview.  Isn't it beautiful.  I did that.  Yeah, it's corny, but I get a kick out of seeing it on the homepage and in the ads. Which reminds me, my kit at ScrapDish was featured in our ad this week.  Way cool!!! LOL  Anyway, here's my mega kit contribution.  Don't know yet what day it will be given out.

And the newsletter came out on Friday, so that means I can post these three layotus…

Credits: Kit is "I Will, I Can" by dedicated2Digital.Paper tears by Steph at Digital Paper Tearing.Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake.

Credits: "Rustic Memories" by Erika Tenney.

Credits: Kit is "South Hampton", alpha is "Dictionary Decoupage Alphabet", both by Miss Mint.Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake.

Oh, and the RAKFile scraplift challenge this month is my "Different Point of View" layout.  Cool!  So go check out the newsletter and then scraplift me! LOL


Tania said...

I love these layouts and your kit is gorgeous, I'm glad to hear that your trip is a go! I know that's been up in the air for you. Checking out the RAKFile now...

jane said...

those layouts are awesome kim!! And your mega contribution is wicked kewl!!!

karin said...

so glad to hear that your trip is on for sure! Gald also that the shots are helping Mark.

Love the kits, and the layouts are wonderful. Matthew's smile is contagious! I immediately smiled when I saw that!


Melinda said...

I'm totally stressing over getting ready for our trip too. Way too much to do and not nearly enough time! But, on the really cool side I get to meet Robin in person :) Love the LOs and your megakit contribution rocks!

Natalie said...

Glad to read that Mark is improving! I'm looking forward to d/l'ing your portion of the megakit (last month, I missed most of it so I just bought it - figured I was supporting RAKScraps, which reminds me, I'm still waiting for that intervention, lol). I LOVE the "ROAR!" LO with Kaylee, and I have to ask: was that just total fluke to get the perfect shot, or did you arrange for that shirt to match the colors? Not that it matters; it's terrific! So are the others, but I just love the colors there!

Saw your scraplift challenge in the newsletter and had to chuckle b/c Molly asked me to take her picture "upside down" just the other day. Hmmm...I guess I could actually do something with it, huh? ;)

my2boys said...

gorgeous as usual!!!love em