Pre-Trip frenzy

I'm looking forward to our trip, but I hate all the stuff leading up to it.  I've made a checklist of things we need to do and pack, and that helps, but I'm still really on edge.

Yesterday was the main laundry day.  I think I did six loads.  

Today was errand day. We headed out at about 9:40 this morning. The SUV was due for inspection before the end of the month, so even though we're not taking it on the trip, that had to be done.  We went over there and after a quick check, the guy tells me that the two tires that have the weird outside wear from our alignment problem (which we knew about, just haven't gotten fixed) won't pass.  So off to Discount Tire we go.  Not too bad of a wait, but not super-quick.  They don't do alignment there, so we still need to do that after the trip – someone please remind me.  ;-)

Then, since we were now on that side of town, we stopped to return the library books.  I forgot that the street I chose to get there is completely torn up with construction right now and is down to one lane with lots of odd "detours", so that was a bit of an adventure.  

Then we stopped by the little Wal-Mart by us to pick up Matthew's extra seizure medication so that we'll have enough to get through the trip.  Looked for a few other odd items I hadn't found when out shopping Monday night.

Next stop was haircuts for both the kids.  Got Matthew buzzed back down to a "4".  I hadn't realized just how long his hair had gotten 'til I saw it all hitting the floor.  Kaylee just got a trim, with more coming off the bangs than anywhere else, so she can see again now.

Next stop Target for more odd items.  Then across the street to McD's for a quick lunch.  Then finally back to the inspection place.  It passed the inspection this time, and they also found a chip in the windshield, so got that fixed.  

Finally got back home at about 2:30, and I was wiped out and ready for a nap!  I told Mark that, and he asked jokingly if they'd made me change the tires myself. :-b  I realized later that I'd had water with lunch instead of my usual soda, so a lack of caffeine could have been a factor.  I perked up a bit after I had a snack and a Dew.  I think a lot of it was also being out in the heat.  I always feel tired after that.

Mark's on his way home now, and after supper I'm hopefully going out clothes shopping, since I don't really have anything appropriate for my reunion.  I looked Monday night, but didn't find anything.

And with all this activity, I still don't know 100% if we're actually going on the trip.  Mark said he'd decided tonight.

So, anyway, I've been really scarce online the last couple of days, and tomorrow will be packing day, so if I don't get back on here again before we (hopefully) leave, happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans (why do I feel like I'm making a presidential address when I say that?) and just happy days to everyone else! :-)


Melinda said…
Ack!!! right there with you Kim! It's 12A and DH wants to leave by 8:30 in the morning and I still have so much to get ready. Guess I had better get off the computer and get it packed up to go with us...
Natalie said…
So when are supposed to leave? :) I hope it all works out and that you have a wonderful vacation. See you on the other side! :)
Francine said…
happy independence day! have fun!
Tania said…
Hope you have a great time!!
my2boys said…
goodness are wondering why you were tired?? have been busy, lol. Mark's comment killed me, ehhehe.

Have a great time sweetie!!!
Priscilla said…
Kim, I feel tired just reading about all your activities today!!

LOL about all the 'odd' things you picked up.